Innovative Vegan Fine Dining in Bali

Innovative Vegan Fine Dining in Bali

An increasing number of people are choosing to go vegan for ethical, environmental or health reasons.

For anyone looking to recharge with healthy vegan food, Bali is a dream come true. Along with a general focus on health and wellness, Bali has a long history of vegan and vegetarian cuisine.

This history of vegan dining options in Bali is assisted by the availability of fresh, organic produce on the island.

While it is easy to get some cheap vegan eats during your stay in Bali, one thing that can be more difficult to find is vegan fine dining. Mozaic's tempeh satay[/caption]

Under-Representation in Fine Dining

Although there are notable exceptions, in general, vegan cuisine is massively underrepresented in fine dining establishments globally.

Many fine-dining chefs consider a dish incomplete without a fish or meat as a centrepiece, often ignoring the complex and intriguing ways vegan ingredients can be used.

Despite being hard to find, it is possible to experience high quality, fine dining vegan cuisine right here in Bali at award-winning restaurant Mozaic.

Award-Winning Vegan Fine Dining at Mozaic

Mozaic is an award-winning restaurant right here in Bali that works hard to ensure all of their guests, including vegans, can experience a perfect fine dining experience.

Using fresh local ingredients and inspiration from local cuisine and tried and true French fine dining techniques, chef Chris Salans has created a unique vegan fine dining experience.

All Dietary Restrictions Accommodated

The Mozaic team prides itself on its attention to detail and ensures that every guest leaves the restaurant satisfied.

To ensure this, the Mozaic menu has a menu that caters to all dietary restrictions. There are gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options available on our constantly changing seasonal menu.

If your specific restriction is not represented on the Mozaic menu, we are happy to make any modifications necessary to ensure you can enjoy your fine dining experience.

Vegan Tasting Menus

The Mozaic kitchen team has worked hard to ensure that the vegan menu items on offer go beyond a token effort. We want to offer the full Mozaic experience to all our diners, regardless of the dietary choices.

Using tofu, tempeh, sprouts and other vegan ingredients, we have created a six or eight-course vegan tasting menu.

Tasting menus are a unique feature of fine dining that allows you to experience a wide range of dishes, ingredients and techniques.

In many establishments, a vegan tasting menu is not offered, but we wanted to ensure that all our diners can experience our unique fusion of Balinese and international cuisine.

Organic Produce

With its idyllic climate, Bali provides a wealth of fruit and vegetables that the Mozaic team uses to craft the stunning dishes on the ala carte and tasting menus.

We work closely with our local suppliers to ensure that all of the ingredients used in our dishes are organic and ethically sourced.

Good for the body and the soul, our vegan options make no compromises and allow you to have a complete fine dining experience.

Book a Table Now

The best way to understand the care and attention the Mozaic team puts into their vegan cuisine is to try it for yourself.

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