Enjoy Unique Culinary Experience by Having Lunch in Ubud



Enjoy Unique Culinary Experience by Having Lunch in Ubud

Your holiday in Bali is both beautiful and unique. When you travel to this stunning and serene island, you’ll experience a once in a lifetime holiday. And a lovely, unique holiday deserves beautiful, unique food in stunning surroundings. And if you’re trying to find the perfect lunch in Ubud, why settle for anything but the best? 

Learn more about the Mozaic dining experience and see what’s on the menu.

When you’re deciding where to eat, choose Mozaic for lunch in Ubud you'll never forget. With award-winning food, exquisite wines, and breathtakingly beautiful gardens, we don’t think you’ll find a unique lunch experience in Ubud.

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Eat Your Lunch? Or Live Your Lunch!

We offer a decidedly French dining experience in the heart of Ubud. The chance to take your time and slowly enjoy your food. A process the French call degustation. At Mozaic, we believe in creating a unique setting for degustation in Ubud. In our top restaurant, you’ll find a beautiful and unique ambiance that makes the difference between eating your lunch and living your lunch.

Enjoy the Mozaic Experience

When the best restaurant in Ubud is open for lunch, you know that you can be assured of a unique experience for your degustation. 

Our dining experience is an expertly woven tapestry of sight, sound, taste, and scent that makes the Mosaic dining experience. It’s not just the Michelin star-level cooking or the fantastic service or the delectable wine. It’s the overall lunch experience that will make your visit to Bali one you’ll never forget. 

There are lots of places to get food in Ubud, but only one that can offer you such a unique and stunning dining experience.

Meet Our Award-Winning Chef

Your experiences define your holiday in Bali. So, when you’re deciding where to eat for lunch in Ubud, a great experience starts with incredible food. 

At Mozaic, we work tirelessly to offer award-winning lunch in Ubud with a broad range of cultural influences. When you choose us for your lunch experience in Ubud, you can be assured of a meal that’s made with the most delectable food made from the very highest quality, locally sourced fresh ingredients. 

It’s the difference that makes a Mozaic lunch the best lunch. 

Our French-American chef and owner, Chris Salans, trained in some of the finest Michelin starred restaurants in France before taking his talents to the US. Chris later settled in Ubud, where he further mastered the distinctive culinary style that makes Mozaic the best lunch experience in Ubud. 

The Mozaic taste experience has won us numerous prestigious awards including;

  • Hospitality Asia Platinum Award for Number 1 Most Innovative Restaurant.
  • Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2013.
  • Recognised by ‘Les Grandes Tables Du Monde’.
  • World Gourmet Summits Top 10 in Asia 2017.
  • Wine Spectator Award of Excellence 2017-2018.

Is it any wonder so many diners consider us the best restaurant in Ubud? 

The Perfect Wine for Your Meal and Palate… Every Time!

Great wine brings out the best food. And if you are a lover of wine, our team of sommeliers will be more than happy to take your tastebuds on an adventure. 

Our enviable cellar is another critical part of the Mozaic lunch experience. Our team has scoured the globe to bring you one of the most exciting and inclusive wine lists in South East Asia served in distinct Schott Zweisel glasses to make those flavors shine!

Our team is happy to offer intelligent wine pairing on all of our tasting menus to transform your taste experience for lunch you’ll never forget. 

An Experience That Goes Beyond Your Meal

The best experience is one that you can take home with you and relive over and over again.

We’re the best restaurant in Ubud because we work hard to provide this for our diners. 

We offer world-class cooking courses in our state of the art workshop for diners who want to be able to enjoy the best food in Ubud from the comfort of their kitchen. 

Take the Taste Home with You

Don’t have time to enjoy one of our classes in Ubud? No problem! Just make sure you don’t leave without a copy of Chris’s award-winning cookery book Mozaic: French Cuisine, Balinese Flavours.

Chris’ book won the award for “Best in the World” at the 2011 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards and can help you to relive your unique lunch experience in Ubud over and over again. 

When you’re looking for a lunch restaurant in Ubud, don’t settle for less than the best. Choose Mozaic for a world-class dining experience and a taste adventure you’ll always remember, long after you’ve left Ubud.

Mozaic is open for lunch, and we’d love for you to join us!