Try Our Unique Garden Setting Restaurant for the Most Romantic Dinner in Ubud



Try Our Unique Garden Setting Restaurant for the Most Romantic Dinner in Ubud

When you are looking for a romantic dinner in Ubud, our unique garden setting at Mozaic offers the perfect setting for an intimate meal as a couple. Ubud is a beautiful city, with many romantic spots that are just what you need for a cozy time together, whether it's a special occasion or you simply want to do something different any day of the year. If you want to feel like you're getting away from it all and enjoying some space to yourself without having to leave the city, our romantic restaurant in Ubud allows you to find some privacy and intimacy in this busy city.

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Romantic Garden Setting

Enjoy fine dining in Ubud at our romantic garden restaurant, and experience lunch or dinner in a leafy setting inspired by nature. Our garden dining offers you an alfresco experience that still maintains the privacy and intimacy that you're looking for in a unique dining experience. As you indulge yourself in our delicious menu, you will find yourself in a verdant and luxurious dining space, where you are shielded from the outside world but can still enjoy the essence of Ubud.

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Relax in a Secluded Outdoor Setting

We wouldn't be one of the best restaurants in Ubud if we didn't recognize that the dining experience is just as important as the food and drink on offer. We do everything that we can to offer an unforgettable dining experience to all of our diners, starting with the secluded outdoor setting of our garden restaurant. Our garden is the perfect place to treat yourself to a cocktail, celebrate something special with a romantic dinner for two and even enjoy the ultimate intimate dining experience in our private gazebo. Get away from it all in among the opulent surroundings of our incredible garden.

A Sensory Dining Experience

We have created a dining experience that stimulates all the senses, from the sights and sounds of our garden to the tastes and scents of the food and drinks on our menu. Every element of the experience that we offer at Mozaic has been carefully chosen to create a multi-sensory feast that makes us one of the best romantic restaurants in the city. Our attentive and dedicated staff help to deliver this high-quality experience to you, no matter your reason for choosing to dine with us.

Fine Dining in Ubud

Our menu is designed to give our diners a special dinner that's worthy of any occasion. Our fusion food combines the best of French cuisine with Indonesian flavors for an exciting and tantalizing selection of dishes. We put romance and passion into everything that we cook, making sure that all of our diners have a meal that doesn't just taste good but also creates a memorable experience for them. Turn your romantic meal into one that's full of adventure as you explore what our creative menu can offer you. We want to share our excitement and passion for food with you.

Romantic Lunch and Dinner

Come to Mozaic to enjoy either lunch or dinner for two when you're looking for a romantic restaurant in Ubud. Dinner is the perfect time to reserve a space at a private dining restaurant and really indulge in a romantic evening together. Every night, we welcome diners to make dinner at Mozaic their own and enjoy the warm evening air as the sun goes down. Our seasonal menu focuses on local produce from the Indonesian archipelago for delicious local flavors and unique dishes. There's nothing to stop you making your romantic meal a lunch date at the end of the week too, with lunch available Thursday to Sunday every week.

Wines and Pairings

For many people, a romantic dinner in Ubud just wouldn't be complete without the right wine to go with their food. Our extensive wine list is part of what makes us one of the best restaurants in Ubud, and our tasting menus offer intelligent wine pairing options to give you the best flavors for any dish. Our expert staff can help you to choose the perfect pairing for your meal, offering suggestions to match your choices. We're proud of our wine list, which forms an important part of the whole experience at Mozaic, and we strive to keep it diverse so that our diners have plenty of choices.

Celebrate Special Occasions

Consider Mozaic for your choice of romantic restaurant in Ubud if you're looking for anniversary dinner ideas, birthday surprises or just date night inspiration. A special dinner is just the thing to celebrate a special occasion, whether it's a yearly event or something one-off that you want to recognize with a night out. We're an award-winning restaurant, so you can really make your romantic dinner count, no matter how often you choose to dine with us. Join us for some of the best fine dining in Ubud to impress your love and create beautiful memories together.

Private Dining Restaurant Gazebo

For a truly intimate dining experience, our gazebo offers a secluded space for you to pull out all the stops. Let us pamper you for the evening, with all of the romantic elements that you could ask for, from rose petals to candlelight. We create the romantic ambiance that you're looking for, and you won't have to share the space with anyone else. Try it for one of your anniversary dinner ideas to treat someone you love to something special. You can take your time with the space to yourselves - perfect even for a proposal or another intimate moment.

Book your table at Mozaic to experience one of the most romantic restaurants in the city. We take care of all of our diners so that they have an experience that they will never forget. Our attentive, experienced and well-trained staff will lavish you with attention and make sure that you won't want for anything when you dine with us. Come and experience luxury dining in our garden setting restaurant for your next date night.