Nestled in the heart of Bali, Mozaic Restaurant stands as a beacon of culinary excellence, offering an unparalleled gastronomic journey that rivals the finest dining experiences worldwide.

Renowned for its infusion of flavors, masterful techniques, and an unwavering commitment to perfection, Mozaic has earned its place among the elite establishments, providing guests with a Michelin-star level dining experience.

Mozaic's Menus

At the core of Mozaic's culinary prowess lies its team of exceptionally talented chefs, each boasting a rich repertoire garnered from their experiences in some of the world's most esteemed restaurants. These culinary maestros infuse their creations with creativity, precision, and a deep understanding of flavors. Their dedication to sourcing the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients elevates every dish, ensuring a harmonious blend of taste and presentation that tantalizes the senses.

The restaurant's commitment to excellence extends beyond its kitchen; Mozaic's serving staff comprises highly skilled professionals who excel in delivering impeccable service. With an acute attention to detail and a genuine passion for hospitality, the team orchestrates a seamless dining experience. Their adeptness in understanding guests' preferences and guiding them through the menu ensures that each visit is personalized, leaving an indelible mark on patrons.


One of Mozaic's hallmarks is its remarkable wine selection, acclaimed as one of the most comprehensive and versatile in Bali. Curated to complement the diverse flavors of the menu, the cellar boasts an extensive array of local and international wines, carefully selected to enhance the dining journey. The sommeliers' expertise in suggesting the perfect pairing enhances the overall dining experience, adding depth and sophistication to every dish.

Mozaic's long-standing tradition of delivering high-quality cuisine is deeply rooted in its commitment to innovation and culinary finesse. The restaurant's menu is a testament to this dedication, offering a harmonious blend of traditional techniques and avant-garde concepts. Each dish is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted to evoke a symphony of flavors that excite the palate and evoke a sense of culinary wonder.

The restaurant's ambiance further elevates the dining experience, providing an intimate and elegant setting that complements the gastronomic journey. The lush tropical surroundings of Bali create a picturesque backdrop, adding to the allure of Mozaic as a destination for unparalleled dining indulgence.

Mozaic's dedication to culinary excellence has garnered international acclaim and accolades, firmly establishing itself as a beacon of fine dining not just in Bali, but on a global scale. Its unwavering commitment to providing guests with an extraordinary gastronomic adventure continues to captivate diners from around the world, making it a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.

In conclusion, Mozaic Restaurant in Bali stands as a testament to culinary brilliance, offering a dining experience that transcends expectations. With a team of exceptional chefs, highly skilled staff, an extensive wine selection, and a long-standing tradition of excellence, Mozaic continues to redefine the boundaries of fine dining, promising an unforgettable journey for those seeking the pinnacle of gastronomic delight.

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Nestled within the luxurious environs of Mozaic Gastronomic Restaurant Ubud lies the hidden gem of Mozaic's Bar. Celebrated for its world-class culinary offerings, this exceptional destination combines local spices, premium spirits, an exquisite wine collection, sustainable cocktails, tempting bar snacks, and a vibrant late-night atmosphere to engage all your senses.

Mozaic Bar stands as a proud extension of the renowned Mozaic restaurant, driven by a clear and exceptional mission centered on the art of sourcing the finest, freshest local ingredients that grace this idyllic island. Our commitment to culinary perfection goes well beyond mere food preparation.

Within our Tasting Rooms, we elevate mixology to new heights. In addition to offering seasonal cocktails, we take pride in crafting extraordinary cocktail pairings that seamlessly harmonise with every dish on our menu. Each pairing is a meticulously orchestrated symphony of flavours designed to elevate your dining experience to unparalleled heights.

We extend a warm invitation to savour the enchantment of our paired cocktails, complemented by late-night grazing options that tantalise the palate. Alternatively, immerse yourself in our thoughtfully curated selection of handpicked spirits and wines, each chosen to provide a diverse and indulgent array of choices. 

