Private Catering Bali



Private Dining Experience

Private fine dining in your home, with meals expertly prepared by a trained chef, seems like an unattainable dream for a regular person.

But what if I told you that you could arrange a private dinner for you and your loved ones without breaking the bank?

Chris Salans and his team at Mozaic have worked hard to bring you an affordable dining experience that is prepared and served in your very own home.

This private catering service brings Bali’s best fine dining experience into your private dining room without compromising on quality.

Restaurant Quality at Home

With Mozaic’s ‘Dine at Home’ experience, you will be able to enjoy restaurant-quality dishes in your home without having even to leave your seat.

You have a wide choice of stunning set menus carefully crafted from the finest local and imported ingredients.

A wide range of dietary restrictions have already been accounted for among the set menus. However, if you need a specific modification, the Mozaic team is more than happy to oblige.

Private Chef

This is no meal kit or delivery of prep-prepared food. With this dine at home experience, you get the services of a trained chef and wait staff to turn your home into an exclusive fine dining restaurant.

With a small range of standard kitchen appliances, the highly trained Mozaic chefs can create restaurant-quality dishes for you while you sit back and relax.

Premium Experience

If having your own private chef and wait staff wasn’t enough, with Mozaic’s ‘Dine at Home’, you can also choose from a paired wine list or a range of cocktails that will be prepared fresh for you.

From the moment the team arrives till the end of the meal, all you need to worry about is enjoying this little slice of luxury with your guests.

Fair Price

Starting at 350 000/person for the vegetarian set menu, private catering in your own home has never been more affordable.

You can easily surprise dinner guests, friends or loved ones with a personal dining experience without breaking the bank!

Mozaic even has gift vouchers available so that you can give the gift of fine dining to those you care about the most.

Try Private Catering For Yourself

There has never been a better time to sample the luxury of private catering for yourself.

Be warned that once you experience the fantastic food and high-quality of the Mozaic team once, you will definitely be back for more!