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Best Vegan and Vegetarian Fine Dining in Ubud, Bali

If you’re looking for the best vegan and best vegetarian restaurant in Ubud, Bali, then you’re in the right place. Mozaic has a reputation across the island, if not the world, for being the best vegan restaurant in Ubud, thanks to its unique approach to recipes, ingredients, and going meatless. 

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Mozaic Caters To All Dietary Restrictions

Offering vegan food in Ubud came naturally to us here at Mozaic. Unlike many restaurants that buy premade meals and mixes, we prepare everything fresh on-site, meaning that we have full control over all of the ingredients that go into our food. Thus your vegetarian or vegan dinner can be carefully modified to cater to any dietary need that you have. Everything is cooked to order. Nothing is pre-mixed. 

Dietary restrictions come in all shapes and sizes. What’s more, failing to adhere to them can cause serious medical consequences. When you go out to a restaurant, therefore, you want to know that the people preparing your meal understand your needs. 

Why are we considered the best vegetarian restaurant in Ubud? It all comes down to our approach to cuisine. Quality, luxury food should always be prepared from scratch, not come premixed or pre-cooked. Our professional chefs prepare everything fresh, and so they can cater to all dietary restrictions, no matter how esoteric. It’s no wonder we welcome vegetarians and vegans through our doors every day. 

Tasting Menus For Vegetarians And Vegans

If you’re new to vegetarian food in Bali, it can sometimes be challenging to know what to choose. There are so many options on the menu that look tasty; you can sometimes struggle to make up your mind. 

Learn more about Mozaic vegan and vegetarian dining experience and see our sample menu.

Mozaic offers a six or eight-course tasting menu for both vegetarians and vegans. It’s a chance for you to try the very best in Ubud vegetarian food and experience our passion for vegetarian fine dining. Our six and eight-course vegetarian dinner can include ingredients like caramelized Bedugul cauliflower with cepe mushrooms, walnuts, and fresh curry leaf, slow-roasted baby beetroots with roasted turnip and local cocoa, watermelon, silken tofu and more depending on the season. See our sample menu and  enjoy the perfect vegetarian fine dining experience!

Tasting menus give you the freedom to sample the very best vegetarian and vegan food on the island. With us, you can spend the entire evening in relaxing company and beautiful surroundings, experiencing flavors that you may not have ever tried before. 

Balanced Vegetarian Food In Bali

At Mozaic, we understand that vegetarian food is much more than a few salad leaves on a plate. While side salads are great, they’re not the main event. 

Our menus expand well beyond vegetables into all of the other major food categories, including grains, proteins, carbohydrates, and much more. For a vegetarian dinner, we provide protein in the form of dairy and eggs. For vegan dinners, we use tempeh, tofu, sprouts, and many other nutritious ingredients. Our goal is to ensure that you leave our Bali vegetarian restaurant feeling nourished and satisfied. 

Award-Winning Private Vegan Dining

If you’re looking for an incredible vegan dinner experience, you’ve come to the right place. Mozaic has won numerous awards over the years for the quality of its food, proving to a favorite among tourists and locals alike.

Over the years, we’ve won numerous awards for our food and drink, including the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence 2017-2018, World Gourmet Summits’ Top 10 in Asia, and Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2013. We’re also recognized by the Grand Tables Du Monde, putting us alongside some of the most famous restaurants in the world. 

All Our Ingredients Are Organic

Organic foods are those grown without the use of herbicides and pesticides – a practice that offers a host of benefits. 

Organic foods, for instance, tend to have more nutrients and flavor. The absence of pesticides and herbicides encourages crops to produce more of the beneficial compounds that make them healthy and flavorsome. These compounds not only delight the taste buds but also help the body fight disease too.

At Mozaic, we also believe in sourcing as many ingredients locally as possible – what you’d expect from the best vegan restaurant in Ubud. Sourcing locally helps us to capture local flavors, cut our environmental footprint, and deliver the freshest possible food to your table. We then pair these local staples with delicious, rare, and precious ingredients sourced from around the world. These ingredients vary by season. 

Experience Indonesian Vegan Food Made With The Passion Of France

At Mozaic, we’ve always believed in creating delicious vegan food in Ubud that combines our knowledge of local Bali ingredients with French cuisine. We’re now bringing that same passion and ethos to our vegetarian and vegan fine dining in Ubud. Our chefs carefully craft original, seasonal dishes that reflect both the lessons learned in France and also the character of the foods that grow in the local area. 

As a Bali vegetarian restaurant, Mozaic is always innovating and trying new things. Our menus change throughout the year, reflecting changes in ingredients available as well as the desire of our chefs to experiment with new flavor combinations. We’re innovators at heart, always looking for ways to experiment with the ingredients that we have to bring you new Ubud vegetarian food experiences. 

The Best Vegan Food In Ubud

For those looking for the best sensory vegetarian and vegan dining experience, there is no better place than Mozaic in Ubud. Our goal from the start has been to create experiences that people love. We weave a rich tapestry of sights, sounds, smells, and tastes to deliver a holistic experience. Yes, the food is important, but a meal at Mozaic is so much more than that. 

You can enjoy your vegan or vegetarian dinner with a range of wines and cocktails. Our sommeliers have traveled the world, seeking out the very best wines from the vineyards in far-flung destinations. We invite diners to enjoy vegan fine dining in a variety of settings across our restaurant, including our romantic gazebo, private dining rooms, or the beautiful garden.