Mozaic: The Best French Fine Dining Option in Bali



Mozaic: The Best French Fine Dining Option in Bali

They say, “There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” and rightly so.

Food feeds the soul and fills the heart with love.

And we, at Mozaic, strive to achieve the same purpose.

We bring you the best fine dining in Bali that will truly feed your soul and increase all the love that you have for good food.

Learn more about the Mozaic dining experience and see what’s on the menu.

Being the best restaurant in Ubud, we strive to give you the most exclusive culinary experience of your life. To turn that goal into reality, Mozaic offers you an extraordinary blend of Indonesian and Balinese flavors with the intricate French cuisine and cooking techniques.

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This top Bali restaurant is your one-stop-shop for the best food, the most exclusive fine dining experience, and beautiful views as you devour your food. 

Visit Mozaic for the Ultimate Fine Dining in Bali

A fine dining restaurant is more than just about serving the best food. It has so much more to do with having an overall amazing dining and food experience.

Mozaic fits the brief, which is why you must visit this incredible Bali restaurant and enjoy what you can call the best dinner or lunch of your life.  

With award-winning food, gorgeous dining settings, exceptional quality wines from all over the world, Michelin-star level chefs, and diverse food menus, you can look forward to a one-of-a-kind Ubud fine dining experience at the best restaurant in Ubud.

Seasonal Ingredients from Bali Featuring Modern French Cooking Techniques

A common feature shared by all the top restaurants in Bali is that they pay massive respect to the native ingredients and flavors of Bali.

Mozaic follows the lead by bringing you authentic seasonal Bali ingredients that we prepare through modern French cooking techniques. It allows you to experience the ‘best of both worlds’ by bringing you the taste of Indonesia beautifully blended with the passion of France.

Creative Menus at the Best Restaurant in Ubud

There’s a reason why Mozaic boasts the reputation of being one of the top restaurants with exclusive fine dining in Bali.

The reason is that you will find super creative lunch and dinner menus with so many amazing options that will leave you with quite a food dilemma.

Some delicious and unique food dishes on these menus include:

  • Pan-seared French duck foie gras, sweet and sour belimbing wuluh broth
  • King Mackerel confit in coconut oil, kenari nuts, wrinkled carrots, and kemangi
  • Coconut husk smoked tokusen beef short-ribs, Javanese black kluwek, and baby beetroots

These are just a couple of options from the menu to tempt your taste-buds – you can imagine the rest!

Quality, Taste, Ambience, Experience – Check

It all may sound too good to be true, in which case you ought to try it for yourself, but this is an authentic must-have Ubud fine dining experience that will take you to culinary heaven.

Aesthetic to the Eye, Delicious to the Tongue  

One of the most important features of quality, out-of-the-ordinary kinds of food is that it’s not only great to look at, but is even better when in the mouth.

The food at Mozaic will genuinely help you experience all that in one go. The aesthetically-pleasing food will brighten your eyes, and the amalgamation of Balinese flavors done the French way will send happy butterflies in your tummy.

Wine Pairing at Its Best

Home to one of the most comprehensive lists of wines in Bali, Mozaic is the ultimate paradise for every wine lover.

From beginner wine drinkers to the true aficionados who can sense a glass of wine from afar, the wide wine variety and wine pairing options at the best restaurant in Bali will blow you away.

Whether you want to enjoy a glass of wine on its own or complement it with your food dish. From exotic red wines to sweet wines from different parts of the world, every single wine on the menu has been carefully chosen by the experts at the restaurant to best suit your palate and match the flavors of your dish.

Feed Your Soul with Quality Food

In case you are still looking for that outstanding food experience that you remember forever, one that is deeply ingrained in your mind, you ought to pay a visit to Mozaic for the best dinner or lunch experience.

Feed your soul with quality food at the best restaurant in Bali and feel your taste buds tingling and dancing with excitement!

Reserve a table at our fine dining restaurant and experience culinary magic to happen!