Why Choose Mozaic for Ubud Fine Dining



Why Choose Mozaic for Ubud Fine Dining

If you’re looking for fine dining in Ubud, then you look to no further. Mozaic Restaurant brings with it not just a gastronomic experience, combining cuisines from around the world while remaining true to the freshest local ingredients, making a genuine culinary experience in Bali. We also bring the best fine dining restaurant venue and dedication to superior service that has helped us gain a reputation as the place for Ubud best dining.

Learn more about the Mozaic dining experience and see what’s on the menu.

The Finest Culinary Experience in Bali

The Ubud fine dining scene is not an easy place to succeed in, as it is the cultural heart of Bali, but Mozaic has earned a reputation for true gastronomic excellence. This is thanks in no small part to the leadership of Chris Salans, our young French-American chef. With experience gathering in his travels across the European and American dining scenes, he has since devoted himself to Ubud fine dining, becoming an ambassador of local tastes and an innovator in bringing the culture and cuisine of both his homes together.

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Cuisine de Marche: the Heart of a Fine Dining Experience

Mozaic offers a unique culinary experience in Bali due to our devotion to the philosophy of “Cuisine de Marche.” Using the freshest seasonal ingredients from local providers, our menu is a constant evolution of Indonesian and French gastronomy that offers the best of both worlds. When it comes to 5-star dining, no other venue offers tastes that can be compared to this unique blend that has helped Mozaic become the award-winning restaurant that it is today. Our tasting menu includes a range of cuisines with varying levels of experimentation, so you’re free to go bold or stay within your comfort zone as much as you like.

Come Sample a Taste of Bali’s Best Wine List

No fancy restaurant is complete without a wine list and Mozaic has a wine list that is simply beyond compare. Our stock includes over 150 wines, carefully selected by Chris and his team of world-class sommeliers. When you want a comprehensive fine dining experience, the perfect wine pairing to accommodate your meal is essential. Our wine list is excellently suited to help you make the right pairing, whatever the dish and whatever your tastes may be.

5-Star Dining Supported by 5-Star Service

Mozaic is widely recognised as the best fine dining restaurant in Ubud and that is, in no part, down to the dedication of the team. The standards of the Mozaic restaurant are high, and our team is trained extensively to ensure that no detail is too small and no customer should have be concerned with anything other than enjoying their stay. With months of training, they learn not only how to provide service fit for the Mozaic Restaurant’s reputation, but also extensive education on our cuisine, ingredients, and wine.

That training makes all of our staff knowledgeable on every aspect of the menu so that they are more than happy to answer any questions you might have during your stay. If you have any special dietary requirements, our chefs are happy to make the essential changes to your meal. What’s more, if you have trouble selecting from our list of more than 150 wines, we can recommend a bottle at any time, or help you select what we believe the best match for any meal we serve.

The Perfect Fancy Restaurant Setting in Ubud

Beyond our reputation for fine dining in Ubud, we have also gained a reputation as a must-visit destination for both locals and travellers, as well. Very much the cultural capital of Bali, we are perfectly situated amongst art galleries, resorts, and spas, representing the evolution of luxury and tourist-friendly experiences in the town.

From the architecture to the design, Mozaic stands out as a celebration of the local aesthetic as well as a dedication to providing a fancy, contemporary venue that helps guests relax as soon as they set foot in the door. Before your meal, you may be inclined to come and join our guests at the Lounge. Here is the perfect place to relax and have a drink, an air-conditioned, open area with a fully stocked bar, where you can enjoy being surrounded by silk carpets and unique art before eating.

We have a selection of indoor and outdoor dining spaces to match your tastes, too. The Workshop is our primary restaurant venue, with a focus on open-air, contemporary design that encourages you to relax and take in the atmosphere. Outdoors, we have a luxurious garden or perfectly cultivated greenery and contemporary landscaping. In the corner of the garden, you can find the Gazebo, our spot for romantic, private dining, draped in curtains, with candles, fairy lights, and rose petals creating the intimate getaway perfect for a date.

Ubud Best Dining from an Award-Winning Restaurant

Our reputation is not just thanks to our dedication to 5-star cuisine, service, and design. Our guests and various fine dining experts have helped us win it just as much, which has won Mozaic Restaurant several highly prestigious awards over the years.

Some of the awards we have won over include the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence 2018, the prestigious Les Grande Tables Du Monde for Traditions & Qualite, the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards, and the World Gourmet Summit 2018 Restaurant of the Year.

We believe that these awards, and the reputation that comes with them, are well deserved by Mozaic, and are thanks not just to the standards of cuisine laid out by our chef Chris Salans, but also by the sheer dedication and enthusiasm of our staff.

Come Visit Mozaic, the Best Restaurant in Ubud

For lovers of Balinese cuisine, fusion food, locals, and travellers, Mozaic offers a fine dining experience that simply cannot be found elsewhere. It has become not only one of the most celebrated restaurants in Ubud but also a must-visit destination within the town. Take a closer look at the website or get in touch with us if you want to find out more about the restaurant or to make a reservation.