Experience The Best Restaurant for Dinner in Ubud



Experience The Best Restaurant for Dinner in Ubud

Ubud has an incredible selection of restaurants for hungry diners and those looking for an exceptional experience. Both locals and visitors alike can discover restaurants in Ubud if they only know where to look. The problem is that with so many options to choose from, finding those restaurants that will really wow you isn't as easy as you might want it to be. If you're looking for Ubud restaurants that will leave an impression and have you raving about it to your friends and family, Mozaic can take you on a culinary adventure that you won't want to forget in a hurry.

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A Full Ubud Dinner Experience

When you're looking for dinner in Ubud, you need somewhere that offers you a complete experience. A good restaurant is about more than just the food, and that's where Mozaic can shine. We offer an adventurous menu and an extensive wine selection, but our gorgeous restaurant in Ubud doesn't stop there when it comes to delivering an incredible dining experience to our guests. The setting, the customer service, and the ambiance of the restaurant are all incredibly important too, and we make sure to deliver on all of these elements in our romantic restaurant to give you one of the most incredible places to eat in Ubud.

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Beautiful Dining

Deciding where to eat in Ubud doesn't need to be complicated. Our beautiful Ubud restaurant gives you a luxurious setting that allows you to experience the best that Ubud has to offer. We have a choice of intimate dining spaces, from our green and leafy garden dining to our private dining spaces, where you can claim a table as your own and get an even more intimate experience of the restaurant and its atmosphere. We have a convenient and easily accessible location, while also offering you a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

Tantalizing Fusion Menu

Discover some of the best food for dinner in Ubud when you visit Mozaic and sample our creative fusion menu. Thanks to our chef Chris Salans, who has trained in some of the most prestigious Michelin star restaurants in France, we have an exciting menu that features the best of French and Indonesian cuisine. We are passionate about using local ingredients and making the most of them. You can discover fresh flavors and exciting combinations, paired with an impressive wine menu that offers some of the most diverse choices available in the city.

Learn the Mozaic Secret

Unique experience from the best restaurant in Ubud is even available to take home with you - or part of it, at least. With our intimate cooking classes, you can take on the challenge of hands-on experience to discover the art of cooking modern French cuisine. The Workshop is where we provide recreational classes, guiding you through the techniques required to cook with our fresh Balinese ingredients. If you have enjoyed some of the best food in Ubud, our classes are your chance to take it home, not just once but whenever you feel like making use of your new-found skills.

Intimate and Luxurious Restaurant in Ubud

Choose the fine dining setting that appeals to you with our selection of luxurious spaces when you want to know where to eat in Ubud. Few Ubud restaurants can boast the choice of dining spaces that we have to offer our diners, from cozy shared dining spaces to ever more intimate private dining options. Whether you are on a date with the love of your life or entertaining some business clients, we can find you the perfect table for your lunch or dinner experience. As the best restaurant in Ubud, we are open for dinner and lunch every day of the week.

Verdant Garden Dining

Choose your dinner in Ubud with our garden dining space for a peaceful and verdant setting that offers you an intimate haven in the city. In our garden restaurant, you are surrounded by trees and plants, creating a magical ambiance that will make anyone feel like they are the only ones there. Soft lighting in the evening offers a relaxing atmosphere to complete your dining experience, combined with delicious food and attentive service. Choose one of our restaurant tables to share the evening with your fellow diners while also enjoying a unique experience that's nothing quite like any other places to eat in Ubud.

Our Private Dining

If you prefer a private dining option, our restaurant in Ubud gives you the chance to have an event more secluded dining experience. Our private dining options include our private dining room for between 6 and 36 guests, ideal for anything from a business lunch to a private party. For an incredibly intimate dining experience, our romantic gazebo is the perfect place to dine as a couple, whether you want to pop the question, celebrate an anniversary or just surprise your love with something special. Candles, fairy lights, and curtains for privacy create a secluded space just for you.

Award-winning Dining

Mozaic is one of the top restaurants in Ubud, having earned an award-winning reputation. We have a selection of top awards to our name, including Hospitality Asia Platinum Award for Number 1 Most Innovative Restaurant, Asia's 50 Best Restaurants 2013, and Membership in Les Grandes Tables Du Monde, even being the first restaurant in Indonesia to do this. We are proud of the reputation that we have built over the years, having spent over ten years perfecting our offering to diners in Bali.

Get the Full Experience at Mozaic

Discover how Mozaic can bring you the ultimate fine dining experience when you reserve a table for lunch or dinner. As one of the top restaurants in Ubud, we dedicate ourselves to providing the best service to all of our diners. Have a memorable and unbeatable dining experience in Bali when you come to our unique Ubud restaurant and choose one of our great dining spaces.