Mozaic Gastronomic Restaurant – Ubud Bali



Mozaic is A Fresh Oasis Amongst Restaurant Gastronomique in Bali

Bali is such a beautiful country packed full of incredible delights. It has some stunning natural sights, plenty of sandy beaches, and a vibrant culinary scene. Venture into Ubud, and you will find the best gastronomy in Bali. What could be more enjoyable than incredible food in an even better location? 

Mozaic is the top restaurant gastronomique in Bali. We take fine dining to new heights thanks to our innovative and creative menu. A lot of restaurants in Bali do the same thing, so we’re something of a fresh oasis amongst them all. 

Learn more about the Mozaic dining experience and see what’s on the menu.

Why Mozaic Is Different from Any Other Gastronomy in Bali

We’ve been the best restaurant in Ubud since we opened our doors in 2001. So many people enjoy our menus because we offer something very different. Fine dining doesn’t mean you have to eat the same things over and over again. Our chefs go the extra mile, and that’s what sets us apart. 

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Outstanding Degustation

Degustation is the art of creating lots of small portions that make up a large overall meal. When you dine with us, you can choose between 6 or 8 magnificent courses. At our restaurant gastronomique in Bali, we give you the chance to sample the very best in local cuisine. Let each course wow your tastebuds and take your senses on a Southeast Asian journey. It certainly beats the usual 3-course meal!

Stunning Balinese Tastes with a French Influence

Mozaic was founded by world-renowned French chef Chris Salans. He trained under a top Michelin star chef in Paris, and he’s brought the Parisian influence to Mozaic. As a result, we offer gastronomic food in Bali with a twist. You get all the local flavors, but with French cooking styles. This brings out the best in the food and provides the ultimate presentation for you to enjoy. Every bite feels like it was made by a Michelin star chef, and some dishes almost look too good to eat!

How Mozaic Utilize Local Ingredients to Create Molecular Gastronomy

As the best restaurant in Bali, we’re passionate about food. Our chefs use food science like molecular gastronomy, to put together a menu using the finest local ingredients. We handpick every single item of food on our menu to ensure it tastes magnificent. If you’ve never sampled the joys of molecular cuisine before, then this is the perfect place to start. 

Fresh Ingredients Chosen from Local Sources

We love the idea of supporting the local community here in Bali. So, we source our ingredients from farmers and suppliers as close to us as possible. As a result, we can take them straight to the restaurant and start cooking right away. This offers fresh cooking that a lot of fine dining restaurants can’t compete with. Every ounce of flavor delivers more punch because of the local ingredients. When our chefs get to work with them, we transform individual ingredients into molecular cuisine that will make anyone salivate.

A Symphony of Flavors

At Mozaic, we treat food as an art form. We want to provide a symphony of flavors with the very best gastronomic food in Bali. By utilizing local ingredients, we can use food science to blend together flavors that you never believed would be a match for one another. Different ingredients are infused with others, and everything is always plated exceptionally well. We want our food to excite all of your senses. It should look incredible, smell fantastic, taste amazing, feel delightful in your mouth, and sound delicious when you bite into it. 

Get the 5 Star Experience

We are the highest rated restaurant gastronomique in Bali. The Mozaic experience goes beyond what you’d expect in a restaurant. Fine dining is in our blood, and we have the most serene and gorgeous setting for you to enjoy. Relax in our open garden area and take in the local scenery. Spend some time sipping on handcrafted cocktails at the bar before your meal. We don’t just serve food, we serve experiences! 

While you feast on our gastronomic delights, you’ll have a waiter catering to your every need. Let them recommend wines from our world-class wine list, so you bring out even more flavors in our food. Our staff can describe each plate with so much detail it’ll make you feel like you’re already eating it.

The uniqueness of Mozaic is what sets it apart from all other gastronomy in Bali. If you want to sample the best molecular cuisine and degustation – using fresh, local ingredients – then consider visiting us today.