At Mozaic Bar, our mission is to create moments of culinary delight and relaxation, inviting you to relish the finest flavours and spirits in an ambiance that captures the essence of Bali's vibrant culinary scene. Join us on this remarkable culinary journey where every visit promises a new and exciting adventure for your senses.


Mozaic's Bar draws its inspiration from the rich tapestry of Indonesian flavors. Its cocktails are thoughtfully concocted by harnessing an array of indigenous spices gathered from the diverse Indonesian archipelago. This unwavering dedication to embracing the seasons guarantees that each visit to the bar becomes a captivating expedition through the multifaceted tastes of the region.

Our seasonal cocktail selection, curated with an environmentally conscious approach, reflects the unique terroir of Bali and its ever-shifting seasons. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our careful curation of the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients, promoting responsible farming practices and sustainable sourcing.

Tastes and Spaces

Mozaic Bar stands as your premier destination for an expansive and thoughtfully chosen array of spirits. Our selection encompasses everything from the finest locally crafted arak to the most exquisite single malt options, catering to a diverse range of tastes. Whether you prefer the craftsmanship of a bespoke cocktail, the refinement of a meticulously chosen wine, or the indulgence of a top-tier spirit, our bar is meticulously designed to offer an exceptional beverage experience that seamlessly complements the culinary excellence of Mozaic restaurant.


Enhancing your overall experience are an assortment of delightful bar snacks that perfectly complement the drinks. These meticulously prepared bites are designed to harmonise with your beverages, ensuring a satisfying pairing. Whether your palate leans toward savoury or sweet, you'll discover snacks that beautifully complement your choice of drinks.

If you possess a passion for spirits, you'll certainly find delight in the bar's remarkable assortment. From top-tier whiskeys and elusive gins to artisanal vodkas and exclusive liqueurs, the bar's selections cater to a wide spectrum of tastes. Proficient mixologists are on hand to whip up timeless cocktails or craft unique concoctions tailored to your preferences.

For those who appreciate the art of wine, the bar's walk-in wine chamber will be a source of sheer delight. This temperature-controlled enclave showcases an impressive array of wines and natural wines, spanning established and up-and-coming wine regions, offering a diverse selection of vintages and styles.

The bar's dedication to sustainability shines through in its cocktail offerings. Ingredients are conscientiously sourced, with a strong emphasis on seasonality and eco-friendly practices. This ensures that your cocktails not only tantalise your taste buds but also align with ethical principles.

Check out our current menus here.

Opening Hours

12pm - 1am daily 


Embark on an unforgettable exploration of Bali's flavors and traditions with us at Mozaic Bar, where quality, sustainability, and expertise converge to craft an extraordinary experience. To make table and bar reservations, kindly reach out to us at by phone +62 361 9757 68 or WhatsApp +62 821 4723 5550, or use our online booking engine


Disciples Escoffier Bali Chapter's Annual Gala Dinner / 05.05.23

The Disciple Escoffier Bali Chapter's Annual Gala Dinner is a highly anticipated event
celebrating the best of local talent in the Bali culinary scene. This year's event, LE DINER
d’EPICURE, will take place on May 5th, 2023 at Mozaic Restaurant in Ubud. The five-course
tasting menu will be prepared by Master Chef Chris Salans and feature dishes curated by five
uprising Indonesian chefs. The optional wine pairing, selected by Mozaic's wine director, will
complement the flavors of each dish. Part of the proceeds will be donated to the East Bali
Poverty Project. The event is organized by Disciple Escoffier Indonesia, a culinary organization
promoting excellence in French cuisine.

Bookings can be made in advance directly at or by
contacting Mozaic at +62(361)975768 or through whatsapp at +82147235550.

The event
promises to be a coveted experience for food lovers and cultural enthusiasts alike, showcasing
the best of Bali's upcoming chefs and supporting those in need.


Zac De Git / 20.04.23

Join Zac De Git of @bar.vera.bali as he takes over the bar at Mozaic Lounge in Ubud, Bali for a special event featuring curated cocktails by Zac.

