Try the Best New Place for Lunch in Ubud



Try the Best New Place for Lunch in Ubud

Whether you’re looking for a chance to try some truly unique cuisine or simply a spot to relax during a busy day exploring what the town has to offer, you’re likely to wonder at some point where to eat lunch in Ubud. There’s no need to ask any longer, as Mozaic Restaurant is here to welcome to you to our door. Not only do we offer a nice place for lunch, but a must-visit destination in one of the town’s most popular locations and the kind of service that encourages you to put up your feet and enjoy your food.

Learn more about the Mozaic dining experience and see what’s on the menu.

The Best Lunch Spot in Ubud

When looking for a lunch place, you’re not only looking for a place that does good food but one that is well situated. Locals and travellers alike can find Mozaic on a street surrounded by spas, resorts, art galleries, and museums, making it the perfect place to eat lunch in Ubud while enjoying the cultural capital of Bali.

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Like our food, our design very much takes inspiration from the blend of fusion food and Balinese culture, fitting in well with the local aesthetic while providing a clean, contemporary design that’s a perfectly nice place for lunch. If you want a little something to whet your appetite for lunch, then we invite you to chill out in our lounge. Fancily decorated in silk carpets with art objects surrounding you, stop at the bar or take a comfy seat while getting out of the heat and into our air-conditioned welcome area.

Whether you want a moment out of the sun or you prefer to be surrounded by the gorgeous Balinese weather, you can eat lunch in Ubud however you want it. The Workshop is an open, modern restaurant space that offers a great view of the kitchen and encourages you to put your feet up. However, you’re more than welcome to find the best lunch spot in our garden as well. Meticulously landscaped but still lush with local greenery, it provides a nice, shaded spot that still lets you take in the climate while enjoying your food.

More Than a Nice Place for Lunch

We’re confident about our reputation as the place for the best lunch restaurant in Ubud. Not only is that thanks to our committed attitude to providing excellent food, top-notch service, and a must-visit destination. From regular customers to local and far-flung gastronomical authorities, we’ve won a range of awards over the years, including:

  •         Wine Spectator Award of Excellence 2018
  •         Les Grande Tables Du Monde for Traditions & Qualite
  •         Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards
  •         World Gourmet Summit 2018 Restaurant of the Year

Even if it’s for a quick bite of lunch in Ubud, don’t settle for anything less than the best. Come visit us at the Mozaic for some truly award-winning eats in a lauded Ubud lunch restaurant.

The Best Lunch Restaurant with the Finest Foods

When you’re looking for where to eat lunch in Ubud, then you can’t look much further than the food, of course. Mozaic’s customers keep coming back time and time again thanks to the kitchen as led by Chris Salans. A French-American chef who has travelled across Europe and America, picking up expertise and experience on his journeys, he settled in Ubud to create the best lunch restaurant the town has seen. Having adopted Balinese cuisine just as enthusiastically as the cooking from his roots, he leads the team at Mozaic Restaurant.

That leadership has led to the adoption of the “Cuisine de Marche” philosophy. With seasonal ingredients as the cornerstone of every meal, our menu combines Indonesian and French dining to make Mozaic the best lunch spot in Ubud beyond a doubt. Our menu has a range of different tastes with different levels of experimentation. Feel free to go bold or you can stick with a safer option if you prefer. Whatever you choose, you’re going to be treated to some of the finest food in town.

A good lunch can be best served when it’s accompanied by a good drink, as well. To that end, we have a stock of over 150 different wines, each picked to complement a different taste and provide the perfect lunch experience. Chris works with a world-class team of sommeliers, offering Mozaic the most complete wine list you’re likely to find in Indonesia. If you’re stopping by for a quick meal or coming in the evening for dinner, don’t hesitate to ask the staff for which wine they recommend with your choices.

The Best Service in Ubud to go with the Best Lunch in Ubud

When stopping for lunch, you want to kick your feet up and simply enjoy the experience. At Mozaic Restaurant, we ensure you have nothing else on your mind with some of the highest standards of customer service you can find. Our team is trained for several months, ensuring they not only live up to the standards that have helped us win our reputation as a fantastic lunch place. They also know our cuisine, our wines, and our ingredients.

As a result, if you have a question about anything on the menu, they are more than knowledgeable enough to answer it. If you need help selecting the perfect wine to go with your lunch, they can help. Similarly, our chefs are quick and eager to accommodate any special dietary requirements you have. With discreet, professional, and welcoming staff, you can enjoy the best lunch alongside the best customer service that you’re likely to find in Ubud at Mozaic Restaurant.

Come Visit Mozaic, the Top Ubud Lunch Restaurant

We welcome locals and travellers alike to enjoy the finest lunch that Ubud has to offer at Mozaic. With the right setting, the right food, the right service, and even the right glass of wine, we promise a truly 5-star lunch dining experience. Whether you want to visit us in the day or join us for an even meal, take a closer look at the sight to learn more or make a reservation with us online today.