Spending Valentine’s Day in Bali is already a phenomenal experience. But, if you want to make the day extra special, then it helps to find the best romantic restaurant in Ubud. Ideally, you want somewhere that can offer a delicious meal to satisfy your tastes and a cozy atmosphere that’s fit for the occasion.

At Mozaic Restaurant, we offer this – and so much more. If you’re looking for a romantic dinner in Ubud, then there’s just no other choice!

Learn more about the Mozaic dining experience and see what’s on the menu.

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Dinner

We pride ourselves on being able to cater to any event or occasion. We want to deliver a truly special dinner for the perfect date night in Ubud. As such, we take so many different aspects of our service into consideration.

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A Private Dining Experience

There are few things worse than trying to enjoy a romantic dinner for two while crammed into a jam-packed restaurant. Unfortunately, this is the reality for loads of couples that are trying to find a romantic restaurant in Ubud. Everywhere gets booked out fast, meaning you’re almost shoulder to shoulder with everyone else.

At Mozaic, we offer a unique private dining experience in one of our glorious gazebos. They help create the ultimate romantic setting for an exclusive romantic dinner that’ll set your Valentine’s Day alight. There are stunning silk curtains, soft lighting, a scattering of flower petals, and the best food money can buy. You get all of this in the surroundings of a tropical garden that immerses you in the natural beauty of Bali.

Perfect Food Paired With Worldwide Wines

The food you eat is clearly a significant part of the best romantic dinner in Ubud. Our chefs use their culinary expertise to deliver a taste of romance in every single bite. We combine traditional Indonesian foods and ingredients with a French twist. It’s something our restaurants if built around, and it’s a vital part of what makes us such a great restaurant.

You’ll struggle to find a more romantic place on earth than France, and we adopt key aspects of the culture into our food. It all comes from our head chef and his upbringing in Paris. We use French cooking techniques and presentation methods to develop a Valentine’s day special. Every item on the menu is carefully and freshly prepared by our chefs in the nearby kitchen. Such is their commitment to gorgeous food that they’re even willing to pop to your table and talk you through any dishes and how they’re prepared.

To make things even tastier, our Valentine’s day dinner can be paired with numerous wines from around the world. But, these aren’t just any old wine; they’re carefully sourced from some of the best places across the globe. Our wine list has been recognized for its sublime diversity and bold flavors – so much so that we’ve even been given awards for it! Have a sip of a luxurious wine while enjoying a bite of pure Balinese brilliance.

A Service To Savour

The staff at Mozaic are here to ensure you have the most special dinner imaginable. While every single member of the team is always nearby to help out, they’re far from intrusive. It can really ruin the atmosphere of a romantic date when the waiting staff are always buzzing around trying to but in and clear plates or push menus in front of your faces.

Instead, our staff gives you all the space you need while enjoying the private dining experience in our beautiful gazebos. It lets you immerse yourself in the food and the surroundings, so you feel more comfortable and more at ease while you dine. You can relax and enjoy a Valentine’s day special – the likes of which you won’t find anywhere else.

But, if you ever need anything – no matter how significant – you can always call over one of our staff members to tend to your needs. They will bring more wine, more flowers, or do anything they can to make your romantic dinner for two the best it can possibly be.

An After Dinner Experience

Mozaic Restaurant loves to provide guests with a date night in Ubud that goes above and beyond all expectations. When you go out for dinner with a loved one, the experience doesn’t begin and end with the meal itself. You like to enjoy a little bit of entertainment before and after – and we can offer this in abundance. We have everything in our restaurant to keep your romantic date going long into the night as you digest your delicious treats.

Enjoy Drinks In The Lounge

The Lounge is a special part of our restaurant that’s usually reserved for after dinner entertainment and drinks. It’s fully air-conditioned, meaning you can sit back in one of the comfortable chairs and sofas with a fully-stocked drinks trolley. There’s incredible art on the walls, silk carpet on the floors, and a host of additional things to eat if you’re still peckish.

Our team of mixologists has put together a cocktail menu that will add an extra bit of spice to your date night in Ubud. You have all the classics, along with some of our signature offerings like Spice Breeze and Mozaic Crush.

Experience An Award-Winning Romantic Dinner At Mozaics

Mozaic Restaurant is seen as one of the most sought-after restaurants in Ubud. With our intriguing combination of Indonesian flavors and French cooking styles, we bring a menu that’s won numerous awards. We’re the first ever restaurant in Southeast Asia to be recognized by Les Grandes Tables Du Monde, joining an extremely exclusive list of top class eateries.

If you’re looking for the most romantic restaurant in Ubud for your Valentine’s day dinner, then give us a call to book a reservation now. We strongly advise you book as early as possible, so you secure a special dinner in one of our private dining gazebos. Slots book up fast, and we look forward to seeing you in our restaurant for an evening full of delicious food, wonderful wine, and the most romantic atmosphere you can think of.

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