Indulge Yourself with Michelin Star Quality Food at Mozaic

Indulge Yourself with Michelin Star Quality Food at Mozaic

When dining out, a mark of quality that many of us know well is the Michelin Star award. However, you won’t find a Michelin star restaurant in Bali because it simply doesn’t exist. Though, that’s not to say that you won’t find a five-star restaurant in the whole of Indonesia. In fact, there are plenty of places to get the same quality as Michelin star food at restaurants such as Mozaic.

Learn more about the Mozaic dining experience and see what’s on the menu.

Mixing Modern European Techniques with Seasonal Indonesian Ingredients

When people think of Indonesia, they think of the street food, but there’s an evolving foodie scene that has popularized fine dining in Ubud. Mozaic is the first Indonesian restaurant to be awarded membership in Les Grande Table du Monde, a club of exclusive restaurants that are capable of providing some of the finest dining experiences available in the world. If you’re looking for a Michelin star restaurant in Ubud, then Mozaic is the closest thing, delivering a world-class dining experience that will surprise even the most seasoned fine diners.

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The Finest in Ubud

If you’re searching for fine dining in Ubud then Mozaic is arguably the best restaurant in Bali to visit. When dining with Mozaic, you’ll experience an intense gastronomic experience that merges some of the finest seasonal ingredients from Indonesia with modern European techniques by head chef Blake Thornley. Experience quality Michelin star food in one of the most reputable restaurants in the whole of Indonesia.

Not only does Mozaic offer a wonderful traditional dining experience, but we also provide a Chef’s Table experience that is open to the public. Each dish is made in front of you by our experienced and passionate chefs and you can watch as the magic unfolds in front of you. You’ll even have the opportunity to converse in private with our award-winning chefs.

Quality of a Michelin Star Restaurant

As the first Indonesian restaurant to be awarded membership in Les Grande Table du Monde, Mozaic is proud to be the best restaurant in Bali for fine dining that merges modern European cooking techniques with fresh Indonesian ingredients that are sourced locally. The heart of Mozaic is in the food and cooking techniques used which is why we put so much passion and dedication into perfecting every dish on our menu.

Our very own Michelin star chef Blake Thornley has traveled the world in search of the finest cooking techniques and amassing culinary experience, and the menu at Mozaic shows the fruits of his labor. He combines technically challenging world-class European cooking techniques with Indonesian condiments ingredients that give Mozaic its unique atmosphere and taste. Mozaic is a unique dining experience that has achieved numerous awards and it’s a restaurant worth taking a holiday for.

A Multisensory Experience That Will Tantalize Your Senses

Here at Mozaic, we believe in focusing on every single aspect of our restaurant that can contribute to your multisensory experience. Even though you won’t find a Michelin restaurant in Ubud, Mozaic does a great job of providing a holistic dining experience from the moment you walk through our doors to the end of the night. So if you want to experience a Michelin star restaurant in Ubud, Mozaic is the only restaurant that will not just match your expectations, but exceed them with an unforgettable dining experience.

A Gorgeous Garden Bar to Start Your Dining Experience

Allow our mixologists to prepare you a refreshing drink to start your dining experience, or perhaps you’d like to enjoy an aperitif before you sit down to dine with us. Our garden bar has been designed from the ground up to ease our diners into the atmosphere at Mozaic. This is all for the sake of intensifying your dining experience at Mozaic and bringing it to a new level. You won’t find service like this in regular restaurants in Bali, and only five-star restaurant experiences such as Mozaic can offer it.

Mixing French Passions with Indonesian Flavours

Our fusion cuisine has been developed by renowned Michelin star chef Chris Salans who created Mozaic in 2001. By mixing unique Indonesian flavors that can be found around the country with his modern French cooking techniques, Chef Salans has created a unique menu that defines what Mozaic is and continue to be with Chef Blake. From the entree to the dessert at the end, our dishes fuse the exotic tastes that you can find only in Indonesia with preparation and cooking techniques that are used in the world’s most prestigious restaurants. If you’re looking for a Michelin restaurant in Ubud that can surprise your taste buds and excite your senses, then look no further than Mozaic.

An Ever-Evolving Menu Focused on Seasonal Ingredients

One of the most amazing things about dining in Indonesia is the ease of access to quality local produce. Nowhere else in the world can you find such a diverse collection of exotic ingredients and Mozaic is proud to offer dishes that would be equivalent or even greater than what a Michelin restaurant in Bali could potentially offer. Chef Thornley is no stranger to the diverse selection of produce available in Ubud and frequently changes the menu to coincide with fresh seasonal ingredients to offer our diners an ever-evolving culinary experience.

Fine Dining at Mozaic Awaits You

Mozaic is without a doubt the closest thing to a  Michelin restaurant in Bali. With five-star quality dishes, an unbeatable atmosphere and a passionate Michelin star chef leading the kitchen, it’s arguably one of the best dining experiences in the whole of Bali. Whether you’re in the mood for a luxurious lunch with business clients or a romantic dinner with your partner, Mozaic can provide a range of dining experiences to suits your preferences.

With such attention to detail and a heavy emphasis on the high quality of produce available to us, Mozaic goes above and beyond what any Michelin star restaurant in Bali could offer. We invite you to visit us no matter if you’re in Bali for a holiday or for business. Allow us to provide you with a memorable and delicious dining experience that will dazzle your senses.