Sustainability Cocktail Season 5

Mozaic Gastronomic Restaurant, a trailblazer in culinary innovation and sustainability is delighted to announce the launch of Sustainability Cocktail Season 5, an exciting collaboration with acclaimed mixologist Bili Wirawan. This latest instalment of  Mozaic Gastronomic Restaurant's renowned cocktail series introduces seven sensational cocktails, each meticulously crafted to showcase the rich and diverse flavors of locally-sourced ingredients, including Duku, Papaya, Banana, and Chempedak.

Season 5 Cocktail Menu

Sustainability Cocktail Season 5 marks a new chapter in Mozaic Gastronomic Restaurant's commitment to promoting environmental consciousness while delighting guests with innovative mixology. Bili Wirawan, renowned for his expertise in crafting imaginative and sustainable cocktails, has masterfully curated a menu that celebrates the essence of Indonesian ingredients.

"We are thrilled to introduce Sustainability Cocktail Season 5, a celebration of Indonesian flavors and sustainability" said Bili Wirawan, Head Mixologist at Mozaic Gastronomic Restaurant. "Each cocktail in this series is a testament to our dedication to supporting local producers and showcasing the incredible diversity of Indonesian ingredients."

From the refreshing tang of Duku to the tropical sweetness of Papaya and Banana, each cocktail in Sustainability Cocktail Season 5 promises to tantalize the taste buds and ignite the senses. Guests can look forward to an immersive culinary experience that captures the essence of Indonesia's vibrant culinary landscape.

Sustainability Cocktail Season 5 will debut on the menu at Mozaic Gastronomic Restaurant starting March 1, 2024, offering patrons the opportunity to indulge in these innovative cocktails while experiencing the renowned hospitality and ambiance of Mozaic Gastronomic Restaurant.

Join us at Mozaic Gastronomic Restaurant as we raise a glass to Sustainability Cocktail Season 5 and embark on a journey of flavor, creativity, and sustainability. For more information or to make a reservation, please visit or contact +628214723 5550.***

About Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomic Bali:

Mozaic has been a pioneer of fine dining in Bali and Indonesia for over 20 years, successfully putting Bali on the map as one of the popular gastronomic destinations in Asia. Mozaic is the only restaurant in Indonesia that is a member of Les Grands Tables du Monde (The Grand Tables of The World), a collection of the world's best restaurants, with its members being two and three Michelin-starred restaurants. Mozaic has established a reputation as a fine dining restaurant that highlights Indonesian spices and local ingredients, blending the artistic execution of French cuisine. With a new face and spirit, Mozaic will continue to uphold its commitment to using local ingredients, presenting dishes artistically, and serving with a professional spirit.