Cozy Restaurant Bali



Cozy Restaurant Bali

Like a warm blanket on a cold day, finding a welcoming and cozy dining experience is the height of decadence.

Unfortunately, so many fine dining options sacrifice that feeling of coziness. They often lean heavily into providing a luxurious setting without fully considering the comfort of their guests.

Mozaic fully understands the power of a cozy dining setting, which is why the whole team has your comfort as their top priority.

Welcoming and Accommodating Staff

You will experience warm, welcoming, and intimate service from start to finish by the Mozaic team.
Before you arrive, you can make special requests for seating or dietary needs.

The highly trained waitstaff at Mozaic will then ensure you have a seamless dining experience. Your every need will be catered to in a discreet and friendly manner.

Chef Chris Salans and his team will take care of everything for you so that the only thing on your mind will be good food and good company.

A Warm and Comforting Atmosphere

The entire dining room at Mozaic has been designed with a great dining experience in mind.

With a choice of the well-appointed airconditioned dining room or the outdoor spice garden, you have control over the dining experience you want to have.

In particular, the nighttime ambience of the spice garden cannot be surpassed. This space is romantically lit and allows you to be surrounded by the sights and sounds of a well-curated jungle spice garden while sampling dishes that make use of those same ingredients.

Intimate Dining Experiences

Alongside the regular high-quality Mozaic dining experience, guests have the option of several intimate and cozy experiences.

The first of these is the secluded private gazebo in the spice garden. Perfect for a romantic meal, this space gives unprecedented privacy and will allow you to get lost in the company of your dining guests.

It is also possible to book an intimate fine dining workshop for larger gatherings. For up to 30 guests, you can have the exclusive use of an air-conditioned dining room overlooking the nearby rice fields.

Our chefs will then prepare the dishes for your party in the attached kitchen. As they are cooking and explaining the dishes, you will have the opportunity to interact with them on an intimate level, giving the laid back feeling of dining with friends while still receiving world-class service.

For Bali’s ultimate cozy dining experience, look no further than Mozaic in Ubud. Get in touch with them to make a booking for lunch or dinner.