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Serving The Best Food in Ubud Since 2001

There are countless reasons to visit Bali; from the magnificent, sweeping landscape to the picturesque sandy beaches, the island has something to offer to everyone. In particular, the town of Ubud is known for its ability to draw a crowd, as tourists flock to the popular area to enjoy the temples and glorious natural vistas it is able to provide.

If you intend to visit Ubud in the near future, then you will naturally want to know which of the many eateries in the area is considered to be the best restaurant in Ubud, so you can sample the pinnacle of culinary expertise during your stay. Thankfully, determining which restaurant offers the best place to eat in Ubud is simple: Mozaic Restaurant.

Thanks to the ingenuity of its food and glorious garden setting, the dining opportunity provided by Mozaic is quite unlike any other. Located in opulent natural surroundings and exquisitely furnished, the restaurant specialises in delivering the ultimate foodie experiences in Ubud.

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Incredible Seasonal Cuisine

If you are passionate about fine cuisine and have been wondering where to eat in Ubud, then Mozaic is sure to be the right choice for your preferences. As a foodie, you are likely familiar with the term ‘Cuisine du Marché’, and no doubt delighted to discover that Mozaic has incorporated this popular philosophy across our food options. In order to provide the best food in Ubud, we at Mozaic have sought to blend the authentic Indonesian flavours and seasonings with French techniques, presentation, and style.

Offering gastronomic genius that is considered unrivaled across the island, we at Mozaic take every care to ensure we can always provide good food to eat. We use seasonal ingredients wherever possible, altering our menu regularly – so you can visit us on multiple occasions and be sure of a completely unique dining experience every time.

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Introducing Chris Salans

The influence of celebrated chef Chris Salans has been the driving force behind Mozaic, with Chris’ vision and expertise leading to the restaurant widely being seen as the provider of the best food in Ubud, and perhaps even the best food in Bali.

Having initially trained in France and worked in New York and California, Chris opened the Mozaic restaurant in Ubud in 2001. For nearly two decades, Chris’ work has helped Mozaic to grow to become one of the best-known restaurants in the area. Focusing on providing guests with a unique experience, a good place to eat, and a beautiful garden location, Mozaic has – thanks to Chris’ vision – established itself as the best restaurant in Ubud – and by visiting, you can enjoy the best food in Ubud for yourself.

Try The Chef’s Table

While any visit to Mozaic could be considered one of the best foodie experiences in Ubud, the Chef’s Table experience is a particular highlight for those interested in learning more about how the best place to eat in Ubud prepares each dish. During the busiest times of the year, we offer an experience not to be missed: the Chef’s Table. You will have the opportunity to dine and enjoy your meal as normal, but with the added opportunity to look directly into the kitchen as the food is being prepared – a wonderful opportunity to pick up a few tips, or simply deepen your knowledge, on the delights of Indonesian cuisine. An extremely popular choice, we’re sure that any foodie will appreciate the pleasures the Chef’s Table formula is able to provide.

Mozaic Wines and Wine Pairing

To accompany the best food in Bali, a visit to Mozaic also offers the opportunity to enjoy a diverse wine list, with over 160 different vintages available. In order to complement the experience of those enjoying good food in Ubud, the chefs and sommeliers of Mozaic have combined their wisdom to produce dedicated wine pairing suggestions for every dish on the menu. As a result, the best food in Bali can now be accompanied by the perfect glass of wine, resulting in a truly special experience for any diner.

The Perfect Dining Experience

While we at Mozaic have dedicated a huge amount of time and care to ensuring that we can provide good food to eat for our diners, we have also gone to great lengths when it comes to providing an incredible all-around dining experience. While enjoying the opportunity to taste the best food in Ubud, you can also be sure of an incredible, opulent experience thanks to the beautiful decor, dedicated staff, and delightful ambience the restaurant can provide.

Complete Range of Dining Options

Mozaic is designed to cater to all parties and preferences, so every visitor can ensure good food in Ubud at their convenience. We offer a range of dining options to meet this need: the private dining experience is suitable for between six and 36 people, and provides a dedicated chef and staff for the duration of your meal. For couples, our romantic gazebo offers the opportunity to delight in the most accomplished food in Ubud in relative seclusion, surrounded by fairy lights and candles in order to create the perfect atmosphere.

In addition, all diners are invited to relax, or finish, their evening in our lounge area, where you can sample our mixologists’ latest cocktails, admire the beautiful artwork at your leisure, sample a cigar from the humidor, and delight in the luxury provided by the silk carpets that decorate the floor.

Plan Your Fine Dining Experience Today

If you have been wondering where to eat in Ubud during your time in the area, then Mozaic is by far the best choice. We are able to offer the complete fine dining experience: the outstanding cuisine prepared by knowledgeable and experienced chefs, a comprehensive wine list, and a glorious setting that you will want to return to again and again.

Whether you’re dining with a large group, are keen to see how your meal is prepared, or wish to share a special evening with your partner, then you will always find the most enchanting experience and the best food to eat at Mozaic. We will do all we can to ensure you can enjoy the best food in Bali with ease.