Goût de France: Feast on Ubud French Food Sensibly and Mindfully



Goût de France: Feast on Ubud French Food Sensibly and Mindfully

Are you a diehard fan of the exotic French cuisine?

If yes, get ready for the biggest, the most amazing and popular of all food festivals Gout de France, that celebrates the ultimate French Gastronomy on a global level!

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What is Gout de France?

Also called Good France, is one of the biggest gourmet festivals that aim to celebrate French gastronomy not just in France, but all over the world. The festival is organized by the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and Alain Ducasse.

Ever since its successful inception, this festival has become a highly popular and unique global event that takes place in more than 150 countries to appreciate the intricacies of French food.

This global celebration isn’t just limited to French food and culinary affairs, but it also seizes the opportunity to promote French heritage through its tourism appeal, endorsement of global products, and numerous symbols of the French legacy.

Gout de France: Campaign for 2020

Just like every year, this year, on April 16th, 2020, thousands of excited diners will participate in nation-wide gourmanderie festivities and initiatives and indulge in French-style dinners in a plethora of restaurants all over the world.  

Each year, Gout de France or Good France follows a particular campaign that serves the foundation of the festival. This time around, the festival aims to focus on creating a cuisine that’s both environmentally and socially responsible.

It is essential to note here that France is a predecessor of global environmental action, and with the help of this incredible gourmet festival, it aims to inculcate the practice of treating the world’s resources with the utmost care and respect.

Ultimately, the 2020 campaign of the festival will strive to uphold the concept of ‘sustainable cuisine.’ The main goal here is to encourage restaurants from all over the world to start taking up new responsibilities and play their part in adopting sustainable, virtuous, and environmentally responsible methods of working.

Mozaic Joins Hands with 2020 Gout de France in Ubud

Each year, thousands of restaurants from all over the world come on-board to promote French gastronomy and the numerous emblems of French culinary heritage. This year, Mozaic, a Bali restaurant in Ubud town, has also decided to join hands with Gout de France, 2020, to give the people of Ubud a chance to sensibly and mindfully feast on Ubud French food.

More than that, though, our Bali restaurant shares a deeper connection with French cuisine, which is also one reason why it boasts the reputation of being the best restaurant in Ubud.

Chris Salans – The Ultimate Master Chef

One of the main reasons why Mozaic decided to join Goût de France this year is because of Chris Salans, the brains behind the best restaurant in Ubud. Chris Salans is French raised and has interned at numerous Michelin Starred restaurants in France, which has expanded his skills and talents to the level of any Michelin Star chef in the world.

Not just that, but Chris also bagged the prestigious Master Chef title last year as he continues to participate in global culinary events as the ultimate Master Chef. His expertise in the world of gastronomy is close to any Michelin Star chef, and to date, he remains one of Bali’s top gourmet ambassadors with a world-famous reputation.

The Experience of a French Restaurant in Mozaic

With undying hopes and efforts to serve you the best food in Bali, Mozaic takes on a great philosophy of food that it calls, ‘Cuisine du Marché.’ This philosophy orchestrates a beautiful marriage between authentic Indonesian ingredients and the finest modern French cooking and presentation techniques. In other words, you get to experience a French restaurant right in the heart of Bali.

Mozaic brings you the true taste of French gastronomy paired with exotic local ingredients from the island that will burst into a kaleidoscope of flavors in your mouth.

Michelin Star Level Dining in Bali

There’s a reason why Mozaic hails the title of the best restaurant in Ubud that serves the best food in Bali. 

Mozaic takes you to culinary heaven, where you get to indulge in award-winning food that has been carefully crafted to suit your palate. By joining hands with Gout de France, Mozaic hopes to serve you Michelin Star level food that features a beautiful blend of French and Indonesian, two of the most classic cuisines ever.

Special Menu with Chef’s Table at Mozaic

This year on Thursday, 16th April 2020, Mozaic will provide you a special menu with Chef’s Table where you can watch the talented chefs create magic out of food.

You can choose from two amazing meal options: 6-course meal, which is priced at IDR 1,250,000, and an 8-course meal that is priced at 1,600,000.

Reach Mozaic in a Breeze

Mozaic is located right in the town of Ubud, also often called the ‘heart of Bali.’ If you are in Bali during the festival days, book a bus ride or a taxi ride to Ubud and reach Mozaic in a breeze!

Make Reservations Now

If you happen to be in Bali in the month of April and wish to indulge in the best award-winning food restaurant in honor of Gout de France, call us at Mozaic now and book your reservation before it’s too late!