Mozaic Gastronomic Restaurant – Ubud Bali



Ubud’s Finest Romantic Dinner Experience

Bali is one of the most romantic destinations to explore for couples. It’s a beautiful island with quiet and tranquil beaches, gorgeous sunsets and breathtaking sights. No matter what your reason for visiting Bali is, you’ll sure to fall in love with all of the charms that the region is steeped in.

However, an often overlooked advantage of visiting Bali for an intimate getaway is the range of Ubud fine dining options. If you’re looking for options for a Romantic dinner in Ubud, then Mozaic is arguably one of the best places to eat. If you’re looking to take your holiday a step further and create more tender memories, then come and visit Mozaic for a romantic dinner in Bali.

Learn more about the Mozaic dining experience and see what’s on the menu.

An Unforgettable Dining Experience

At Mozaic, we pride ourselves on being a top restaurant in Bali for a number of different reasons. When people are searching for a place to eat, Mozaic is usually always at the top of their list because of our unforgettable dishes and the relaxing high-end atmosphere of our restaurant. If you’re wondering where to eat for a charming lunch break or an intimate dinner, Mozaic is the number one choice for the best food in Ubud.

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A Marriage of French Cooking Techniques and Indonesian Ingredients

Indonesia is known for its diverse selection of local produce and seafood, but it currently has a reputation for street food and local cuisine that is native to the country. Bali is completely surrounded by water and has access to some of the freshest and most unique ingredients available, but unlike the rest of Indonesia, the ingredients here at Mozaic are used in modern and creative ways to form a unique marriage of eastern flavors with western cooking techniques.

You’ll find that Mozaic is the best restaurant to visit if you want to experience mouthwatering Indonesian flavors cooked in modern French techniques. As a luxurious restaurant to eat at with a beautiful atmosphere and an ever-changing seasonal menu, you’ll find that a romantic dinner in Ubud is easy if you choose the right venue such as Mozaic.

Luxurious Amenities for a Relaxing Dining Experience With Your Partner

When looking for a place to enjoy dinner in Ubud, it’s common to find restaurants that offer delicious food but very little in the way of hospitality. Mozaic takes an entirely different approach by offering a complete dining experience from the moment you step through our doors. With our romantic gazebo and relaxing lounge area, your entire evening will be taken care of by our hospitality staff. You don’t need to worry about your personal comfort as we’ll take every step we can to ensure that your romantic evening with us is absolutely perfect.

Whether it’s scattering rose petals or dimming the lights, our private dining rooms are perfect for an intimate dining experience with your partner. We believe that it’s the best way to experience a romantic dinner in Bali with your partner and between our excellent service and the delicious food, we’re the top restaurant in Bali that can offer such a personalized and romantic service.

Seasonal Cuisine by Our Michelin Star Chef, Chris Salans

Mozaic is proud to have Michelin Star Chef, Chris Salans, working at the head of our kitchen. His culinary passion has taken him all around the world where he has trained in many different cooking disciplines and received training from some of the world’s greatest chefs. At Mozaic, Chef Salans creates our seasonal menus that pair the freshest ingredients from Bali with modern French cooking techniques to create the ultimate high-end fusion cuisine that has forever changed the face of Ubud fine dining.

Mozaic has quickly risen to become the best restaurant in Bali and is a recommended location when tourists and foodies around the world ask where to eat in Ubud, and it’s thanks to our unwavering dedication to sourcing the freshest seasonal produce to use in our dishes.

An Ever-Changing Menu to Surprise Your Tastebuds

Dinner in Ubud has never been so exciting. Chef Salans is an expert in utilizing Indonesian produce and constantly updates the menu at Mozaic with exciting additions that bring out the flavors of Indonesia while staying true to his classical culinary training in French cooking techniques. Such a wonderful combination of cooking techniques and ingredients can only be experienced here at Mozaic where some of the best food in Ubud is served in a romantic and luxurious atmosphere.

No matter the season you visit us, Mozaic can guarantee that your romantic dinner evening will be accompanied by our latest French-Indonesian dishes that will tantalize your taste buds.

An Expansive Wine List to Pair With Your Meal

A romantic evening wouldn’t be complete without a choice of wines to pick from. Luckily, Mozaic never disappoints when it comes to wine. With over 160 different vintage wines to choose from, you’re sure to find something that suits your palette. Not sure what wine to pair with your food? Allow our staff to pick for you with their expertise in our expansive collection of wines.

A beautiful vintage glass of wine can take your meal to a whole new level, and with our suggestions, it couldn’t be easier. However, if you’re an enthusiast in wines or know what you’re looking for, you’re free to explore our collection and make a decision of your own as well.

Enjoy a Romantic Evening with Mozaic

If you’re serious about setting up a glamorous and luxurious dinner experience for you and your partner to enjoy then Mozaic is one of the best locations in the whole of Indonesia to celebrate your relationship. As one of the best private dining experiences in the world, Mozaic never fails to impress and from the moment you step through our doors, you’ll be treated to a world-class dining experience with Indonesian-French fusion cuisine that will excite your taste buds. With an unforgettable atmosphere and a culinary experience that will be remembered for years, Mozaic is the best place for a romantic dinner in Ubud.