Savour the specially crafted cocktail menu alongside the new Sharing Plates menu by new Head Chef Blake Thornley in the Mozaic Lounge.

This event is made possible with the help of @fourpillarsgin @cocchi1891



The Best Place To Eat In Ubud

Claiming to be the best place to eat in Ubud is bold. There are countless amazing places to dine in the area, all with their unique attraction.

However, Mozaic in Ubud comes out ahead of the crow with all factors considered. Owner and Chef Chris Salans and his highly skilled team have created the best dining experience in Ubud.

Let’s take a look at exactly what makes Mozaic a must visit if you find yourself in Ubud. 

High Class Service

An amazing dining experience begins from the moment you arrive at Mozaic, with the highly trained and experienced front of house staff ready to help you feel at home.

Much like the cuisine at Mozaic, there is a fusion of international and local when it comes to your overall dining experience.

The staff at Mozaic take the best of international hospitality practices and combine this with the natural openness and friendliness of Ubud to give you a truly unique dining experience.

A Beautiful Setting

When dining out, we engage all of our senses, making the setting of your meal an important factor. The Mozaic team have created a range of stunning seating options for you to choose from.

You can choose between the air conditioned main dining room, the outdoor herb garden or the secluded and romantic gazebo when booking a table at Mozaic.

Wherever you are seated, you will be made comfortable by Mozaic staff and be free to immerse yourself in the fine dining experience.

A Fusion of Local and International

Chef Chris Salans brings a wealth of international training and experience to the table when creating stunning new dishes at Mozaic and takes great inspiration from the local setting.

The highly skilled team combines the best high-quality international ingredients with fresh and seasonal local produce.

This fusion of local flavours with traditional fine dining dishes and techniques leads to a truly unique dining experience that is emblematic of Ubud itself.

A True Fine Dining Experience

Combined, each of the factors above creates the best fine dining experience in Ubud. With great service and high-quality, innovative cuisine, you will want more.

If you want to experience Mozaic for yourself, make a booking today.



Relaxed fine dining in Bali

Bali, especially Ubud, is known as the place for rest, relaxation and rejuvenation.

Yoga retreats, meditation, and clean eating are all orders of the day for many tourists who flock to Bali. Traditionally, fine dining would not make it onto the to-do list of most tourists.

Partly, this is because fine dining is not generally known for being a relaxed affair. Some people can find it stuffy and overbearing, preferring a more laid back approach to dining.

Although this stereotype can be all too accurate in other establishments, Balis premier fine dining restaurant Mozaic does things a little differently.

Fine Dining at Mozaic

Led by chef Chris Salans, the team at Mozaic has been at the forefront of cuisine in Bali for the last 20 years.

Aiming for Michelin star quality in the heart of picturesque Bali, the Mozaic team has perfected their craft. It can offer you a world-class dining experience that would not be out of place in any major city.

Far from holding firm to all of the traditions of European fine dining, Chef Salans has taken the very best from his classical training and the inspiration of the restaurants Balinese setting to create a unique and relaxing fine dining experience.

World-Class Technique With Local Ingredients

Combining classical techniques with local ingredients, the team at Mozaic has crafted a truly unique dining experience.

Bali is a paradise, where tropical fruits and vegetables are abundant, and high-quality seafood is fresh and readily available. In addition to this, Balinese has a long tradition of using spice expertly to make dishes with a big impact.

Tapping into this rich source of fresh produce and a traditional mix of spices along with their traditional training, Chef Salans and his team make unique seasonal menus.

These unique fusion dishes showcase the best of European technique and Balinese flavour and are a departure from the classic fine dining dishes you typically encounter elsewhere.

A Beautiful and Relaxing Setting

To accompany their expertly crafted fine dining dishes, the Mozaic team has created a beautiful, relaxed dining area for your enjoyment.

Making the most of Bali’s natural beauty, the sounds, sights and smells of the Balinese rainforest are the inspirations for Mozaic’s intimate outdoor dining area.

