The Best Place to Eat in Ubud



The Best Place To Eat In Ubud

Claiming to be the best place to eat in Ubud is bold. There are countless amazing places to dine in the area, all with their unique attraction.

However, Mozaic in Ubud comes out ahead of the crow with all factors considered. Owner and Chef Chris Salans and his highly skilled team have created the best dining experience in Ubud.

Let’s take a look at exactly what makes Mozaic a must visit if you find yourself in Ubud. 

High Class Service

An amazing dining experience begins from the moment you arrive at Mozaic, with the highly trained and experienced front of house staff ready to help you feel at home.

Much like the cuisine at Mozaic, there is a fusion of international and local when it comes to your overall dining experience.

The staff at Mozaic take the best of international hospitality practices and combine this with the natural openness and friendliness of Ubud to give you a truly unique dining experience.

A Beautiful Setting

When dining out, we engage all of our senses, making the setting of your meal an important factor. The Mozaic team have created a range of stunning seating options for you to choose from.

You can choose between the air conditioned main dining room, the outdoor herb garden or the secluded and romantic gazebo when booking a table at Mozaic.

Wherever you are seated, you will be made comfortable by Mozaic staff and be free to immerse yourself in the fine dining experience.

A Fusion of Local and International

Chef Chris Salans brings a wealth of international training and experience to the table when creating stunning new dishes at Mozaic and takes great inspiration from the local setting.

The highly skilled team combines the best high-quality international ingredients with fresh and seasonal local produce.

This fusion of local flavours with traditional fine dining dishes and techniques leads to a truly unique dining experience that is emblematic of Ubud itself.

A True Fine Dining Experience

Combined, each of the factors above creates the best fine dining experience in Ubud. With great service and high-quality, innovative cuisine, you will want more.

If you want to experience Mozaic for yourself, make a booking today.