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Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomic Bali in Ubud is renowned fine dining establishment that offers an ever-evolving exquisite culinary experience.

About Mozaic

Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomic Bali reopened its doors, re-designed and with new head chef Blake Thornley taking the helm alongside chef Chris Salans. 

This iconic Asian gastronomic destination has undergone extensive remodelling of both the venue and menu concept

Beginning a new chapter while staying true to its roots of delivering culinary excellence and showcasing Indonesian spices, ingredients, and seasonal products with a sustainable gastronomic approach. 

The restaurant now features a new mixology lounge and a private dining kitchen to enhance the dining experience.

Mozaic boasts a cellar of over 200 different wines from all over the world carefully curated by our somellier and team.  We also now feature an extensive selection of Natural and Organic Wines available at The Tasting Rooms and Mozaic Gastronomique.


Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomic Bali offers a multifaceted dining experience that seamlessly blends mixology, fine dining, and a uniquely immersive, multi-tiered journey through the flavors and aromas of pan-asian cuisine, providing guests with a memorable and unparalleled culinary adventure.

Providing choice and immersion guests can choose from our carefully curated experiences all at our famous Ubud location.

The Dining Room
The Dining Room is our main restaurant that blends the unique garden setting with and indoor climate controlled setting for guest comfort.  The Dining Room hosts our Seasonal and Botanical degustation menu’s combining locally sourced ingredients and tastes with progressive international flair.

The Lounge
Mozaic’s Lounge offers a quaint space for guests to enjoy sharing plates from the Mozaic kitchen as well as hand crafted cocktails and a large selection of wines by the bottle and by glass.

Chef’s Table
Located in the Workshop, experience the height of creativity and interaction with our team of chefs cooking live in front of your very own eyes. Open for lunch and for dinner, Wednesday ’til Sunday, the Chef’s Table is fun, interactive, informative and delicious all at the same time.

Romantic Gazebo
A one-of-a-kind dining experience for two in our romantic garden gazebo, complete with champagne, wine pairing in an idyllic setting.


The Chef’s Table

There’s something new at Mozaic! A brand-new dining experience named Chef’s Table will be opening up on June 1st. A beautiful air-conditioned space where the Chefs offer a live and interactive cooking experience based on tasting menus from the Mozaic cuisine.

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The Team

With over two decades of legacy Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomic Bali has led the regions gastronomic landscape under the stewardship of Chef Chris Salans.  2023 sees the return of Chef Blake Thornley to Mozaic after more than 10 years to bring his unique approach and style to the forefront.

Staying to true to Mozaics core values we recruit an ambitious team from the local community and overseas to create a dynamic inclusive team.

Mozaic Gastronomic Restaurant Bali


Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomic Bali embraces traditional Balinese ingredients and creating modern sustainable dining by using locally sourced and organic produce, and applying contemporary cooking techniques to elevate the flavors and textures of the dishes while maintaining a focus on eco-friendly, zero waste practice.

We aim to to minimize its environmental impact by implementing practices such as sourcing local and organic ingredients, reducing food waste, using renewable energy sources, and minimizing water usage and carbon footprint, while still providing and high-quality experience to our customers.

The importance of authenticity with ingredients in a restaurant lies in creating an experience that is true to the culinary traditions and cultural heritage of a particular region, which not only enhances the flavor and quality of the dishes but also provides a deeper understanding and appreciation of the local culture and cuisine.

Innovation in the kitchen at Mozaic involves the creative use of traditional Balinese ingredients and cooking techniques to produce exciting and contemporary dishes that push the boundaries of gastronomy while still paying homage to the local culture and culinary heritage.

Mozaic Gastronomic Restaurant Bali