Culinary Experience: Beyond Just Lunch in Ubud



Culinary Experience: Beyond Just Lunch in Ubud

Ubud is one of the most magical tourist destinations in the world, offering a unique combination of stunning scenery, great weather, and cultural marvels.

If you’re staying on Bali, you’ve no doubt wondered where to grab lunch in Ubud. Where should you go? What venue should you pick?

Finding an exceptional restaurant in Ubud for lunch can be a challenge, but with Mozaic, you won’t be disappointed. Mozaic is set in the stunning town as it winds its way up toward Mount Batur. Thanks to our stunning surroundings and food of the same quality as you’d find in Michelin star restaurants in Europe, we’re a favorite among people looking for an exceptional dining experience.

Learn more about the Mozaic dining experience and see what’s on the menu.

If you want to enjoy a special lunch in stunning surroundings, then you need to try Mozaic. Nothing else on Bali can come close to the quality of the dining experience, from the food to the setting to the ambiance: you get it all with us.

Dining in paradise is, in our opinion, about more than just the food. It's about the smell that you experience as you walk through the door, the lighting, the decor, the manner of the service staff and the views over the rest of Bali. When you dine with Mozaic, you get a multi-sensory experience that you will remember for a long time.

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Mozaic: Lunches with A Difference

For many restaurants, lunchtimes are a bit of an afterthought. They’re a way of making generating revenue at quieter times of the day. Not so at Mozaic. We believe that lunch can provide just as magical an experience as dinner which is why we put such exceptional effort into the lunch experience.

Relax in Gorgeous Surroundings

Part of any lunch in Ubud should include being able to get the best food in luxurious surroundings. Our Ubud lunch gives you precisely that, making us among the best places in Ubud to enjoy dining around midday. Our lunch spots include our impressive lounge area where you can get an aperitif, our private dining rooms, and our open-air gazebo. As providers of the best lunch in Ubud, we believe that all our guests should have a choice of taking their food in a selection of gorgeous surroundings.

Impress Your Clients

If you want to entertain clients, then it’s crucial to find the best places in Ubud for lunch. Where to eat if you have guests? Mozaic offers the perfect setting. You can discuss matters related to your business over lunch in one of our private dining rooms, giving you space and peace you need to meet your clients’ needs.

Taste Award-Winning Lunchtime Wines

Indonesia is known for a lot of things: it’s excellent climate, beautiful tropic landscapes and crystal clear seas. But one thing that it lacks is a long wine heritage. At Mozaic, we’re fully aware of this, but that hasn’t hampered our ability to serve customers fine wines. When you’re looking for Ubud best restaurant for lunch, you want to go to an establishment that provides the perfect drink to go with your food. Here at Mozaic, not only do we offer the best food, but we’ve spent years building relationships with wine growers all over the world. Our connections with prestigious vineyards enable us to stock the most exquisite vintages for you to enjoy at lunch. In fact, our wines are so good that we won the Wine Spectator Award for Excellence in 2017-2018.

A Beautiful Lunch Combining French Passion for Cooking with Local Flavours

When you’re considering where to eat in Bali, you want to go somewhere that does more than transplant fine dining from one location to another. You want something true to the history and culture of the area in which you’re staying. The best lunch in Ubud should be a melange of European cooking excellence with local flavors and recipes.

This is why Mozaic is among the best places in Ubud to go for lunch. Our French fine dining-trained chefs combine the skills they learned in Europe with local flavors, delivering the best possible food that Indonesia has to offer. Our highly skilled, professional chefs enhance local dishes, creating something transcendent.

Mozaic: More Than Just A Lunch Spot

At Mozaic, we believe that lunchtime experiences should be more than just about the food. When you go to a fine dining establishment, you want the smells, ambiance, decor, and service to all add up to a beautiful, life-affirming experience.

This is why many consider us to be Ubud best restaurant. We offer a multi-sensory experience for both you and your party to enjoy. Our staff come highly trained and recommended. Thanks to their exceptional knowledge, they can help you select wines, meals, and even offer special preparations or venues. With us, your Ubud lunch will be something truly special that you will remember.

Take Your Lunch Home

Lunches can be a problematic meal. Sometimes it can be hard to create something that you enjoy. At Mozaic, we don’t want your fine dining experience to end after you leave. As a lunch restaurant in Ubud, we offer cookery courses which teach you the skills you need to create exceptional, Michelin-star quality lunches.

Training takes place in our purpose-built cookery workshop at the end of our garden. Here, master chefs will teach you all of the tricks of the trade, instructing you in how to create and perfect meals. With our master classes, your lunch parties will never be the same again. You’ll be able to whip up incredible lunches using professional techniques that will take the taste of your food to a whole new level.

If you’re looking for a great restaurant in Ubud to enjoy lunch, don’t settle for average. Come to Mozaic and experience something extraordinary: enjoy the finest wines while soaking up the opulent, relaxing atmosphere. Unwind before you venture back out into the hustle and bustle of Bali. Treat yourself to a taste experience you’ll never forget while recharging your batteries in stunning surroundings.