Christmas & New Year's Eve Dinner in Ubud Bali



Christmas & New Year's Eve Dinner in Ubud Bali

Celebrate Christmas and New Year with Mozaic

The holiday is fast approaching, and the team at Mozaic has been hard at work developing two amazing holiday events.

If you have been looking for the perfect way to spend this Christmas and New Year in style, then look no further than these special events by Mozaic.

These fantastic events combine the fine dining you have come to expect from Mozaic with exciting themes and decorations. There is no better way to get into the holiday spirit!


Christmas Events at Mozaic

To help you celebrate Christmas with your friends or family, Mozaic has multiple dining options available. Because Christmas is a dazzling time of year, the dining hall will be specially decorated in sparkling gold and silver decorations.

The celebrations will start with a dinner on Christmas Eve and continue on Christmas day with both a lunch and dinner sitting.

The drinks and dishes on the special tasting menu will incorporate sparkling ingredients to match the gold and silver decorations in the main dining room. The food menu will focus on traditional Christmas ingredients such as Oysters, salmon, lobster, caviar, pork, foie gras, venison, eggnog, chocolate eggs but chef Chris Salans will put his special twist on things to make the experience unique and exciting.

You will have the choice of the six-course menu for 950.000++ per person or the eight-course menu for 1.350.000++ per person.

This is set to be a popular way to celebrate Christmas, so be sure to secure your place today!


New Year’s Eve at Mozaic

Ring in the new year in style with Mozaic’s “Back To The Future” themed New Years Eve event! This event is inspired by the world emerging from the pandemic and looking positively to the future with hope.

Decorations for this event will provide a contrast between the past and the future with a strong 80’s vibe. This will be the perfect backdrop for you and your loved ones to reflect on the year that has been while looking forward to the year ahead with excitement.

The menu will be a composition of dishes from the past from the present and from the future so the guests can see the evolution of Mozaic since its birth.We’re also excited to present the next evolutionary step of the food at Mozaic which we have planned during the pandemic and are now ready to implement and share with all of our guests at Mozaic

You will have the choice of the six-course menu for 1.100.000++ per person or the eight-course menu for 1.500.000++ per person.

We look forward to welcoming you to Mozaic to celebrate New Year’s Eve, but places will be limited, so be sure to reserve your seat for what promises to be a great evening.