Fine dining in Indonesia: The Ingredients

Fine dining in Indonesia: The Ingredients

Indonesian restaurants may not have received the international recognition of Michelin stars, but this does not take away from the amazing dining experience that they offer.

In fact, you could consider Indonesian and Balinese fusion as a real hidden gem in the culinary landscape. Dining in Bali, you have access to some of the highest quality ingredients, prepared by world-class chefs in stunning surroundings.

This unique and exquisite fine dining experience leverages the skill of these chefs and the beautiful produce available locally to fuse local and international styles in new and inventive ways.

Let’s explore just some of the amazing ingredients available in Bali and how they are used to bring a world-class dining experience to you.

Tropical Fruits

Any fine dining menu in Indonesia is going to feature tropical fruits due to their availability and high quality.

Straddling the equator, Indonesia has an abundance of tropical fruits that grow year-round. This ideal climate, combined with fertile soil and sustainable growing practices result in flavourful and high-quality fruits.

These are certainly not the tired, imported fruits you might find in a European or North American supermarket!

Picked fresh and ripe and quickly delivered to our expert chefs, the flavour of fruits provide a tropical twist to dishes in often surprising ways.

Used alongside both local and international ingredients, these high-quality fruits form an integral part of our innovative fusion cuisine.

Fresh Local Seafood

As a nation of islands, the sea is a constant feature of Indonesian and Balinese life.

The bounty of the sea is a common feature on local menus due to its high quality and abundance.

When it comes to seafood, freshness is one of the best ways to maintain high quality and flavour. The ability to bring local seafood from the boat to your plate in the shortest time possible means Bali is the perfect location to sample the best that Indonesia has to offer.

Based on seasonal availability, menus using seafood highlight the quality and freshness of the ingredients with both local and international flavours.

Nutritious Organic Vegetables

The rich volcanic soils of Bali offer the perfect conditions for growing the nutritious, high quality, organic vegetables necessary for a true fine dining experience.

Gone are the days of the humble vegetable as an addition or afterthought on a dish.

Vegetables are now commonly becoming the centrepiece of the dish as more chefs and diners begin to value the unique flavours and textures that they have to offer.

Our chefs choose only the highest quality vegetables that are grown locally in sustainable conditions.

This freshness preserves the true nature of the vegetable and means that you get to experience them when their taste and flavour are at a peak.

Unique Indonesian Ingredients

A defining feature of Indonesian fusion cuisine is the use of uncommon and interesting local ingredients that introduce complex and unexpected flavours to a dish.

Being such a large and diverse archipelago, Indonesia is home to countless tropical ingredients that you have likely never even heard of.

Our chefs are constantly experimenting, looking for the most interesting flavour combinations to bring to your plate.

Some of the interesting local ingredients you could encounter include Calamansi, Kenari Nuts, Kemangi, Belimbing Wuluh and many more.

The use of local ingredients is based on seasonal shifts in the availability and aims to bring interesting and unique Indonesian flavours that you may not otherwise encounter.

High-Quality Imported Ingredients

Paired with amazing local ingredients, imported ingredients of the highest quality also form an integral part of Indonesian fine dining menus.

As an international tourism hub, Bali has unprecedented access to top quality imported products that can be brought in fresh on a regular basis.

Seafood from the Atlantic and Sea of Japan and game meats such as venison which is not indigenous to Indonesia can still be commonly found on Balinese fine dining menus.

As export quality products, these ingredients are of uniformly high quality and offer unrivalled flavour when combined with the best of local ingredients.

Lobster, Caviar & Balinese Basa Gede - Fusing the Best of Local and Global

One of the real joys of cooking in Indonesia and Bali is the ability to fuse the very best of local and global ingredients.

Indonesian cuisine is amazingly diverse and has many unique and interesting flavours to explore.

Learning about local flavours and distilling them to their essence allows them to be combined with ingredients and flavours from around the globe in order to create something unique.

Our head chef Chris Salans and his team are constantly experimenting with and discovering new flavour combinations designed to delight and excite.

When you try an Indonesian fusion dish at Mozaic, you are sampling the end result of months or years of experimentation and fine-tuning.

Every dish that comes out of the Mozaic kitchen is crafted with the perfect dining experience in mind.

Local flavours and ingredients are combined with the very best of global produce and presented to you in a modern, Western-style.

There is simply no better place in Bali to experience the best of Indonesian fusion cuisine. Book a table now and join Chef Chris Salans and his team for lunch or dinner.

Four, six and eight-course tasting menus are available, along with a wine pairing.