Award Winning Gastronomic Dinner Destination in Ubud


Award Winning Gastronomic Dinner Destination in Ubud

Imagine sitting on the sun-kissed sand under the clear blue skies overlooking the magnificent island of Bali, as the gentle yet gushing waters touch your feet every two seconds. Whether you’re alone, with family, friends, or your significant other, the sight alone is enough to calm your nerves and soothe your soul.

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After spending the entire day on the island and witnessing the exotic wonders of nature, you want to head over to a nice restaurant and indulge in a one-of-a-kind gastronomy affair. More importantly, you want to satiate the foodie in you the same way that the island’s beauty satisfies the nature-lover residing inside of you.

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For such times and situations, this island brings you the best gastronomic destinations, one of which is none other than Mozaic Restaurant in Ubud, right in the heart of Bali.

A Must-Eat Restaurant in Ubud & Around South East Asia

Mozaic brings the ultimate end to your search for the best restaurant in Ubud with the help of its exotic Ubud food that features a unique mix of authentic Indonesian cuisine and modern French cooking techniques for your best Ubud dinner experience.

It not only boasts the title of the best restaurant in Ubud, but it is also popularly known as the perfect romantic restaurant that offers an exclusive romantic dinner for two people in love. The gastronomy affair at this restaurant is the epitome of the entire ‘Mozaic Experience,’ which is an ideal combination of delicious authentic food, amazing ambiance, spectacular views, and impeccable standards of service.

Mozaic’s popularity isn’t just limited to Ubud, but also the whole of South East Asia as it offers incredible Ubud food, paying homage to ingredients and flavors from the entire Southeast Asian side.

Best Food in Ubud – Wonderful Produce from Indonesian Farmers

The most striking feature of this restaurant is that it tries its best to bring you a mixture of the most authentic native flavors and local ingredients onto a single plate so that each bite has its own unique story to tell.

Most of the hard work of the amazing team at Mozaic goes into sourcing consistently wonderful produce from Indonesian farmers. The fresh produce is then carefully selected to deliver the best gastronomic experience to all those excitedly looking forward to a lavish Ubud dinner at the restaurant.

Chris Salans – Bringing You the Best Ubud Dinner

Like many award-winning restaurants in the world, Mozaic is also a result of someone’s hard work, sheer talent, and fantastic culinary ideas. That someone is none other than Chris Salans, the mastermind behind Mozaic restaurant.

Chris Salans is a true pioneer who has made a permanent mark in the culinary world by marrying together the authentic flavors and ingredients of Indonesia with modern cooking and presentation techniques from France.

It is his hard work and creativity along with that of his incredible team that has made Mozaic the go-to place for dinner in Ubud.

A Private Dinner Affair with Your Special Someone

The best part about restaurants like Mozaic is that apart from offering the best food in Ubud, they also cater to different situations and requirements of their guests and diners.

If you happen to be on your honeymoon or a summer vacation with your special someone, Mozaic is the ideal place for you to enjoy a private romantic dinner at this romantic restaurant.

The Gazebo Is A Sight to Behold   

Mozaic turns the idea of a romantic dinner into reality with its beautiful gazebo that sets in a quiet corner of its garden. The best part is that it offers numerous options for you to choose in terms of decorations to transform it into something dreamy. From candle illuminations and fresh rose petals to fairy lights and bottles of rich champagne, you can choose whatever you want to help them create a romantic restaurant setting.

Wine Pairing at Its Best

A gastronomic experience, especially with a loved one, is certainly incomplete without delicious and rich wine. So, keeping that in mind, Mozaic presents you with the best wine pairing options to add a great touch to your dinner in Ubud.

Best food in Ubud with a comprehensive list of wines for the ultimate wine pairing is the perfect way to enjoy a culinary affair with your special someone. What you’ll particularly love about this is that each wine option on the list perfectly matches the food dishes on the menu in some way or the other.

Ready to Blow Your Taste Buds Away?

If you wish to tantalize your taste buds, satiate your tummy and impress a loved one with your great choice and taste in food, reserve a table at Mozaic now and allow the experts at the restaurant to do what they do best – blow you away!