Chef-Approved: An Ultimate Choice for Lunch in Ubud



Chef-Approved: An Ultimate Choice for Lunch in Ubud

Ubud is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and that's why we believe that an Ubud restaurant experience has to replicate the majesty of the city's wonder. If you're about to embark on a Bali vacation and are planning on a stay in this fascinating city, then why not visit the best restaurant in Ubud. For an incredible dining experience, here at Mozaic, we can offer you food that is as beautiful as the scenery that will surround you during your stay.

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Mozaic Restaurant: The Best Lunch in Ubud

To say we serve the best lunch in Ubud is a bold claim to make. But our team here at Mozaic works hard to make this an Ubud lunch restaurant that is second to none. Whether you're on vacation, on business trips, looking for a romantic lunch, or merely passing through, you should visit us during your time here.

So, what makes us the best place for lunch in Ubud?

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It's All About the Dining Experience

At Mozaic, you don't just eat lunch in Ubud; you experience it too. With a carefully selected blend of flavors and seasons, the foods on our menu are designed to engage all of your senses. And thanks to the paradise setting, the dining experience will become more than the meals you enjoy. Whether you're having a romantic lunch for two in our romantic gazebo, or simply sitting with friends in one of our private dining rooms, your gastronomic lunch in Ubud provided by our Michelin star chef-quality level will become a dining experience like no other.

It's All About You at Our Ubud Restaurant

With our private dining rooms, you have your very own chef to cater for all of your culinary needs. You can watch him prepare your dishes while enjoying one of our finest wines, and learn a few secrets from the master as he creates your meal. Our highly trained and knowledgeable staff will also talk to you about the menu and will recommend those foods that they know will be suited to your particular palate. We love what we do here at Mozaic, and with the personal touch that we offer, we want you to love what we do too! That's why we believe we are the best restaurant in Ubud.

Why Should You Choose Mozaic?

Mozaic isn't the only restaurant open for lunch you will find in Ubud, but for the best lunch in the city, we believe that we are the finest in what we do. Why?

You Can Enjoy Meals Prepared by a Michelin Star Chef Quality

A Michelin star is the most coveted award a chef can aspire towards and is evidence of his culinary skills in the kitchen. So, when you choose Mozaic for your dining experience, you can have the guarantee of quality from an award-winning master of the culinary profession. Our French-American chef Chris Salans has trained in some of the finest restaurants in France and has earned his star by providing some of the greatest food delights you are ever likely to experience. 

We Have Won Many Awards

Not only do we have an award-winning chef on our team here at Mozaic, but we have won other awards to showcase our expert dining credentials to you. To prove we are the best restaurant in Ubud, some of our most prestigious awards include:

  • The 2019 Wine Spectator Award of Excellence
  • The World Gourmet Summit 2018 Restaurant Of the Year
  • The Hospitality Asia Platinum Award for Number 1 Most Innovative Restaurant.

And these are just a few. You need only take a look at the awards section of our website to learn more. 

Mozaic Is a Paradise for Wine Lovers

When choosing where to eat lunch in Ubud, we believe the menu choices that we offer are some of the best in the city. But here at Mozaic, it's not only the food that we care so deeply about. We have also considered the wine selection we offer, and our expert team of sommeliers has scoured the globe to bring you the most comprehensive wine collection in South East Asia. The perfect accompaniment to the culinary delights we offer, you will have much to savor when you choose Mozaic for your Ubud lunch restaurant. 

Extend Your Mozaic Experience

With fabulous surroundings, carefully crafted foods, and an astonishing selection of wines on offer, you are guaranteed a lunch experience like no other. However, we aren't only open for lunch. To extend your Mozaic experience, we can offer you the following.

World-Class Cooking Courses

With a state of the art kitchen workshop, you can learn more about the foods we make at Mozaic. You can then take what you learn and craft our menus when you return home, and impress your friends and family members with some of the tastes that we were able to offer you.

Something to Read

What better book to read than something written by our very own award-winning chef. His book, 'Mozaic: French Cuisine, Balinese Flavours,' is award-winning too, with the "Best in the World" award at the 2011 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards. Pick up a copy after enjoying your meal, and refer to it every time you want to recreate the Mozaic dining experience.

If you're looking for a world-class lunch in Ubud, we believe you will find that at Mozaic. We look forward to meeting you and giving you a taste that you will always remember.