Choosing not to rely heavily on man-made decoration, nature provides the backdrop for your dining experience at Mozaic.

Friendly, Personalized Service

To match the intimate, natural setting for your meal, the Mozaic front of house team will offer you a high level of friendly, personalized service.

The highly trained staff will make you feel at home at Mozaic, where time will just slip by unnoticed as you enjoy amazing food in an even more amazing setting.

The Mozaic staff are more than prepared to cater to your personal needs during your visit and will do all they can to make you comfortable.

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Don't Miss The Experience of Fine Dining in Ubud with Mozaic

If you’re planning a trip to Bali, and you’re looking for something spectacular, don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy a unique fine dining experience in Ubud. Mozaic is arguably the most famous gastronomy restaurant in Bali, and it’s not hard to see why. Treating guests to a culinary voyage of discovery, which exceeds expectations and treats all the senses, Mozaic is so much more than just a five-star restaurant. Learn more about the Mozaic dining experience and see what’s on the menu.

The Mozaic Menu

If you’re taking a break in Ubud, you’re probably looking forward to seeing the sights and indulging your taste buds, and there’s no better place to do this than Mozaic. The Mozaic menu is designed to celebrate local cuisine and educate visitors all about the wonders of Balinese food and culture. Open for lunch and dinner, our chefs have worked tirelessly to create dynamic, intriguing menus, which showcase fresh produce, traditional delicacies and creative flavours and cooking techniques. We invite our guests to enjoy the full fine dining in Ubud experience and to take their time to digest and savour every morsel. We recommend devoting at least 90 minutes to every meal to get the best out of this incredible, once in a lifetime fine dining experience. Our lunchtime menu is a feast of small plates curated by our chef, Chris Salans, to combine local flavours with a modern, Western twist. The dinner menu is more extensive and features two tasting menus, one of which is geared towards vegetarian visitors. Each menu boasts a tantalising array of amuse-bouches that treats diners to a beguiling selection of the best food in Ubud. Click here to reserve your table now with our simple online booking system!

What to Expect When You Dine at Mozaic

If you’re looking for a fancy restaurant for a special occasion, or you’re searching for a gastronomy restaurant in Bali to really get a sense of the role food plays within Balinese culture, Mozaic will not disappoint. The first thing you’ll notice is the decor and styling. Drenched in natural light with a fresh and vibrant feel, Mozaic offers al fresco dining in an elegant setting. Guests can choose from a range of fine dining experiences, including the opportunity to enjoy an exclusive, romantic meal in a private gazebo. Those interested in the work that goes into every individual plate can take a seat at chef’s table, while those looking to relax with a well-earned drink can raise a glass in the luxurious, laid-back lounge before moving through to the dining room. Mozaic’s relaxed vibe is a perfect match for those looking to enjoy fine dining in Ubud in a tranquil, inviting setting.

The Mozaic story

A shining symbol of fine dining in Bali, Mozaic enchants visitors with its scintillating array of fresh ingredients and zesty flavours. Based on the Cuisine du Marche philosophy, the team of dedicated, creative, experimental chefs is keen to celebrate local produce and connect diners with seasonal foods that are bursting with flavour. Using modern techniques, French flair and a unique insight into what works on a plate, the Mozaic team produces plates that intrigue and captivate the eyes and nose, as well as the mouth. At Mozaic, we’re very proud of the dishes we create, and we’re also keen to share our love of food and wine with visitors. We host cooking classes, and our team is always on hand to answer questions about the menu and provide recommendations.

The Best Food in Ubud

Are you looking for the best example of fine dining in Bali? Are you hoping to round off your holiday in style, or are you celebrating an anniversary or a landmark birthday? If you want to push the boat out, and you’re searching for a fine dining restaurant with a difference, why not take a look at Mozaic’s menus and book a table? Mozaic has won a host of national and international awards, and this fancy restaurant is known for its ambience and unique customer experience, as well as its gourmet dishes and impressive wine list.

