6 things to know about fine dining



6 things to know about fine dining

Every restaurant specializing in fine dining is unique - after all, you’re there for an experience that stands out. The modern fine dining experience doesn’t have to follow the traditional way of doing things, and top restaurants offer a diverse medley of new and exciting concepts, atmospheres and cuisines.

However, there are still some things that remain unchanged about the fine dining experience. To reach this highly coveted status, there still are standards that need to be met. Characteristics that get you there, are things like close attention to detail, superb execution, and high standards of service. Here’s our list of traditional fine dining characteristics that we value and want to nurture here at Mozaic Bali.

Exceptional service

No matter what concept or cuisine a fine dining restaurant is going for, servers will be at the heart of the experience. A great server is thoroughly educated on the menu, and can give recommendations tailored to every guest's needs. Knowledge and expertise isn’t enough though. Servers are also required to read the guests and be able to create an atmosphere of ease. They know when to make a joke, are there with you when you need guidance, while knowing when to be absent and give the guests the space they need to enjoy the experience to the fullest.

Most servers are experts not only in the food menu but the drinks too. They’ll know the best wine pairings and can describe the flavours of complicated craft cocktails to make sure you’re getting the most out of your fine dining experience.

As you can imagine, learning all this takes time and these kinds of establishments don’t hire beginners; everyone you’ll meet is a top tier professional and great at what they do. You’re after all paying for excellence.

Mozaic's atmospheric garden
Attention to detail

The best fine dining restaurants are absolutely meticulous about every single detail of their guests’ experience at the restaurant. And we’re not just talking about the music or mood lighting. The mood is set one little step at a time starting at how guests are greeted, what the room smells like, what the place setting looks like to what kind of art is on display.

A lot of restaurants have custom created items specifically made to fit together seamlessly so that starting from the moment they walk in until you leave, everything flows subtly and effortlessly. When it comes to the world of fine dining, no detail is too small to pay attention to.

Unique guest experience

When you’re going to a fine dining establishment, you're getting way more than just the excellent food. When you walk into the restaurant you’re in for a distinctive and unique experience that is clearly elevated from everyday life and everything mundane. Most restaurants of this caliber are great at catering for their patrons in different ways like providing the services of an award winning sommelier or coming up with other high level services that others can’t provide. They’re truly passionate about facilitating a fantastic experience that can't be replicated elsewhere.

Fine dining restaurants are also known for not wanting to compromise the flavours of the dishes and beverages served; this means changing the glasses, crockery and cutlery between courses.

Renowned chef

While the atmosphere and service are hugely important characteristics of fine dining restaurants, what’s at the core is always the food. Fine dining level chefs are few and far between. It takes not only natural talent but also dedication and hours upon hours of grueling hard work. Most chefs never make it. This means that when fine dining restaurants are mentioned, also the head chefs are mentioned. They have created their own brand of cuisine that attracts admirers from near and far.

Mozaic’s head chef Chris Salans was classically trained in French Michelin star restaurants before he founded Mozaic where he combines the traditions of French cuisine with fresh Balinese flavours creating something special and new.

Top quality wines and cocktails

Food might be the main attraction in a fine dining restaurant, but drinks are a supporting act you don’t want to miss. Restaurants operating on this level have carefully crafted wine lists that create the perfect union with the menu. Even if you’re a non-drinker, the staff can always recommend a pairing to elevate your dining experience to the next level.

You’ll probably want to make a reservation

Fine dining restaurants normally have a limited amount of space, and they don’t want to overwhelm the servers or the kitchen at any point. This means reservations are encouraged and a lot of the times it’s impossible to get a table without one. To take the stress out of the equation, make a booking!

If you’re interested in fine dining Bali  you can make a reservation for Mozaic by emailing us at   reservations@mozaic-bali.com or calling (0361)975768. We look forward to seeing you!