Planning a Romantic Evening in Ubud



Planning a Romantic Evening in Ubud

Every year, countless tourists come too Ubud to relax and spend quality time with their loved ones.

If you are coming to Ubud with a special someone, it is pretty simple to create a world-class romantic evening that you will both remember for years to come.

Below, we will share our Ubud insider tips to a romantic evening so that you can plan the perfect evening for you and your partner.

Start By Sampling Ubud’s Natural Beauty

There is no better way to start a romantic evening than taking one of the most scenic walks in the Ubud area.

The Campuhan Ridge walk is a favourite of locals and tourists alike. It is a well-marked trail that takes you along a ridgeline that gives you amazing views of the surrounding countryside.

While some people prefer to take this walk in the morning, it is arguably more enjoyable in the evening. You will miss the heat of the day and get the pleasure of seeing a fantastic sunset.

The trail heads up to the ridge by the Warwick Ibah Villas and takes 20-25mins in one direction.

To give yourself some time to take in the views and snap some pictures, allow between one and two hours.

Treat Yourself to Some Spa Treatments

The evening is still young, so treat you and that special someone to a variety of spa treatments. You definitely deserve some pampering after your little walk!

There are so many spas to choose from in Ubud, so just take your pick of the high-quality options.

Experience Balinese Fine Dining at Mozaic

Bali doesn’t have a Michelin starred restaurant (yet), but the Mozaic team strives to offer every one of their guests a world-class experience.

Over the past 20 years, chef-owner Chris Salans has established Mozaic as the go-to fine dining establishment on the island.

The varied, seasonal menu uses the best of fresh Balinese ingredients along with other high-quality ingredients imported from across the globe.

The six or eight-course tasting menu with wine pairing is by far the best choice for the dinner sitting.

Sitting in the spice garden dining area, you will feel at peace with the world as you are treated to a truly divine dining experience.

Or, if you manage to book in far enough in advance, you can be seated in the gazebo which really guarantees a romantic dinner experience. Situated in a secluded corner of the garden, the gazebo is tastefully decorated to build a romantic vibe.

This secluded section of the garden will offer you the peace to enjoy each others company over drinks and dinner.

You will leave Mozaic at the end of your romantic evening relaxed, satisfied and at peace with the world.