Have a Beautiful Anniversary with Romantic Dinner in Ubud



Have a Beautiful Anniversary with Romantic Dinner in Ubud

Every anniversary should be treated as a special occasion. It marks the opportunity for a couple to celebrate their love and to relive their wedding or other special occasions. There are many ways that a couple can choose to celebrate their big day, including a romantic dinner in Ubud, one of the most beautiful and memorable locations in Bali.

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Ubud is renowned for its ancient temples and royal palaces, its galleries and museums, and, of course, for its stunning natural beauty. When it comes to finding romantic things to do for your anniversary, Bali, and in particular Ubud, has much to offer.

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Enjoying a private romantic dinner at Mozaic can create the perfect ending to your beautiful day. We will ensure that every element of the dinner is just right.

Dine in the Best Restaurant in Ubud

At Mozaic, we have a stunning garden gazebo for a special romantic dinner in Ubud. Beautifully lit with candles and fairy lights, we will set the scene for your private romantic dinner. Our staff is not only professional, able to guide you on food and wine choices, but they're friendly and amenable, too. Expect service with a smile, but know that you will be left alone to enjoy your candlelight dinner for two. You'll even receive a bouquet of red roses to set the mood perfectly.

Fine Dining in Ubud

No matter how perfect the company, a candlelight dinner is only as good as the food and drinks that are served. Whether you opt for the Premium or Luxury package, you will be treated to a surprise menu with six or more courses. The food includes luxuries like Foie Gras and Black Truffle. All of our dishes are served with the best wine pairing, too, because what kind of dinner would be complete without a glass or two of champagne?

Perfect Wine

We couldn't claim to be the best restaurant in Bali if we ignored the importance of finding the right wine pairing. Our experienced sommelier has more than 15 years of experience, amassing a collection of 160 vintages, including no less than 20 Grand Crus. Don't worry if you are unsure of the ideal wine pairing; we can provide you with a winning combination every time.

Mozaic: The Best Restaurant in Bali

Even with unique dishes that marry traditional French and Indonesian cuisine, there has to be more to create the perfect romantic dinner in Ubud.

The Setting

Our elegant Ubud restaurant benefits from privacy and beauty. Enjoy the balmy evening weather, sip champagne, and taste exceptional food from our Chris Salans, who has trained in Michelin star restaurants, while eating under a tree-lined canopy. Alternatively, you can enjoy the stunning décor inside the restaurant, or if you want something extra special and even more romantic, opt for the corner gazebo.

Our friendly waiting staff will quietly serve your food so that you won't endure any interruptions. The gazebo is not only a popular location for a romantic dinner in Bali when celebrating an anniversary, but it is popular with newly-weds on their honeymoon and is a great spot to pop the special question.

Why Ubud?

There are plenty of places to enjoy a romantic dinner in Bali, and there are many romantic things to do in Bali. As well as visiting our incredible Ubud restaurant, you should take the time to visit the Monkey Forest, which is home to more than 700 macaques. It is considered a sacred spot, and there are several temples and other historical sites across the forest. 

If you want to get the ideal romantic holiday shots, then you should also take the time to visit the Tegallalang rice terrace, a backdrop crafted by the use of Bali's traditional irrigation system.

The Elephant Cave is an extensive cave system, and one of the country's most important archaeological sites. There's a Hindu temple as well as a courtyard that contains some of the most significant finds to have been discovered in the cave.

The Ubud Art Market offers visitors a chance to take home a traditional piece of Bali. The market regularly includes clothing, as well as items like scarves. You will also find a host of locally crafted goods, so whether you're shopping for a gift for your beloved, or you want to take some gifts home for friends and family, this is the ideal place to start your search.

Learn the Craft

We're sure you'll love Mozaic, offering stunning wine and fine dining in Ubud, and if you do, then what better way to continue to enjoy it than to learn how to cook some of the dishes that you tried? If your partner loves to cook, this could be the icing on the cake for their visit. The Workshop offers a fine dining lunch menu, and the chef will talk guests through each dish, allowing you to pick up some invaluable tips along the way.