Michelin Star Experience in Bali



Michelin Star Experience in Bali

For restaurant goers globally, the Michelin Star is a mark of high-quality food and fantastic service.

To receive a Michelin Star, a restaurant must pass rigorous rounds of testing by anonymous reviewers from the guide.

Right now, there are no restaurants in Bali with this prestigious accolade. However, that does not mean that a Michelin Star experience is out of reach on the island.

But, what exactly makes a Michelin Star experience?

Innovative Cuisine

A hallmark of restaurants who receive a Michelin star is their innovative approaches to traditional cuisine.

While old favourites executed to perfection have their place, the best restaurants in the world are continually pushing the boundaries of cuisine.

Mozaic is no exception, taking French culinary techniques and creating cuisine that is a fusion of the old and new.

The Balinese setting inspires this fusion menu, with the very best of local and international ingredients combined in new and interesting ways that are sure to excite.

As you dine, you can even overlook Mozaic’s extensive spice garden that is the source of inspiration for many dishes on the menu.

Seasonal Menu

If you stand still, you are sure to fall behind, which is why the Mozaic menu is continually evolving based on the changing seasons.

For any fine dining establishment, freshness is everything, which is why Mozaic’s menu is shaped around the seasonal availability of local and global produce.

Every time you visit, you will find new, innovative dishes that have been designed to utilize the freshest available ingredients.

Award-Winning Chef

The centre of any top quality restaurant is a highly trained, award-winning chef. At Mozaic, Chef Chris Salans leads the way with his in-depth culinary skills and knowledge.

Born in America, Chris trained extensively in some of the finest restaurants in France and New York before opening Mozaic in 2001.

Since opening Mozaic, Chris has led the way in championing Balinese food, publishing cookbooks, making television appearances and consistently being in the running for the best restaurant on the island.

Under the leadership of Chef Chris Salans, Mozaic consistently strives towards Michelin star level food and service.

Fine Dining Atmosphere

A Michelin star experience is more than just food; it is about the experience.

The team at Mozaic ensures that every diner has a fantastic experience in an elegant yet comfortable setting.

Whether you choose our sumptuously appointed, air-conditioned dining room or the romantic private gazebo, time will slip by effortlessly as you enjoy the relaxing environment and high-class service.

Michelin Without the Star

A highly trained team, high-quality ingredients and innovative cuisine, when combined, can create a Michelin star experience.

Despite not yet having a Michelin star of its own, Mozaic strives to reach this height every single time you walk through the door for a meal.

Bali has incredible fresh produce, allowing Chef Chris Salans and his team to create some of the most fantastic flavours you will ever taste.