Don't Miss The Experience of Fine Dining in Ubud with Mozaic

Don't Miss The Experience of Fine Dining in Ubud with Mozaic

If you’re planning a trip to Bali, and you’re looking for something spectacular, don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy a unique fine dining experience in Ubud. Mozaic is arguably the most famous gastronomy restaurant in Bali, and it’s not hard to see why. Treating guests to a culinary voyage of discovery, which exceeds expectations and treats all the senses, Mozaic is so much more than just a five-star restaurant.

Learn more about the Mozaic dining experience and see what’s on the menu.

The Mozaic Menu

If you’re taking a break in Ubud, you’re probably looking forward to seeing the sights and indulging your taste buds, and there’s no better place to do this than Mozaic. The Mozaic menu is designed to celebrate local cuisine and educate visitors all about the wonders of Balinese food and culture. Open for lunch and dinner, our chefs have worked tirelessly to create dynamic, intriguing menus, which showcase fresh produce, traditional delicacies and creative flavours and cooking techniques. We invite our guests to enjoy the full fine dining in Ubud experience and to take their time to digest and savour every morsel. We recommend devoting at least 90 minutes to every meal to get the best out of this incredible, once in a lifetime fine dining experience. Our lunchtime menu is a 3 course curated by our chef, Blake Thornley, to combine local flavours with a modern, Western twist. The dinner menu is more extensive and features two tasting menus, one of which is geared towards vegetarian visitors. Each menu boasts a tantalising array of amuse-bouches that treats diners to a beguiling selection of the best food in Ubud.

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What to Expect When You Dine at Mozaic

If you’re looking for a fancy restaurant for a special occasion, or you’re searching for a gastronomy restaurant in Bali to really get a sense of the role food plays within Balinese culture, Mozaic will not disappoint. The first thing you’ll notice is the decor and styling. Drenched in natural light with a fresh and vibrant feel, Mozaic offers al fresco dining in an elegant setting. Guests can choose from a range of dining experiences, including the opportunity to enjoy an exclusive, romantic meal in a private gazebo. Those interested in the work that goes into every individual plate can take a seat at our Chef’s Table, while those looking to relax with a well-earned drink can raise a glass in the luxurious, laid-back Tipple Room before moving through to the Dining Room. Mozaic’s relaxed vibe is a perfect match for those looking to enjoy fine dining in Ubud in a tranquil, inviting setting.

The Mozaic story

A shining symbol of fine dining in Bali, Mozaic enchants visitors with its scintillating array of fresh ingredients and zesty flavours. Based on the Cuisine du Marche philosophy, the team of dedicated, creative, experimental chefs is keen to celebrate local produce and connect diners with seasonal foods that are bursting with flavour. Using modern techniques, European flair and a unique insight into what works on a plate, the Mozaic team produces plates that intrigue and captivate the eyes and nose, as well as the mouth. At Mozaic, we’re very proud of the dishes we create, and we’re also keen to share our love of food and wine with visitors. We host cooking classes, and our team is always on hand to answer questions about the menu and provide recommendations.

The Best Food in Ubud

Are you looking for the best example of fine dining in Bali? Are you hoping to round off your holiday in style, or are you celebrating an anniversary or a landmark birthday? If you want to push the boat out, and you’re searching for a fine dining restaurant with a difference, why not take a look at Mozaic’s menus and book a table? Mozaic has won a host of national and international awards, and this fancy restaurant is known for its ambience and unique customer experience, as well as its gourmet dishes and impressive wine list.

Food and Drink at Mozaic

Mozaic offers a wide range of food and drinks, and the menu is very much focused on seasonal fayre. Guests are invited to enjoy a selection of small dishes as part of a diverse tasting menu that covers every course. Menus vary according to the season, but on a sample menu, you can explore everything from fish, seafood and succulent beef and lamb to refreshing sorbet and decadent dessert. To accompany your dinner, you can choose from a veritable feast of tipples, including an extensive list of wines, tropical cocktails, spirits, and thirst-quenching mocktails. Our Tipple Room serves every drink under the sun in addition to some tasty small bites.

Celebrating in Style at Mozaic

There’s no better way to celebrate than enjoying a sumptuous feast at the best restaurant in Bali. Mozaic is not only praised for its food and drinks. A popular fine dining restaurant, it also offers a host of dining experiences, which make it the ideal base to get together with friends or family or enjoy an intimate dinner with your other half. From the spacious, airy outdoor dining area to the romantic private gazebo, Mozaic can cater for every occasion, and our team will always go the extra mile to make your day or night unforgettable. If you’re looking for the best food in Ubud, we promise you won’t be disappointed. If you’re interested in the Mozaic story, you’re passionate about food, or you’re keen to hone your culinary skills, we also recommend a trip to the workshop. This is where we host private dinners at our five-star restaurant here. Bali is a paradise island that has so much to offer. If you’re looking to sample the local cuisine, try new flavours, and treat your taste buds to unique dishes that combine Balinese delicacies with European flair, why not get in touch and reserve a table? Whether you fancy a vibrant, fruity cocktail, a refreshing light lunch or a fine dining experience that will leave you breathless, Mozaic will deliver. Why not make your booking at the best restaurant in Bali today?

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