Why Are There No Michelin Star Restaurants in Indonesia Yet?



Is There Really a Michelin Star Restaurant in Bali, Indonesia?


A trip to Bali sounds like the perfect vacation, given its stunning beaches, picturesque scenery, intriguing wildlife, and just a fantastic overall feel of the gorgeous island. People from all over the world travel to this incredible Indonesian island and greatly look forward to experiencing its beauty and splendor. 

Apart from the wonders of nature on this island, a holiday in Bali certainly wouldn't be complete without an excellent culinary experience. After wandering through the lush greenery of the town of Ubud all day long, you'll surely feel the need for a heavenly gastronomic affair to satiate your hunger and get a taste of the best food in Bali. 

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However, if you are an avid gourmand and you take your food very seriously, you will probably look for 5-star restaurants with exceptional Michelin Star food prepared by a Michelin Star chef, right?

It's worth noting here that at the moment, there is no Michelin Star in Indonesia, let alone a Michelin Star in Bali, for that matter.

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As a diehard gourmet, that might break your heart, but what if you were to get the same level and quality of food in Bali as a supposed impeccable Michelin Star in Jakarta and have the best fine dining experience of your life? 

For the best food in Bali that is comparable to Michelin Star food and 5-star restaurants from all over the world, you must visit Mozaic and have the dining experience of a lifetime!

What is the Michelin Star Restaurant Title?

To put it simply, Michelin Stars are a performance-rating system that grades and assesses numerous restaurants based on the quality of their food. This rating system is used by the Michelin Guide, a guide book that was developed in 1900 by the French tire company. This guide is one of the oldest restaurant reference guides, and they publish it on an annual basis.

The rating system comprises three awards, better known as "Michelin Stars" that are a symbol of excellence. Take a look at what the stars signify:

  • 1 Star – "A very good restaurant."
  • 2 Stars – "Excellent cooking that is worth a detour." 
  • 3 Stars – "Exceptional cuisine that is worth a special journey."

The Michelin Star Restaurant title tells you how many stars a particular restaurant has accumulated and allows you to create a distinction between different restaurants.

Why Is There No Michelin Star in Indonesia?

The fact that there are no Michelin Star restaurants in Indonesia is surprising, even though the country is home to some of the most amazing restaurants like Mozaic in Ubud that has spectacular, award-winning food. One can't deny that some of the best restaurants in Bali have the same quality of food as many 5-star restaurants from all over the world.

However, staying on the topic of no Michelin Star restaurants in Indonesia, there are a few main reasons for that. 

Disparities in Supply and Demand  

The first reason for the absence of Michelin Star in Indonesia is the fact that there aren't many top-level chefs, ingredients, or staff that are required to award the Michelin Star title to a restaurant. To add to that, the demand from the public is also not as high because dining in a Michelin Star restaurant is costly.

Socio-Economic Differences Between Classes   

Another reason is the difference in the socio-economic status of the classes in Indonesia, where people at the lower end can barely afford Michelin Star food. The cost of a single meal alone is enough to feed an entire family for several weeks.  

Non-Inclusion in the Michelin Guide 

Lastly, the Michelin Guide doesn't cover Indonesia and many other countries from all over the world, which is why there are no Michelin Stars in Indonesia.  

Mozaic Is Similar to a Michelin Star Restaurant in Indonesia

While there are no Michelin Star restaurants in Indonesia, Mozaic in Ubud inevitably hits the mark and has the potential to be awarded a Michelin Star. 

The restaurant is known for its award-winning food that is prepared by the most versatile and talented chefs who have the same level of talent and skill as any Michelin Star chef in the world. We boast the most dedicated culinary team in the whole of Asia that does their best to provide excited foodies with high-quality food coupled with an elegant garden setting.

Reasons Why We Think Mozaic Deserves a Michelin Star Restaurant Title

When you dine at Mozaic, you get to feel what we call "The Mozaic Experience" that is unlike any other culinary experience that you might have had in the past. You'll only have such an experience at one of the best restaurants in Bali. 

Michelin Star in Ubud: A Culinary Heaven 

At Mozaic, we take you through a mélange of different scents, sounds, and tastes that will make you feel like you're in culinary heaven. It's a beautiful multi-sensory food experience that will take you to a whole new world.

Picturesque and Delicious Go Hand-in-Hand 

One of our standout features is that we always try to include Mother Nature in our gastronomy affairs. With a glass of delectable wine in your hand, you can sit in our luxurious garden, sip away, and enjoy the wonders of nature.

The Best of Both Worlds 

A fusion of French cuisine with authentic and distinctive Indonesian flavors that brings you the best of both worlds is the reason why Mozaic is akin to a Michelin Star in Ubud or a Michelin Star in Jakarta. This beautiful union of two classic cuisines presents you with the highest-quality Michelin Star food. 

The Best Reviews Online 

Thanks to our wonderful diners that have eaten at our restaurant. We have received some of the best food reviews online. See for yourself with just one click and read all about how Mozaic is the closest thing to a Michelin Star in Bali.  

The Brains Behind the Restaurant 

Chris Salans, a brilliant chef and the owner of Mozaic, is the reason why Mozaic has managed to achieve the same level of quality as a Michelin star restaurant. He developed his style of cuisine at Mozaic and combined it with the most amazing flavors and ingredients of Indonesia.  

Reaching Mozaic from Inside and Outside Indonesia

If you wish to experience the ultimate culinary heaven in Mozaic, you must fly to Bali for an exotic holiday and the best scenic views of nature. From there, take a trip to the town of Ubud where you'll find our gorgeous-looking restaurant, among many other things.  

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