Food and Drink at Mozaic

Mozaic offers a wide range of food and drinks, and the menu is very much focused on seasonal fayre. Guests are invited to enjoy a selection of small dishes as part of a diverse tasting menu that covers every course. Menus vary according to the season, but on a sample menu, you can explore everything from zingy salads, fish and seafood and succulent beef and lamb to refreshing sorbet and decadent chocolate mousse. To accompany your dinner, you can choose from a veritable feast of tipples, including an extensive list of wines, tropical cocktails, spirits, and thirst-quenching mocktails. Our lounge bar serves every drink under the sun in addition to some tasty small bites.

Celebrating in Style at Mozaic

There’s no better way to celebrate than enjoying a sumptuous feast at the best restaurant in Bali. Mozaic is not only praised for its food and drinks. A popular fine dining restaurant, it also offers a host of dining experiences, which make it the ideal base to get together with friends or family or enjoy an intimate dinner with your other half. From the spacious, airy outdoor dining area to the romantic private gazebo, Mozaic can cater for every occasion, and our team will always go the extra mile to make your day or night unforgettable. If you’re looking for the best food in Ubud, we promise you won’t be disappointed. If you’re interested in the Mozaic story, you’re passionate about food, or you’re keen to hone your culinary skills, we also recommend a trip to the workshop. This is where our cooking classes and demonstrations take place, and we also host private dinners at our five-star restaurant here. Bali is a paradise island that has so much to offer. If you’re looking to sample the local cuisine, try new flavours, and treat your taste buds to unique dishes that combine Balinese delicacies with Gallic flair, why not get in touch and reserve a table? Whether you fancy a vibrant, fruity cocktail, a refreshing light lunch or a fine dining experience that will leave you breathless, Mozaic will deliver. Why not make your booking at the best restaurant in Bali today?  

Mozaic's Tasting Rooms concept is now open, book your experience now! 



Have a Perfect Lunch in Ubud with Mozaic

If you’re spending some time in Bali, then you’re most likely searching for the best restaurant in Ubud. Well, your search is over, as we believe our restaurant is the number one place to dine in the area. With such a great menu, incredibly friendly staff, and unique dining experiences; we’ve got everything you could possibly wish for in a Ubud lunch restaurant!

Learn more about the Mozaic dining experience and see what’s on the menu.

Combine A Unique Blend Of Cultures

It only takes a quick look through a Ubud food guide to know there are loads of different lunch offerings here. However, we find that most places seem to serve the same food. At Mozaic, we try to be a little different - we want our restaurant to be a unique place, which is what makes it the best restaurant in Ubud!

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At the heart of everything is a unique blend of two completely different cultures. Naturally, we want to embody the very best of Indonesian cuisine. With so many stunning ingredients and natural resources nearby, it would be a crime to ignore them all. So, all of our meals are prepared using fresh ingredients that are grown right here in Bali and the surrounding islands. This guarantees that you already have the best lunch in Ubud as everything is prepared fresh for you, meaning all of the flavors come bursting out, taking your taste buds on a magical journey.

But, the difference between Mozaic and any other place to eat lunch in Bali is that we blend French culture into our quintessentially Indonesian dishes. Our head chef, Chris Salans, was raised in France and spent years of his life training to be a chef in Paris while interning in Michelin Starred restaurants. He’s brought these Western cooking techniques to Mozaic and married them to the Indonesian ingredients. The result is a unique Ubud lunch restaurant that attracts guests from all over the world.

Enjoy A World Class Lunch Menu

While we’re open in the evenings for dinner, it’s our lunch menu that grabs a lot of the headlines. If you’re trying to find where to eat in Ubud, then this is simply the best place for lunch. Our menu is diverse, and we prepare some of the tastiest dishes you’ll ever see. The beauty of our menu is that you can choose between 5 or 7 courses to really taste every single dish. It takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions as you experience so many different flavors and sensations.

