Why Mozaic Has The Best Food In Ubud



Why Mozaic Has The Best Food In Ubud

Ubud is the cultural heart of Bali. It’s home to so many natural sights and scenes, and it boasts some of the best restaurants in the country. There are a plethora of excellent offerings to choose from, but we believe Mozaic is the best restaurant in Ubud.

Learn more about the Mozaic dining experience and see what’s on the menu.

Ingenius Gastronomy In Southeast Asia

Make no mistake about it, Mozaic is a 5-star restaurant in the heart of Ubud providing a unique dining experience. Our menu showcases pure ingenuity thanks to a blend of different cultures from opposite sides of the world. The world of gastronomy can be quite a closed off space - particularly in places like Bali. It’s common for there to be a lot of the same on every menu, but we do things differently.

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Indonesian Ingredients Mixed With French Flair

We’ve established ourselves as the best restaurant in Ubud because of the way that we prepare and put together our extensive menu. All of our food comes from the finest ingredients from across Indonesia. We use local produce to get the best flavors, and we prepare every dish with a little French twist.

It’s this East meets West cooking style that’s given us such an impressive reputation as the top restaurant in Bali. Nowhere else can rival our menu because we adapt Indonesian dishes with Western-style cooking and presentation. The food you get served up wouldn’t look out of place in a Michelin Star restaurant in Paris, yet it contains all the tastes and flavors synonymous with Southeast Asian cuisine.

Backed By A World-Class Chef

All of the best restaurants are headed by a chef that boasts some truly remarkable skills. Mozaic Restaurant was created by Chris Salans - an American chef raised in France. He possesses an unbelievable degree of experience in the fine dining industry. Working in a Michelin star restaurant as he developed his skills, it allowed him to quickly learn what it takes to put together a 5-star restaurant. He’s brought together everything he’s learned to create a restaurant that defies belief. Many of the customers that come here are stunned at the sheer brilliance of every dish, they can’t believe how much flavor is packed into every little mouthful. 

Award-Winning Excellence

One of the reasons we believe we have the best food in Ubud is thanks to Chris. He’s an award-winning chef, publishing a highly popular cookbook in 2011 titled Mozaic: French Cuisine, Balinese Flavours. It won an award at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, showcasing the pure excellence of using seasonal ingredients in French-themed recipes.

He’s even made appearances on popular cooking shows acting as a professional judge - which goes a long way to show how highly regarded he is in the culinary world. With one of the most highly-rated chefs backing Mozaic and developing the menu, it’s hard to imagine another top restaurant in Bali that can compete.

An Exceptional Dining Experience

Everyone is born with different tastes, and they can develop over time. The result is that some people have entirely different palates than others. As such, you might find something delicious that other people find disgusting. The key with fine dining is ensuring you cater to everyone’s tastes and provide the ideal plate of food for every eater.

This isn’t always easy to do, but Mozaic Restaurant manages it better than anyone else. It all comes down to the service we offer, which helps create the best dining experience at our restaurant.

Knowledgeable Staff That Are Here To Help You

Whenever we hire a new member of staff, we make a serious effort to put them through as much training as possible. They’re more than just waiters here; their job is to know the menu inside out so they can help you with your meal choices. By understanding the menu, it lets them recommend the perfect dish for your specific palate. As a result, you get to enjoy food that appeals to you, which means nobody has a bad eating experience when they dine with us!

Private Dining For Added Intimacy

As well as our extremely friendly and talented staff, we also boast private dining areas that are perfect if you’re searching for a romantic restaurant in Ubud. We have secluded gazebos that are surrounded by the nearby tropical forest, and they can be decked out with flowers, champagne, and soft lighting. It takes you away from the buzz of the main restaurant, meaning you can enjoy a more personal experience. We find that this makes our food taste even better as you can really savor every bite with someone you love!

Perfect Wine Pairings

No 5-star dining experience is complete without a top-quality wine pairing. When any meal is matched with the ideal wine, it takes you on a flavor trip. Every single spice and seasoning is accentuated; it brings a whole new level to the dish.

Our menu is coupled with an award-winning wine list comprising of bottles from all four corners of the globe. It took us a long time to put this together, and we’re so proud of how diverse the selections are. Again, you can always call on our staff to help you with your wine selection. They’re well-versed in every bottle on the menu, and it’s part of their job to know what goes best with every dish.

Tasting Menus That Bring Out The Best In Every Ingredient

Moziac Restaurant is undoubtedly your first port of call when looking for the best food in Ubud. Whether you’re looking for private dining or just a bite to eat at lunch, we have everything you could wish for and more.

Our tasting menus mean you can sample between 5 to 7 courses, taking yourself on a journey around Indonesia as you devour all of the natural ingredients. Combine this with the French flair, and you have 5-star dining that’s fit for a king. If you’re looking for a romantic restaurant in Ubud, then we have the ideal setting for you. This makes us incredibly popular around Valentine’s Day for any couples who have traveled to Bali for this special occasion.

If you want to sample the best food from an award-winning restaurant, then make your reservation today. We’re open for lunch and dinner, so please feel free to join us for the culinary experience of a lifetime.