Why You Need To Visit Mozaic, Bali's Best Gastronomy Restaurant



Why You Need To Visit Mozaic, Bali's Best Gastronomy Restaurant

An award-winning winning gastronomy restaurant in Bali, Mozaic provides an idyllic base for a celebratory dinner, a catch up with friends or an intimate fine dining experience with a loved one. If you’re holidaying in Bali or you’re visiting Ubud, there’s no better way to treat your senses to an exploration of gastronomic food in Bali than booking a table at Mozaic.

Learn more about the Mozaic dining experience and see what’s on the menu.

Why You Need to Visit Mozaic

Many people have an interest in gastronomic cuisine, and it’s always thrilling to explore new flavours and ways of creating and presenting dishes when you’re in a new place. Mozaic is not your average fine dining restaurant. It takes visitors on a unique journey, celebrating the best local produce and adding a Western twist to create dishes that jump off the plate and tease the taste buds. At Mozaic, we’re passionate about the ingredients we use, and we combine old and new methods to put a fresh spin on classic flavours and all-time favourites. We want our guests to enjoy every last morsel, but we also want to teach them about gastronomy food in Bali and provide a fine dining experience in Ubud with a difference.

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Mozaic Food

Mozaic’s menu is a celebration of seasonal produce and it combines classic flavour combinations with cutting-edge creativity and French flair. The food we produce is designed to smell and taste incredible, but our chefs also devote a lot of time and effort to presentation. Every plate you receive will look beautiful. We focus on elegance and simplicity with a touch of opulence to showcase the ingredients in all their glory. We serve lunch and dinner tasting menus, and we strongly encourage our guests to set aside plenty of time to enjoy every course. Our tasting menus boast an array of dishes, from light, fresh salads packed with locally-produced vegetables to hearty meat dishes and fresh fish and seafood. The menu is finished off perfectly with desserts that cleanse and refresh the palate before delivering a decadent, rich hit of sweetness. Mozaic food combines Balinese ingredients with modern French techniques, bringing molecular cuisine to visitors in a relaxed, serene setting.

Mozaic Drinks

Mozaic is a leading gastronomy restaurant in Bali, but it’s not just the food the receives rave reviews. Guests can also enjoy a mouthwatering selection of exotic cocktails and there’s a wine list to rival any fine dining restaurant in the world. Mr. Cok Senajaya, our director of wines, has curated a scintillating collection of more than 150 wines to provide every diner with a host of alluring options. We can match wines to gastronomy food, and our team is always on hand to provide recommendations and tips. We offer drinks at the table, as well as from the bar in the lounge. The lounge is a relaxed, laid-back spot to grab a drink, enjoy some snacks and catch up with friends before embarking upon the main event: an epic voyage into the world of molecular gastronomy. For non-drinkers, there’s a dazzling selection of fresh juices and virgin cocktails available.

Dining Experiences at Mozaic

When you visit Mozaic, you have a choice of fine dining experiences open to you. You can raise a glass in the informal, cosy lounge, you can book a table in the vibrant al fresco dining area, you can treat yourself to a unique educational experience at chef’s table, or you can enjoy and embrace the romance of an intimate molecular gastronomy feast for two in a private gazebo. We also have a private dining room available for groups. Chef’s table provides a fascinating insight into molecular cuisine and guests get to see the chefs in action, preparing every plate with maximum precision and a healthy dose of creativity to boot. The gazebo experience is an extraordinary way to explore gastronomic food in Bali. The tent, which is set in a secluded corner of the tranquil garden, is decorated with rose petals and candles to set the tone for a truly memorable fine dining experience.

Learning About Gastronomy in Bali

It’s not uncommon for visitors who have heard of Mozaic and those who have dined at our fine dining restaurant before to be intrigued and enthralled by the gastronomic cuisine we produce. If you’re interested in modern cooking techniques, you’re eager to learn about gastronomy in Bali, or you’re passionate about food, we provide cooking classes for amateurs and professionals in our workshop. Our chefs will guide you through both traditional and modern cooking techniques, talk to you about the different ingredients we use throughout the year and help you develop your skills and your understanding of gastronomic food in Bali. If you don’t have time to take a class, but you have questions about the menu or you’re keen to learn more about specific ingredients, don’t hesitate to ask. Our team is highly-trained and will be delighted to give you information about the Mozaic menu.

Why Choose Mozaic?

Mozaic has been nominated for all kinds of awards both nationally and internationally, and it is widely regarded as one of Bali’s best fine dining restaurants. We have worked tirelessly to provide our guests with a dining experience that will enchant all the senses and provide memories to last a lifetime. Dining at this gastronomy restaurant in Bali isn’t just about sitting at a table and enjoying delicious plates of food. It’s about taking a trip around the island, embracing different flavours and techniques, lighting up when you see the plate in front of your eyes and feeling relaxed and content in a setting that is calm, soothing, and uplifting. Whether you’re celebrating something special or you’re simply looking for a restaurant that offers something new and different in Ubud, you won’t be disappointed.

What can I Expect?

If you’re thinking of booking a table at Mozaic, you can expect a lively but friendly and laid-back atmosphere, elegant, sophisticated decor, fresh, vibrant flavours and a creative twist on Balinese and French cuisine.

If you’re visiting Bali, you need to visit Mozaic! Why not call and reserve a table today?