Relaxed fine dining in Bali



Relaxed fine dining in Bali

Bali, especially Ubud, is known as the place for rest, relaxation and rejuvenation.

Yoga retreats, meditation, and clean eating are all orders of the day for many tourists who flock to Bali. Traditionally, fine dining would not make it onto the to-do list of most tourists.

Partly, this is because fine dining is not generally known for being a relaxed affair. Some people can find it stuffy and overbearing, preferring a more laid back approach to dining.

Although this stereotype can be all too accurate in other establishments, Balis premier fine dining restaurant Mozaic does things a little differently.

Fine Dining at Mozaic

Led by chef Chris Salans, the team at Mozaic has been at the forefront of cuisine in Bali for the last 20 years.

Aiming for Michelin star quality in the heart of picturesque Bali, the Mozaic team has perfected their craft. It can offer you a world-class dining experience that would not be out of place in any major city.

Far from holding firm to all of the traditions of European fine dining, Chef Salans has taken the very best from his classical training and the inspiration of the restaurants Balinese setting to create a unique and relaxing fine dining experience.

World-Class Technique With Local Ingredients

Combining classical techniques with local ingredients, the team at Mozaic has crafted a truly unique dining experience.

Bali is a paradise, where tropical fruits and vegetables are abundant, and high-quality seafood is fresh and readily available. In addition to this, Balinese has a long tradition of using spice expertly to make dishes with a big impact.

Tapping into this rich source of fresh produce and a traditional mix of spices along with their traditional training, Chef Salans and his team make unique seasonal menus.

These unique fusion dishes showcase the best of European technique and Balinese flavour and are a departure from the classic fine dining dishes you typically encounter elsewhere.

A Beautiful and Relaxing Setting

To accompany their expertly crafted fine dining dishes, the Mozaic team has created a beautiful, relaxed dining area for your enjoyment.

Making the most of Bali’s natural beauty, the sounds, sights and smells of the Balinese rainforest are the inspirations for Mozaic’s intimate outdoor dining area.

Choosing not to rely heavily on man-made decoration, nature provides the backdrop for your dining experience at Mozaic.

Friendly, Personalized Service

To match the intimate, natural setting for your meal, the Mozaic front of house team will offer you a high level of friendly, personalized service.

The highly trained staff will make you feel at home at Mozaic, where time will just slip by unnoticed as you enjoy amazing food in an even more amazing setting.

The Mozaic staff are more than prepared to cater to your personal needs during your visit and will do all they can to make you comfortable.

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