Healthy Michelin Star Worthy Fine Dining in Bali



Healthy Michelin Star Worthy Dining in Bali

Next time you are in Ubud looking for a delicious and healthy meal, you need not look any further than Mozaic. Fine dining is often distinguished by its richness, prioritizing flavour over health concerns.

While it is true that many traditional European style fine dining dishes are incredibly unhealthy (and tasty), Mozaic is not your typical establishment.

Under the leadership of chef Chris Salans, Mozaic aims to be different. While paying homage to traditional dishes and techniques, the highly skilled team at Mozaic finds inspiration in the beautiful nature of Ubud when creating the menu.

When you are surrounded by natural beauty and a bounty of natural, fresh and healthy ingredients, it is impossible not to think and cook healthier!

Locally Sourced and Organic Ingredients

The first essential component of any healthy meal is the right ingredients. The Mozaic team are lucky to be in a beautiful setting abundant in high quality, organically grown ingredients.

The volcanic soils of Bali a rich and fertile, with local farmers producing beautiful, high quality produce year-round.

Mozaic works directly with the best local producers to source ethical and organic ingredients for their many exciting fusion dishes. You will surely taste the freshness and quality with every bite.

Combined with these top local ingredients, Mozaic also imports a range of fresh, high-quality ingredients that would otherwise be impossible to source locally.

Combined with local flavours, these export quality ingredients take on new dimensions and highlight the skill and passion of our chefs.

By carefully curating all of its produce, Mozaic ensures that everything it serves is fresh and healthy.

Michelin Star Quality

Good ingredients mean nothing without the skill and passion for creating delicious and healthy dishes.

Bali may not have a Michelin starred restaurant just yet, but the team at Mozaic strives for Michelin-level quality daily.

The Mozaic team have a high degree of attention to detail and world-class ingredients. This passion is channelled into a seasonal menu that takes full advantage of local produce and flavours.

Health does not take a back seat either. Many local Balinese dishes are inherently healthy, and by fusing these techniques and flavours with traditional style, Chef Chris Salans creates healthy fine dining dishes at the Michelin star level.

Options for all Dietary Needs

Many people come to Ubud to work on their personal health and fitness, and the Mozaic team reflect this in their seasonal menu, which caters to a full range of dietary needs and requirements.

Some fine dining establishments can be uncompromising in catering to dietary needs, but the Mozaic team is committed to satisfying the needs of all its customers and assisting them to have a healthy fine dining experience.

The Mozaic menu contains options for a wide range of dietary needs, and additional modifications can be made upon request.

Book a Table at Mozaic for a Healthy Fine Dining Experience

If you have been searching for a healthy fine dining experience, look no further than Mozaic. Chef Chris Salans and his team have created a Michelin level fine dining experience that offers healthy food right here in Ubud.

In our relaxing outdoor dining area, surrounded by nature, you will experience the very best of international and local cuisine.  Book a table now and taste the difference for yourself.