We use locally sourced vegetables, grains, fish, and meat to really bring the menu together. By lending Indonesian and French cultures, it results in a final product that almost looks too good to eat. The presentation is just as important as the actual taste of the food. We want all of our customers to leave Mozaic feeling like they’ve found the best lunch restaurant in Ubud, and got great value for money. Premium food deserves a premium look and taste, and we provide just that!

Complete Your Experience With Wine Pairings

As if the food wasn’t enough, we like to go the extra mile and offer wine pairings for your meal as well. Right from the beginning, it became clear to us that we have to push the boat out if we wanted to offer the best lunch in Ubud. So, all of our wine options are strategically selected from all around the world. We bring the very best to your table, with an award-winning wine list that will stun even the biggest wine connoisseurs.

A sip of some delicious wine will bring out even more flavors and truly complete the culinary experience you have at Mozaic. We cater to your wine tastes as well, offering regular or premium pairings to have with your lunch.

Private Dining Options

We’re open to the public for lunch, but we also have private dining options for anywhere between 6 and 36 guests. If you’ve been pouring through a Ubud food guide searching for somewhere that offers group meals, then we’re the perfect option!

What makes this experience even better is that you get the chef all to yourself. You can sit and eat lunch while seeing the food prepared in front of your eyes. It brings a whole new dimension to the meal as you get information on every ingredient and see how they’re prepared and cooked. Plus, we can tailor the food and wine menus to your group needs, which means you’ll have the best private lunch experience ever.

Impeccable Standards Of Service

We firmly believe that a nice lunch place extends beyond the food offerings. When looking at where to eat in Ubud, you’ll find plenty of restaurants with nice looking menus. But, what sets us apart from the rest is the standard of service. By combining our service with the delicious cuisine, we become the perfect place to eat lunch.

Hospitality Like No Other

All of our staff have undergone extensive training before they enter the restaurant. They’ve been learning our menu for months, which ensures they can answer any questions you have regarding different dishes, wine pairings, and so on. It catapults your experience to new heights when you have a team around you that’s there to help with everything. You feel more at ease, and seeing all the smiling faces just makes it the best place for lunch.

Our serving staff can talk you through the entire menu, so you understand every individual aspect of the meal and can make the best choice based on your personal tastes. Not only that, but our chefs are extraordinarily accommodating and can alter the menu based on dietary requirements. It’s usually tough to find a nice lunch place that caters to different diets, but we manage it at Mozaic!

Enjoy The Perfect Lunch in Ubud

By combining an exceptional menu with the highest standards of service imaginable, we’ve established ourselves as the top lunch restaurant in Ubud. All of our guests leave with their stomachs full and smiles on their faces. If you want to be taken on a sensational journey that celebrates the best Indonesian ingredients with an added French flair, then come to Mozaic for the perfect lunch.



Why Mozaic Has The Best Food In Ubud

Ubud is the cultural heart of Bali. It’s home to so many natural sights and scenes, and it boasts some of the best restaurants in the country. There are a plethora of excellent offerings to choose from, but we believe Mozaic is the best restaurant in Ubud.

Learn more about the Mozaic dining experience and see what’s on the menu.

Ingenius Gastronomy In Southeast Asia

Make no mistake about it, Mozaic is a 5-star restaurant in the heart of Ubud providing a unique dining experience. Our menu showcases pure ingenuity thanks to a blend of different cultures from opposite sides of the world. The world of gastronomy can be quite a closed off space - particularly in places like Bali. It’s common for there to be a lot of the same on every menu, but we do things differently.

Click here to reserve your table now with our simple online booking system!

Indonesian Ingredients Mixed With French Flair

We’ve established ourselves as the best restaurant in Ubud because of the way that we prepare and put together our extensive menu. All of our food comes from the finest ingredients from across Indonesia. We use local produce to get the best flavors, and we prepare every dish with a little French twist.

