Tofu and Tempeh: Local Ingredients Powering Vegan Restaurants in Ubud



Tofu and Tempeh: Local Ingredients Powering Vegan Restaurants in Ubud

If you've recently embarked on a journey to veganism or vegetarianism, you've probably heard all about tofu and tempeh. These are two plant-based ingredients that have been receiving significant popularity for quite a while now.

Tempeh is a popular soy-based product that is made from fermented soybeans. The soybeans go through a series of processes where they are soaked, hulled, and finally molded into the firm, dense cake-like shapes.

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Tofu is made of coagulated soy milk that is transformed into solid white blocks. One of the best things about tofu is that it comes in textures, such as silken, firm, and soft.

Both of these ingredients are good for your health and are rich in numerous elements and nutrients that are essential for the body.

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It is also why tofu and tempeh are effectively powering the vegan and vegetarian markets all over the world, particularly in Indonesia. 

Tempeh and Tofu - Traditional Food in Indonesia 

Once upon a time, tempeh or tempe was a commonly-consumed food ingredient for Indonesians, and it was a part of their everyday meals. It is usually eaten with vegetables or plain white rice. 

Years later, it became a mainstay of a majority of the people's diets, and to this date, it is one of their favorite plant-based protein sources.

Tofu or Tahu, as Indonesian call it, on the other hand, is considered to be one of the tempeh's counterparts and has also made its way into the vegan lifestyle. It is a famous Indonesian soybean product that is usually eaten with rice and sweet soy sauce in the country.

Over the years, however, Indonesians have significantly modified the way that they eat tofu. For instance, a sweet version of tofu is called 'wedang tahu,' which includes a combination of silken tofu and ginger soup. Another popular version of tahu among Indonesians is fried Tahu, which is called 'Tahu goreng' or fried tofu.

Both tofu and tempeh are popular plant-based protein sources in Indonesia that are slowly taking over the vegan and vegetarian markets. 

The Major Benefits of Tofu and Tempeh 

Both tofu and tempeh are soy-based foods with significant similarities in terms of their nutrient profiles and nutritional value. The fact that they come from plants and have so many health benefits is primarily why both foods are becoming so popular with most vegans and vegetarians. 

Take a look at some of the major benefits associated with tahu and tempe. 

Low-Calorie Meals

Both these foods are relatively low in calories, which makes them ideal for weight-watchers and dieticians. A single 85-gram serving of tofu contains about 80 calories, whereas the same serving of tempeh consists of 140 calories.

Tempeh is a tad richer in calories as compared to tahu because it is commonly made from ingredients like whole grains, seeds, and nuts. However, together, both the foods ensure a low-calorie meal with a lot of nutrients like iron, protein, potassium, and fiber, to name a few.  

Low Sodium Diet

Another massive benefit of tofu and tempeh is that they help you follow a low sodium diet as both the foods contain low sodium content. A 3-ounce serving of tofu provides about 10mg of sodium, and the same serving of tempeh also consists of 10mg of sodium. This news is great for vegans and vegetarians because they are supposed to refrain from consuming large amounts of salt and sodium.  

Cholesterol-Free Food

This is probably the best part about tofu and tempeh. High cholesterol levels are associated with severe health risks, such as high blood pressure, strokes, and numerous heart-related diseases. Both are cholesterol-free food, making them two of the healthiest ingredients for your body and health. 

Tofu and Tempeh Taking Over Vegan and Vegetarian Markets in Ubud, Bali

If you're a serious vegan or vegetarian and are trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle with more plant-based foods, you'll be happy to know that a holiday in Bali will truly suit your purpose. The main reason for this is that tofu and tempeh are gradually taking over the vegan markets in most of Bali, particularly Ubud, which is the heart of Bali. 

For instance, if you are looking for a vegan restaurant in Ubud or even a vegetarian restaurant in Ubud, you are likely to find a plethora of amazing options because veganism is becoming mainstream in that town. From local celebrities to numerous companies, going vegan in Ubud is becoming more of a 'thing' as of late. 

If you happen to visit Indonesia anytime soon, you will notice that tofu and tempeh, two of its staple food ingredients, are being featured in many main dishes and a variety of appetizers. So many restaurants like Mozaic in Ubud are now focusing on creating separate menus for vegans and vegetarians. This menu comprises dishes that don't only allow them to continue their low sodium diet but also ensure a low-calorie meal and cholesterol-free food.  

Mozaic Restaurant – an Excellent Vegan Restaurant in Ubud 

If you ever find yourself in Ubud and are looking to eat some healthy vegan food, do pay a visit to Mozaic. Mozaic qualifies as the best vegan restaurant in Ubud, and it also greatly caters to all those people that are vegan in Ubud. 

The best part about any vegan restaurant in Ubud is that it produces the incredibly delicious food that will truly satisfy your hunger and satiate your palate.

Take Mozaic, for instance. It ensures a blend of unique approaches, authentic local ingredients, and delicious recipes that make it Bali a great vegetarian restaurant in Ubud.

The Use of Organic Ingredients - One of the Best Vegan Restaurants in Ubud 

What sets Mozaic apart from other restaurants in Ubud is that it highly prioritizes the use of organic, natural ingredients that have been grown without using harmful chemicals like pesticides and herbicides. These organic foods provide more flavors and a higher amount of nutrients that are healthy for the body. Mozaic makes sure to source local, organic ingredients that they often pair with local staples like tofu and tempeh.

Versatile Tasting Menus for all Vegans and Vegetarians 

Mozaic offers you an excellent opportunity to try the best vegan food in Ubud through our amazing six or eight tasting menus. These are ideal for all those people that have a passion for experiencing vegetarian or vegan fine-dining in Ubud.  

The six and eight-course meals feature some of the most exotic ingredients like silken tofu, caramelized Bedugul cauliflower with cepe mushrooms, watermelon, walnuts, fresh curry leaf, slow-roasted baby beetroots, roasted turnip, local cocoa, and so many others. You can enjoy their delicious tasting menus in beautiful surroundings amid picturesque views as you devour some of the best ingredients that nature has to offer. 

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Whenever you come to Bali, do visit Mozaic and experience the whole vegan-vegetarian culinary affair to your heart's content. Make sure to reserve a table beforehand so that we know you're coming, and we make sure to source the best and the freshest ingredients for you!