Experience Cuisine du Marché with the Best Restaurant in Ubud



Experience Cuisine du Marché with the Best Restaurant in Ubud

Are you looking for the best restaurant in Ubud? At Mozaic, we offer a unique culinary experience that’s made us the ultimate Ubud restaurant. We offer fine dining like no other and the ultimate foodie experience. So, if you’re wondering where to eat, then why don’t you come on down and visit us?

Learn more about the Mozaic dining experience and see what’s on the menu.

Fresh Ingredients, Locally Sourced

Mozaic Restaurant is all about bringing Cuisine du Marche to Bali. Essentially, this translates into market food - or eating fresh ingredients. Every dish we serve is cooked using locally sourced produce. We want to bring the best tastes to your table, which is why we get our ingredients from the very best suppliers in Bali. In turn, we can deliver food that takes your tastebuds on a magical journey and will blow your mind. 

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Balinese Flavors with French Style

We’re the best restaurant in Ubud because of our unique way of cooking. We take fresh ingredients to put together the most impressive Indonesian-French inspired meals. You will taste authentic Balinese flavors as you eat at our award-winning restaurant. But, what makes us the pinnacle of Ubud fine dining is that we cook with a French style. 

The founder of our restaurant worked in Michelin Starred Parisian restaurants, and he’s taken all the key concepts here. So, while you’re served up Southeast Asian delights, they come with a delightfully French twist. 

Fine Dining with All the Extras

As a key player on the Ubud fine dining scene, we go above and beyond what’s expected. Our menu is continually updating as we choose dishes to take advantage of what’s in-season and growing around Bali. This means every dish always tastes so fresh and will leave you almost squealing with delight! The food isn’t the only thing that’s excellent about our restaurant; we also create the perfect atmosphere too. Sit outside in our garden area and surround yourself with local greenery. As you bite into the locally sourced ingredients, you’ll genuinely experience Cuisine du Marche!

Exquisite Fine Dining in Ubud

For the best foodie experience, we offer delicious fine dining in Ubud. You can choose any number of small bites to sample everything on our menu. Try savory treats and sweet desserts - all of which are bursting with flavor. We offer the best food all the time. When it’s time for you to leave, you won’t have any trouble figuring out where to eat tomorrow!

A 5 Star Restaurant in Ubud

Mozaic regularly gets rave reviews from everyone who eats with us. As a result, we’re a 5-star restaurant that will have you coming back for more. We’re regularly considered the popular Ubud restaurant because of the experience we create for our diners. The food is paired with a world-class wine menu, and all of our staff are friendly and helpful. We make sure that everyone loves food just as much as you, so they can give the best recommendations when you’re deciding what to eat. As the food cooks away and the wine flows, you can sit back and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere here. We even have romantic gazebos if you want dinner for two, and there are secluded dining rooms when you want more privacy. No matter your needs, we cater to them at Mozaic. 

Award-Winning Excellence

All of our 5-star reviews have helped us become an award-winning restaurant. We’ve been nominated for some of the top awards in Bali, regularly taking home the big prizes. So, you can be sure that you’re getting the best food from a restaurant that’s revered around the country. 

A Range of Beautiful Menus

All the food at Mozaic is made with French cooking methods and Balinese flavors. However, we do offer a variety of menus. If you’re looking for something delicious to fill you up at lunchtime, then explore the wonders of our rich lunch menu. There’s everything you need to keep you going, and we have some gorgeous wine pairings to match as well. 

If you want to eat at the best restaurant in Ubud for dinner, then our dinner menu will more than please you. We take you on a discovery of Bali as you taste our seasonal menu. There’s even a vegetarian menu, and we regularly serve cocktails and nibbles as well. 

Explore Our World-Class Wine List

As we mentioned before, the wine list here is second to none. Regardless of your preference, we’ll find a pairing to match every course on the menu. Each bottle is handpicked to compliment our food, which enhances your dining experience. Your wine is served up in specially crafted glasses that help bring out more of the flavors too. 

With our innovative style of cooking and vibrant menu, you’ll struggle to find a better place to eat in Ubud than Mozaic. High standards are what we live for, so feel free to visit our restaurant if you enjoy fine dining brilliance.