Experience Lunch at the Best Restaurant in Ubud



Experience Lunch at the Best Restaurant in Ubud

If you want to experience the very best lunch in Ubud, there’s one place to head to. Here at Mozaic, we’re proud to offer a stunning lunch menu, put together using the best local and seasonal ingredient and prepared by a talented team of people who understand French-Indonesian cuisine better than anyone else. When you eat at Mozaic, you’ll be eating at the top restaurant in Bali.

Learn more about the Mozaic dining experience and see what’s on the menu.

We strive to be the best place to eat in Bali and we believe that’s what we’ve achieved. We’re always updating our menu to improve the lunch options available to our customers and ensuring they’re in tune with the seasons. We’re open for lunch between Thursday and Sunday, from 12 pm to 2 pm. We believe Mozaic to be the best lunch spot in Ubud, but you can decide that for yourself when you next visit us. Find out lots more about our lunch experience by reading on now.

Learn more about the Mozaic dining experience and see what’s on the menu.

Discover Bali’s Premiere Culinary Experience

Mozaic is widely regarded as the top restaurant in Bali, and that’s something that extends to our lunch menu as well. Our standards are just as high at lunch as they are at dinner, and the experience is just as unbeatable too. The culinary experience you can expect to get when eating at our restaurant is like no other, so we guarantee you won’t be left disappointed.

We’ve spent a long time honing the lunch experience that we offer to our customers. It’s a foodie experience in Ubud like no other, and we’re sure you’ll feel the same way when you sit down to sample our lunch menu. We combine Indonesian flavors with the French culinary tradition that’s important to the region to create dishes that delight guests every day.

Optional Private Dining

If you’d like to, you can reserve a spot in our private dining room for lunch. If you’re with a larger group of people and you want a space to yourself, this is the ideal way to dine and enjoy our food. The private lunch can accommodate between 6 and 36 guests. On top of that, the chef will be yours for the duration of the lunch and prepare your food in front of you. It makes our dining experience even more special.

An Unmissable Experience for Foodies

At Mozaic, we strive to offer a foodie experience in Ubud that’s unique and memorable. We believe that any foodie visiting Bali owes it to themselves to eat lunch at Mozaic because the experience combined with the quality of the food is simply unmissable. Each dish is considered and crafted carefully by world-renowned chefs with plenty of experience at the highest level. And if you enjoy our lunch menu, you’re welcome to come back for dinner with us another time.

The Best Table Service

One thing that we feel is very important here at Mozaic is the table service we offer to each of our customers. We demand impeccable standards of service from each of our serving staff, and they’re the very best at what they do. They’ll make your lunch with us even more special, going out of their way to treat you in a good-natured way. They’ll also be discreet so that you can enjoy your lunch peacefully and also enjoy the company you’re with.

A Lunch Menu That Can’t Be Beaten

The unique culinary experience offered by our lunch menu won’t be beaten. We’re proud to offer fresh, organic ingredients and dishes that have been carefully crafted by some of the country’s top chefs. The lunch menu we present to diners is always changing and shift as we introduce new dishes and come up with options that suit the time of the year.

The preparation and presentation of the dishes we serve to diners are also very important to us. We’re careful to ensure each dish is presented in a professional and aesthetically pleasing way. And of course, the taste and flavors of the dish will always meet the very high standards of the presentation too. That’s why you should have lunch at Mozaic next time you’re nearby; it’s the best lunch in Ubud.

The Best Seasonal Local Dishes

Seasonal ingredients are vital parts of our lunch menu here at Mozaic. Each time we add a dish to our menu, we ensure it’s made using seasonal ingredients that feel appropriate for the time of year. It’s what makes us the place to serve the best food in Ubud. No dish feels out of place and we make the most of the surrounding areas and the wonderful food that’s grown and produced there.

French and Indonesian Cuisine

We marry together the French traditions of culinary preparation while making full use of the stunning Indonesian cuisine and the ingredients that are abundant here. Doing this enables us to create lunch dishes that are second to none and sure to satisfy you. By bringing these two cultures together, we make Mozaic a unique and special restaurant experience. We believe it’s the best restaurant in Ubud.

Enjoy the Journey Through Bali’s Many Intoxicating Flavors

When you dine with us, we like to think that you’ll have a chance to explore Bali’s flavors and culinary delights better than ever before. Whether you’re visiting Bali for the very first time or you know the location well, we’ll give you a culinary experience that will make you fall in love with this part of the world and its magnificent food. And we offer the very best food in Ubud.

You’ll enjoy every moment of your lunch with us, and we truly believe that. We aim to be the best restaurant in Ubud and our food should prove to you that that’s what we are. It’s the best place to eat in Bali and our carefully crafted dishes and intoxicating flavors should go some way towards proving that to you.

Mozaic is open for lunch Thursdays through Sundays, from 12 pm to 2 pm. Be sure to make a reservation with us via our website if you want to sample our impressive lunch menu and get a taste of Indonesian cuisine combined with French cooking methods. It’s without a doubt the top lunch spot in Ubud.