Bali Fine Dining: The Taste of Indonesia, The Passion of France



Bali Fine Dining: The Taste of Indonesia, The Passion of France

There are many reasons why Bali has become a popular frequently-visited destination among tourists from all over the world. From families with kids to newlywed couples, it attracts a variety of people every single year, many of whom often come back because one trip isn’t enough to explore the magnificence of the island.

Learn more about the Mozaic fine dining experience and see what’s on the menu.

For many people, it is the pure, raw alluring beauty of the island that keeps calling out to them, while for others, it is the exotic Indonesian cuisine that leaves them craving for more.

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One certainly can’t deny the natural wonders of Bali, but many people aren’t fully aware yet of the gastronomic side to experience incredible fine dining in Bali. Apart from delicious street food options, Bali is also home to incredible fine dining restaurants.

Some of the best restaurants in Bali offer a unique fine dining experience, which will surely take your taste buds on an exciting journey to culinary heaven.

If you are looking for the best restaurants in Bali that offer you the most authentic Indonesian food coupled with impressive French cooking techniques that you are likely to find at any French restaurant, then come to Mozaic.

Here’s everything you need to know about the most popular fine dining in Bali and the reasons why you should visit Mozaic for an incredible fine dining experience.  

The Taste of Indonesia Combined with the Passion of France

Perhaps, the most standout feature of our finest Bali restaurant is that it brings you a beautiful marriage between the taste of Indonesia and the passion of France.

What this means is that this fine dining restaurant presents you with a fresh, authentic taste of the local Indonesian ingredients that have been prepared the French way.

In other words, when devouring Indonesian food at Mozaic, you will probably feel like you are sitting in a French restaurant with little hints of the exotic Indonesian cuisine here and there. It’s almost like France and Indonesia on a single plate!

Cuisine du Marche – The Niche of Bali Fine Dining

The experience of fine dining in Bali doesn’t only mean sitting inside a magnificent restaurant with the kind of interior that blows your mind away. It also means eating the type of food that blows your taste buds away. Following that, Mozaic strictly embodies the philosophy of ‘Cuisine du Marche’ through which it aims to bring you fresh ingredients from the Indonesian markets. After all, Cuisine du Marche literally translates to ‘cooking from the market’.

Creation of the Finest Cuisine for Fine Dining in Bali

What’s really interesting about our Bali restaurant is that we take Bali fine dining to a whole new level by incorporating all the above factors into its food.

Local Ingredients with Modern Techniques

By featuring the ‘Cuisine du Marche’ philosophy in its food, Mozaic brings your diverse and extensive tasting menus for both lunch and dinners. Some commonly used ingredients fresh from the market include watermelon, rendang spices, kenari nuts, kaffir lime leaves, soybean, and fresh laksa leaves, to name a few. All these amazing ingredients of the Indonesian cuisine are then beautifully presented on a plate with the help of modern French cooking and presentation techniques.

Stunning Views with Delicious Food at this Bali Restaurant

If you are one of those diners that prefer eating indoors, Mozaic has a stunning private dining room for you, which is a great way to enjoy an exclusive, private culinary affair with your loved ones. However, if you prefer eating under the stars and clear blue skies, head over to its alluring gazebo that sets in a quiet corner of its majestic garden. With fairy lights and lit candles, you will be having an experience of a lifetime at our beautiful fine dining restaurant.

Wine and Food – A Heavenly Combination

Food without wine is simply incomplete, and there are no two ways about it. Mozaic brings you exclusive wine pairing options that perfectly compliment the complex Indonesian flavors used in its rich cuisine. It has the most comprehensive wine lists in the whole of Bali that aim to please every wine drinker by offering them a chance to indulge in the best food and wine pairing experience. 

Chris Salans – The Mastermind

Behind any successful restaurant, there is an ultimate mastermind who makes it all possible. The brain behind Mozaic is other than the talented and the real culinary expert named Chris Salans.

He made Bali fine dining a true possibility on this island by creating Mozaic, which is popularly regarded as one of the best restaurants for dining in the whole of Asia! Chris Salans is a top-level chef who has made some incredible contributions to the entire culinary world!

Experience It All!

If you want to experience France and Indonesia together on a single plate, book a reservation at Mozaic now and have the best fine dining experience of your life!