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Discover the Best Place to Eat in Ubud

Wondering where to eat in Ubud? Embark on a journey of discovery through Bali and its history with our seasonal ingredients and tantalizing flavours at Mozaic, an award-winning restaurant in the heart of Ubud, Indonesia.

Learn more about the Mozaic dining experience and see what’s on the menu.

A Marriage of Seasonal Ingredients with Modern French Techniques

Indonesia is known for its iconic street food and regional cuisines, but why not elevate your gastronomic experience to see what hundreds of years of culinary evolution have created? Mozaic is the best place to eat in Ubud if you’re looking for a unique fusion of fresh seasonal ingredients with modern French cooking techniques and presentation.

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An Evolving Gastronomic Wonder

The goal of Mozaic is to show the world what is possible when you combine fresh local produce with the latest in modern cooking techniques. Head Chef Chris Salans and his team work tirelessly to develop an ever-changing menu that evolves with the seasons, so there’s always something new to experience every time you visit Mozaic.

An Exciting Chef’s Table Experience

Mozaic also functions as a cooking workshop that is open to the public, but during the high season, it functions as an additional dining room where guests can watch the chefs perform their craft. Each dish will be made in front of your eyes and delivered straight to your table. This is one of the most popular dining experiences that Mozaic offers–a chance to interact with and learn from the world’s most talented and expressive chefs.

An Extravagant Catering Partner

Bring the magic of Mozaic to your doorstep with our catering services. We offer unparalleled quality, providing the best catering services available anywhere in Indonesia and for any occasion. Whether you have wedding guests to cater for or have business clients to impress, our award-winning team of chefs will happily create a bespoke menu to suit your needs.

The Finest Indonesian Dining Experience in Ubud

The team at Mozaic is led by head chef Chris Salans, a French-American chef that comes from a background of high-end European and American cuisine. Chef Salans came to Indonesia to experience the abundance of fresh produce and mysterious scents in order to truly discover his own style of cuisine that combines the best of Western cooking techniques with the seasonal flavours of Bali.

An Elegant Restaurant Setting

Located in the heart of Ubud, Mozaic offers a high-class dining experience to fit all occasions and moods. Whether you want to treat your partner to a romantic gazebo dinner or would prefer an intimate private dining area with your closest friends, Mozaic can cater to all of your needs. We have multiple dining areas that change as the seasons do to offer a unique backdrop for your meal.

A Team Dedicated to Your Pleasure

Mozaic wouldn’t be a success without the team behind it. That’s why we ensure that all of our professional staff members look at every single detail and pay close attention to everything from the source and quality of our fresh ingredients to the service that our front of house team offers. We’re blessed to be able to operate in Bali with such wonderful people that come from rich cultural backgrounds in order to represent our brand.

The Finest Restaurant in Ubud

Mozaic is no stranger to publicity and awards. Our restaurant is the first restaurant in Southeast Asia to be recognized by the prestigious “Les Grandes Tables Du Monde” which translates into “The Grand Tables of the World”, an exclusive membership that includes some of the world’s most distinguished restaurants. We’ve also been listed in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants and have been given the Regional World Gourmet Summit 2018 Restaurant of the Year award. If you’re wondering where to eat in Ubud, then Mozaic is a must-visit location.

More Than Just a Restaurant

Mozaic is no doubt one of the best places to eat in Bali, but we offer far more than just a culinary experience and extend our renowned hospitality and expertise to other areas of the culinary world too.

Take the Taste of Bali With You

Our team at Mozaic will create one of the most memorable dining experiences you’ll ever encounter, but don’t let the magic stop there. If you’d love to learn how to take the taste of Bali back home with you, then allow us to educate you with our culinary expertise in our cookery courses. Don’t have time for a lesson? We also offer an award-winning cookery book authored by our head chef Chris Salans.

Lounge With Us for Cocktails and Bites

Whether you just want a drink in a relaxing environment or after-dinner snacks to sate your appetite, we offer a full lounge area that will accommodate all your tastes. With famed mixologists tending to our bars and a relaxing atmosphere that is modelled after Chef Salans’s very own living room, our lounge area offers a comfortable and relaxing way to wind down after an intoxicating dining experience.

Dive Into Our Selection of Wines and Pairings

Mozaic currently offers one of the most comprehensive wine lists in the whole of Bali. With over 15 years of experience, our director of wine Mr Cok Senajaya has carefully curated a selection of 160 vintage wines including 20 Grands Crus that can please even the most seasoned wine aficionado. Not sure which pairings to pick? Our staff can uplift your dining experience with the perfect wine recommendation to pair with your meal.

Mozaic Awaits You

Mozaic has been crowned the best place to eat in Ubud for very good reasons. Between our award-winning cuisine, the relaxed atmosphere we offer and years of quality service from our dedicated team, we’re the number one place to experience the unique marriage of fresh Indonesian ingredients with high-end French cooking techniques.

We take your preconceived notions of Indonesian cuisine and elevate them to an entirely new level, shattering the boundaries of what was considered possible in our small and humble island nation. There’s no better place to get a sample of what the future could hold for high-end cuisine in Bali.