for amateurs and professionals alike

Designed as a cooking school for recreational classes doubled with facilities for professional chefs, The Workshop is a place for culinary arts development and culinary exchange, training and development.

Recreational classes concentrate on the art of discovering the freshest Balinese ingredients and applying the philosophy of Mozaic through cooking techniques of Modern French cuisine. All dishes are simple to reproduce at home.

Full day classes are tailer-designed classes that focus specifically on cooking techniques, specific ingredients or types of cuisine or on developing recipes for restaurants and hotels alike.

Perched in the gardens of Mosaic and overlooking the Ubud rice fields the school, in collaboration with Miele, uses only top notch modern equipment and technology amidst contemporary Asia architecture offering luxury and relaxation.

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Recreational Classes

Asia Ingredients in Western Cuisine :

True to Mozaic Restaurant and it’s cuisine, learn the technology and methodsin which to create subtle balances between the ingredients found all across South East Asia and traditional or modern Western cuisine. Learn how to select product, prepare them and marry them to Western dishes and methods of preparation in order to produce successful East meets West cuisine. Offered now: The Food of Mosaic.

Gourmet World Cuisine :

Learn how to prepare a great meal at each class you join. Our Chef proposes a carefully composed set menu, with matching appetizer, main course and dessert, which changes on a regular basis. Learn how to prepare a new great meal every time practical experience in every step needed to achieve success.

Advanced Classes

Cooking Techniques :

In depth understanding of the different cooking techniques in involved in the preparation of all major ingredients used in a professional kitchen to compose successful foods and dishes: meats, game, fish, shellfish, sauces, vegetables and fruits.
Theoretical understanding as well as hands on practice will allow you to gain the knowledge needed to master the cooking techniques necessary to produce tasty, moist tender ingredients and guarantee successful cookery.

Sous-Vide :

Part of the Cooking Techniques Course, this section introduces the specific Sous-Vide or “vacuum pack” method of cooking and preserving food. This modern cutting-edge technology opens new doors for chefs and corporations to provide high quality end product to their customers with controlled hygiene and minimized costs.

Using Specialty Ingredients :

Develop complete knowledge of a specific ingredient and all possible preparations and applications in the kitchen from cold to hot, appetizer to main course and expert. Offered now: Foie Gras.
Taylor-designed classes are available for any new or unfamiliar ingredients that you want to master.

The Workshop at Mozaic would not have been possible without our partners:

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