It’s this East meets West cooking style that’s given us such an impressive reputation as the top restaurant in Bali. Nowhere else can rival our menu because we adapt Indonesian dishes with Western-style cooking and presentation. The food you get served up wouldn’t look out of place in a Michelin Star restaurant in Paris, yet it contains all the tastes and flavors synonymous with Southeast Asian cuisine.

Backed By A World-Class Chef

All of the best restaurants are headed by a chef that boasts some truly remarkable skills. Mozaic Restaurant was created by Chris Salans - an American chef raised in France. He possesses an unbelievable degree of experience in the fine dining industry. Working in a Michelin star restaurant as he developed his skills, it allowed him to quickly learn what it takes to put together a 5-star restaurant. He’s brought together everything he’s learned to create a restaurant that defies belief. Many of the customers that come here are stunned at the sheer brilliance of every dish, they can’t believe how much flavor is packed into every little mouthful. 

Award-Winning Excellence

One of the reasons we believe we have the best food in Ubud is thanks to Chris. He’s an award-winning chef, publishing a highly popular cookbook in 2011 titled Mozaic: French Cuisine, Balinese Flavours. It won an award at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, showcasing the pure excellence of using seasonal ingredients in French-themed recipes.

He’s even made appearances on popular cooking shows acting as a professional judge - which goes a long way to show how highly regarded he is in the culinary world. With one of the most highly-rated chefs backing Mozaic and developing the menu, it’s hard to imagine another top restaurant in Bali that can compete.

An Exceptional Dining Experience

Everyone is born with different tastes, and they can develop over time. The result is that some people have entirely different palates than others. As such, you might find something delicious that other people find disgusting. The key with fine dining is ensuring you cater to everyone’s tastes and provide the ideal plate of food for every eater.

This isn’t always easy to do, but Mozaic Restaurant manages it better than anyone else. It all comes down to the service we offer, which helps create the best dining experience at our restaurant.

Knowledgeable Staff That Are Here To Help You

Whenever we hire a new member of staff, we make a serious effort to put them through as much training as possible. They’re more than just waiters here; their job is to know the menu inside out so they can help you with your meal choices. By understanding the menu, it lets them recommend the perfect dish for your specific palate. As a result, you get to enjoy food that appeals to you, which means nobody has a bad eating experience when they dine with us!

Private Dining For Added Intimacy

As well as our extremely friendly and talented staff, we also boast private dining areas that are perfect if you’re searching for a romantic restaurant in Ubud. We have secluded gazebos that are surrounded by the nearby tropical forest, and they can be decked out with flowers, champagne, and soft lighting. It takes you away from the buzz of the main restaurant, meaning you can enjoy a more personal experience. We find that this makes our food taste even better as you can really savor every bite with someone you love!

Perfect Wine Pairings

No 5-star dining experience is complete without a top-quality wine pairing. When any meal is matched with the ideal wine, it takes you on a flavor trip. Every single spice and seasoning is accentuated; it brings a whole new level to the dish.

Our menu is coupled with an award-winning wine list comprising of bottles from all four corners of the globe. It took us a long time to put this together, and we’re so proud of how diverse the selections are. Again, you can always call on our staff to help you with your wine selection. They’re well-versed in every bottle on the menu, and it’s part of their job to know what goes best with every dish.

Tasting Menus That Bring Out The Best In Every Ingredient

Moziac Restaurant is undoubtedly your first port of call when looking for the best food in Ubud. Whether you’re looking for private dining or just a bite to eat at lunch, we have everything you could wish for and more.

Our tasting menus mean you can sample between 5 to 7 courses, taking yourself on a journey around Indonesia as you devour all of the natural ingredients. Combine this with the French flair, and you have 5-star dining that’s fit for a king. If you’re looking for a romantic restaurant in Ubud, then we have the ideal setting for you. This makes us incredibly popular around Valentine’s Day for any couples who have traveled to Bali for this special occasion.

If you want to sample the best food from an award-winning restaurant, then make your reservation today. We’re open for lunch and dinner, so please feel free to join us for the culinary experience of a lifetime.