Have a Perfect Lunch in Ubud with Mozaic



Have a Perfect Lunch in Ubud with Mozaic

If you’re spending some time in Bali, then you’re most likely searching for the best restaurant in Ubud. Well, your search is over, as we believe our restaurant is the number one place to dine in the area. With such a great menu, incredibly friendly staff, and unique dining experiences; we’ve got everything you could possibly wish for in a Ubud lunch restaurant!

Learn more about the Mozaic dining experience and see what’s on the menu.

Combine A Unique Blend Of Cultures

It only takes a quick look through a Ubud food guide to know there are loads of different lunch offerings here. However, we find that most places seem to serve the same food. At Mozaic, we try to be a little different - we want our restaurant to be a unique place, which is what makes it the best restaurant in Ubud!

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At the heart of everything is a unique blend of two completely different cultures. Naturally, we want to embody the very best of Indonesian cuisine. With so many stunning ingredients and natural resources nearby, it would be a crime to ignore them all. So, all of our meals are prepared using fresh ingredients that are grown right here in Bali and the surrounding islands. This guarantees that you already have the best lunch in Ubud as everything is prepared fresh for you, meaning all of the flavors come bursting out, taking your taste buds on a magical journey.

But, the difference between Mozaic and any other place to eat lunch in Bali is that we blend French culture into our quintessentially Indonesian dishes. Our head chef, Chris Salans, was raised in France and spent years of his life training to be a chef in Paris while interning in Michelin Starred restaurants. He’s brought these Western cooking techniques to Mozaic and married them to the Indonesian ingredients. The result is a unique Ubud lunch restaurant that attracts guests from all over the world.

Enjoy A World Class Lunch Menu

While we’re open in the evenings for dinner, it’s our lunch menu that grabs a lot of the headlines. If you’re trying to find where to eat in Ubud, then this is simply the best place for lunch. Our menu is diverse, and we prepare some of the tastiest dishes you’ll ever see. The beauty of our menu is that you can choose between 5 or 7 courses to really taste every single dish. It takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions as you experience so many different flavors and sensations.

We use locally sourced vegetables, grains, fish, and meat to really bring the menu together. By lending Indonesian and French cultures, it results in a final product that almost looks too good to eat. The presentation is just as important as the actual taste of the food. We want all of our customers to leave Mozaic feeling like they’ve found the best lunch restaurant in Ubud, and got great value for money. Premium food deserves a premium look and taste, and we provide just that!

Complete Your Experience With Wine Pairings

As if the food wasn’t enough, we like to go the extra mile and offer wine pairings for your meal as well. Right from the beginning, it became clear to us that we have to push the boat out if we wanted to offer the best lunch in Ubud. So, all of our wine options are strategically selected from all around the world. We bring the very best to your table, with an award-winning wine list that will stun even the biggest wine connoisseurs.

A sip of some delicious wine will bring out even more flavors and truly complete the culinary experience you have at Mozaic. We cater to your wine tastes as well, offering regular or premium pairings to have with your lunch.

Private Dining Options

We’re open to the public for lunch, but we also have private dining options for anywhere between 6 and 36 guests. If you’ve been pouring through a Ubud food guide searching for somewhere that offers group meals, then we’re the perfect option!

What makes this experience even better is that you get the chef all to yourself. You can sit and eat lunch while seeing the food prepared in front of your eyes. It brings a whole new dimension to the meal as you get information on every ingredient and see how they’re prepared and cooked. Plus, we can tailor the food and wine menus to your group needs, which means you’ll have the best private lunch experience ever.

Impeccable Standards Of Service

We firmly believe that a nice lunch place extends beyond the food offerings. When looking at where to eat in Ubud, you’ll find plenty of restaurants with nice looking menus. But, what sets us apart from the rest is the standard of service. By combining our service with the delicious cuisine, we become the perfect place to eat lunch.

Hospitality Like No Other

All of our staff have undergone extensive training before they enter the restaurant. They’ve been learning our menu for months, which ensures they can answer any questions you have regarding different dishes, wine pairings, and so on. It catapults your experience to new heights when you have a team around you that’s there to help with everything. You feel more at ease, and seeing all the smiling faces just makes it the best place for lunch.

Our serving staff can talk you through the entire menu, so you understand every individual aspect of the meal and can make the best choice based on your personal tastes. Not only that, but our chefs are extraordinarily accommodating and can alter the menu based on dietary requirements. It’s usually tough to find a nice lunch place that caters to different diets, but we manage it at Mozaic!

Enjoy The Perfect Lunch in Ubud

By combining an exceptional menu with the highest standards of service imaginable, we’ve established ourselves as the top lunch restaurant in Ubud. All of our guests leave with their stomachs full and smiles on their faces. If you want to be taken on a sensational journey that celebrates the best Indonesian ingredients with an added French flair, then come to Mozaic for the perfect lunch.