Table for Two: The Ultimate Romantic Dinner Experience in Ubud



Table for Two: The Ultimate Romantic Dinner Experience in Ubud

We think we know the most romantic destinations in the world: Vienna, Paris, Venice, Rome. But it turns out that there are more hidden gems around the globe than you might think, including Ubud, a beautiful and romantic town in Bali.

If you’re looking for a romantic dinner in Ubud, then you’ve come to the right place. Mozaic private dining in Bali is the best in all of Indonesia, allowing you to enjoy the stunning, picturesque surrounding while enjoying beautiful food at the same time. The perfect location for a romantic evening or honeymoon dinner, Mozaic restaurant offers unparalleled setting and food for a truly special occasion.

Learn more about the Mozaic dining experience and see what’s on the menu.

Romantic Dinner In Ubud

When you come to a location like Bali, you want it to be unique. You want private dining in Bali that you’ll remember for a lifetime. Here at Mozaic, we offer the best location for a romantic dinner for two on the island. There’s so much to enjoy at our venue, and it’s the perfect place for you to reconnect with your partner.

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Award-Winning Wines

No romantic evening or anniversary dinner would be complete without great wine. Here at Mozaic, we work closely with the best vineyards all over the world to supply you with incredible wines, right here in the heart of Bali. Our close relationships mean that we get access to the finest vintages, giving you the opportunity to open a special bottle to celebrate your relationship or a special occasion.

In 2017-2018, we won the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence. People from all over the world come to Mozaic to enjoy not only the food but the incredible selection of wines too, all imported under the strictest of conditions.

Michelin-Star Chefs

We hire highly talented chefs. Many of them have worked in Michelin star restaurants in Europe, and now they’re right here, ready and waiting to provide a similar experience in Bali. Our chefs combine French passion for cooking with local flavors, giving you and your romantic partner an unparalleled dining experience.

A Multi-Sensory Experience

Food is important, but at Mozaic, we believe that a private romantic dinner in Bali should be a multi-sensory experience. From the moment you and your partner step foot into our restaurant, you’ll be delighted by the sounds, sights, and smells. You can grab an aperitif in our stunning lounge before heading to one of our private dining rooms, or to our outside gazebo dining area: the choice is yours. Bali provides the perfect backdrop to our venue, with its stunning mountains, beaches, and tropical sea views.

A Dinner Worthy Of Your Romance

When you travel to Bali with your partner, you want the experience to be exceptional. Second best won’t do. At our Ubud romantic restaurant, you’ll get a dining experience that is worthy of the love that you share with your partner.

We take exceptional care to tailor every aspect of the experience to your needs. When you dine with us, you have so many options. You can drink a cocktail, snuggle up with your loved one in our elegant lounge, or order food to the gazebo.

If you’re on a honeymoon dinner, you’ll love the romantic ambiance of our restaurant. Rose petals and fairy lights help to set the mood, creating a magical, love-soaked atmosphere for you and your partner to enjoy. Get a bottle of fine wine or champagne brought to your table and make a toast to the continuing success of your relationship.

Take Your Partner For A Romantic Birthday Dinner

Is it your partner’s birthday? Then why not treat them to a birthday dinner? Our chefs can create exceptional meals, all from scratch, that your partner will love, especially if they are a connoisseur of high cuisine and fine wines.

Birthday experiences are special in our Ubud romantic restaurant. Not only do you get exceptional food, but great service too. Our service staff is rigorously trained and exceptionally knowledgeable about our food and wine. If you have any questions about our menu or where to eat, just ask: they will be happy to accommodate.

The great thing about Mozaic is that you can design experiences around your needs. If you want a private romantic dinner in Bali, then you can have one in one of our private dining rooms. Likewise, if you want a bigger party to celebrate your romantic’s partner’s birthday, then you can. The choice is yours when you choose a flexible service like ours. No matter where you decide to eat, you’ll be the center of attention, and all your needs will be met, no matter how extravagant.

We offer special dinner ideas for the perfect romantic evening, giving you an experience that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Award-Winning Food And Service: The Perfect Combination For Romance

When you visit Mozaic, you’re not just going to another restaurant in Bali. You and your romantic partner are dinging at an award-winning establishment with food that is of the same quality as you’d find in Michelin star restaurants in Europe.

We can offer special dinner ideas for an anniversary dinner, private dining and the perfect setting for a romantic dinner for two. Over the years we’ve featured in Asia’s Top Fifty Best Restaurants, the World Gourmet Summit’s Top 10 in Asia, and Hospitality Asia Platinum Award For Innovative Restaurants in which we came first.

We believe that romance is first about people, but nothing helps to enhance it more than going to an extraordinary venue and enjoying a world-class experience. With Mozaic, that’s what you get, whether it’s the exceptional wines or the sensory experience.

Our romantic dinners are perfect for couples who want to experience the quality of high European cuisine in the context of Indonesia recipes. We blend the two for a truly spectacular outcome. All the passion and artistry that goes into Michelin star food in Europe goes into our dishes too, providing you and your partner with an exceptional romantic experience.