Visit Mozaic for The Best Vegetarian and Vegan Cuisine in Ubud



Visit Mozaic for The Best Vegetarian and Vegan Cuisine in Ubud

Whether you're looking for a romantic meal for two, a night out with your family and friends or a wedding celebration, or anything else besides, we believe Mozaic should be your go-to-place when you're looking for vegan cuisine at an Ubud restaurant. 

Learn more about the Mozaic dining experience and see what's on the menu.

At Mozaic, the best vegetarian restaurant in Ubud, award-winning chef Chris Salans and his team are here to give everything you need for a fine dining experience. With great food, a fantastic level of service, some incredible sensory experiences, a friendly atmosphere, and a strong desire, we will ensure your time with us is a pleasantly memorable one.

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Mozaic: The Finest Vegetarian Restaurant in Ubud

Know that when you're looking for where to eat in Ubud, we offer food for all tastes at the Mozaic, and this includes specially designed menus for those of you looking for the best vegetarian and vegan restaurant in Bali for your meal. We have earned a reputation across the island for our menu, and that is thanks to the recipes and ingredients we use that ensure you won't be going home hungry or disappointed

We Cater to All Dietary Restrictions at Our Vegan Restaurant in Bali

At the Mozaic, we take your vegan or vegetarian diet very seriously and understand the medical consequences that can occur should a mistake be made. Here at the Mozaic, we cook everything to order - nothing is pre-mixed - so you can be assured that we will consider every possible precaution when preparing your nutritious and delicious meal.

100% of Our Ingredients Are Organic

We know you want the best and freshest foods available, and that is why here, at our best vegetarian restaurant, all of the ingredients we use are organically grown. Free of any chemicals, the crops we use are both healthy and tasty for you to eat, and are produced in a way that is good for the environment too. We sourced the majority of them locally, and these are paired with rare and precious ingredients from around the world, such as wild mushrooms, black winter truffles, Valrhona Chocolate, amongst others. So, be assured, if you're looking for the finest vegan and vegetarian food in Bali, and if you're looking for an eco-friendly place to eat, then you are making the right choice when you choose our Ubud restaurant. 

Choice Comes First at Our Vegan Restaurant in Bali

Why should you be limited for choice when you're looking at the menu? If you're looking for a vegetarian dinner and vegan cuisine in your search for where to eat, here at the Mozaic, we want to give you the most comprehensive range of foods possible. 

When it comes to vegetarian food in Bali, we offer both six and eight-course meals to both vegetarians and vegans, so you will be spoiled for choice when you're looking at vegetarian and vegan cuisine on our menus. Our menus are designed to give you a balanced and tasty meal for your vegetarian dinner, and incorporate a range of nutritious foods including caramelized Bedugul cauliflower with cepe mushrooms, slow-roasted baby beetroots with roasted turnip, watermelon, and silken tofu.

Tasting Menus

If you're new to vegetarian and vegan food in Ubud, we know how challenging it can be when trying to pick from the menu. With so many delicious dishes to choose from, you will be spoiled for choice. That is why we offer a tasting menu for you to try, allowing you to sample the best vegetarian and vegan food in Ubud to help you make up your mind. Who knows what new culinary delights you might uncover when you're relaxing within our comfortable and beautiful surroundings!

Variety is the Spice of Life

Here at Mozaic, we can draw on the talents of our award-winning chef, Chris Salans. Having worked at some of the best restaurants in France and the USA as part of his culinary journey, we can now offer our customers original seasonal dishes that utilize the skills and foods he has used throughout his career. As a vegan and vegetarian restaurant in Ubud, we strive to innovate, looking for new ways to bring cultural experiences to our restaurant to give you a range of unique flavors and experiences. 

Mozaic: The Award-Winning Option

As a customer, we know you have a lot of choices when looking for the best vegetarian and vegan restaurant in Bali. Why should you choose us? Well, aside from the friendly staff, the beauty of our surroundings, and the extensive collection of foods that are available to you on our menus know that when we say we are the best vegetarian restaurant in Ubud, we have the credentials to prove it. Chris Salans is an award-winning chef, including the esteemed World Gourmet Summit 2018 Restaurant of the Year. 

Visit the Mozaic in Ubud

If you're looking for the best vegetarian restaurant, there is no better place than Mozaic in Ubud. With the very best food on offer, and sensory experience of sights, smells, sounds, and tastes like no other, you are guaranteed to have a wonderful time when you step foot into our restaurant.