Indonesian restaurants may not have received the international recognition of Michelin stars, but this does not take away from the amazing dining experience that they offer.

In fact, you could consider Indonesian and Balinese fusion as a real hidden gem in the culinary landscape. Dining in Bali, you have access to some of the highest quality ingredients, prepared by world-class chefs in stunning surroundings.

This unique and exquisite fine dining experience leverages the skill of these chefs and the beautiful produce available locally to fuse local and international styles in new and inventive ways.

Let’s explore just some of the amazing ingredients available in Bali and how they are used to bring a world-class dining experience to you.

Tropical Fruits

Any fine dining menu in Indonesia is going to feature tropical fruits due to their availability and high quality.

Straddling the equator, Indonesia has an abundance of tropical fruits that grow year-round. This ideal climate, combined with fertile soil and sustainable growing practices result in flavourful and high-quality fruits.

These are certainly not the tired, imported fruits you might find in a European or North American supermarket!

Picked fresh and ripe and quickly delivered to our expert chefs, the flavour of fruits provide a tropical twist to dishes in often surprising ways.

Used alongside both local and international ingredients, these high-quality fruits form an integral part of our innovative fusion cuisine.

Fresh Local Seafood

As a nation of islands, the sea is a constant feature of Indonesian and Balinese life.

The bounty of the sea is a common feature on local menus due to its high quality and abundance.

When it comes to seafood, freshness is one of the best ways to maintain high quality and flavour. The ability to bring local seafood from the boat to your plate in the shortest time possible means Bali is the perfect location to sample the best that Indonesia has to offer.

Based on seasonal availability, menus using seafood highlight the quality and freshness of the ingredients with both local and international flavours.

Nutritious Organic Vegetables

The rich volcanic soils of Bali offer the perfect conditions for growing the nutritious, high quality, organic vegetables necessary for a true fine dining experience.

Gone are the days of the humble vegetable as an addition or afterthought on a dish.

Vegetables are now commonly becoming the centrepiece of the dish as more chefs and diners begin to value the unique flavours and textures that they have to offer.

Our chefs choose only the highest quality vegetables that are grown locally in sustainable conditions.

This freshness preserves the true nature of the vegetable and means that you get to experience them when their taste and flavour are at a peak.

Unique Indonesian Ingredients

A defining feature of Indonesian fusion cuisine is the use of uncommon and interesting local ingredients that introduce complex and unexpected flavours to a dish.

Being such a large and diverse archipelago, Indonesia is home to countless tropical ingredients that you have likely never even heard of.

Our chefs are constantly experimenting, looking for the most interesting flavour combinations to bring to your plate.

Some of the interesting local ingredients you could encounter include Calamansi, Kenari Nuts, Kemangi, Belimbing Wuluh and many more.

The use of local ingredients is based on seasonal shifts in the availability and aims to bring interesting and unique Indonesian flavours that you may not otherwise encounter.

High-Quality Imported Ingredients

Paired with amazing local ingredients, imported ingredients of the highest quality also form an integral part of Indonesian fine dining menus.

As an international tourism hub, Bali has unprecedented access to top quality imported products that can be brought in fresh on a regular basis.

Seafood from the Atlantic and Sea of Japan and game meats such as venison which is not indigenous to Indonesia can still be commonly found on Balinese fine dining menus.

As export quality products, these ingredients are of uniformly high quality and offer unrivalled flavour when combined with the best of local ingredients.

fine dining in Bali

Lobster, Caviar & Balinese Basa Gede

Fusing the Best of Local and Global

One of the real joys of cooking in Indonesia and Bali is the ability to fuse the very best of local and global ingredients.

Indonesian cuisine is amazingly diverse and has many unique and interesting flavours to explore.

Learning about local flavours and distilling them to their essence allows them to be combined with ingredients and flavours from around the globe in order to create something unique.

Our head chef Chris Salans and his team are constantly experimenting with and discovering new flavour combinations designed to delight and excite.

When you try an Indonesian fusion dish at Mozaic, you are sampling the end result of months or years of experimentation and fine-tuning.

Every dish that comes out of the Mozaic kitchen is crafted with the perfect dining experience in mind.

Local flavours and ingredients are combined with the very best of global produce and presented to you in a modern, Western-style.

There is simply no better place in Bali to experience the best of Indonesian fusion cuisine. Book a table now and join Chef Chris Salans and his team for lunch or dinner.

Four, six and eight-course tasting menus are available, along with a wine pairing.

grilled tempeh on skewers with sauce on the side for vegan restaurant in Ubud

Every restaurant specializing in fine dining is unique – after all, you’re there for an experience that stands out. The modern fine dining experience doesn’t have to follow the traditional way of doing things, and top restaurants offer a diverse medley of new and exciting concepts, atmospheres and cuisines.

However, there are still some things that remain unchanged about the fine dining experience. To reach this highly coveted status, there still are standards that need to be met. Characteristics that get you there, are things like close attention to detail, superb execution, and high standards of service. Here’s our list of traditional fine dining characteristics that we value and want to nurture here at Mozaic Bali.

Exceptional service

No matter what concept or cuisine a fine dining restaurant is going for, servers will be at the heart of the experience. A great server is thoroughly educated on the menu, and can give recommendations tailored to every guest’s needs. Knowledge and expertise isn’t enough though. Servers are also required to read the guests and be able to create an atmosphere of ease. They know when to make a joke, are there with you when you need guidance, while knowing when to be absent and give the guests the space they need to enjoy the experience to the fullest.

Most servers are experts not only in the food menu but the drinks too. They’ll know the best wine pairings and can describe the flavours of complicated craft cocktails to make sure you’re getting the most out of your fine dining experience.

As you can imagine, learning all this takes time and these kinds of establishments don’t hire beginners; everyone you’ll meet is a top tier professional and great at what they do. You’re after all paying for excellence.


Mozaic’s atmospheric garden

Attention to detail

The best fine dining restaurants are absolutely meticulous about every single detail of their guests’ experience at the restaurant. And we’re not just talking about the music or mood lighting. The mood is set one little step at a time starting at how guests are greeted, what the room smells like, what the place setting looks like to what kind of art is on display.

A lot of restaurants have custom created items specifically made to fit together seamlessly so that starting from the moment they walk in until you leave, everything flows subtly and effortlessly. When it comes to the world of fine dining, no detail is too small to pay attention to.

Unique guest experience

When you’re going to a fine dining establishment, you’re getting way more than just the excellent food. When you walk into the restaurant you’re in for a distinctive and unique experience that is clearly elevated from everyday life and everything mundane. Most restaurants of this caliber are great at catering for their patrons in different ways like providing the services of an award winning sommelier or coming up with other high level services that others can’t provide. They’re truly passionate about facilitating a fantastic experience that can’t be replicated elsewhere.

Fine dining restaurants are also known for not wanting to compromise the flavours of the dishes and beverages served; this means changing the glasses, crockery and cutlery between courses.

Renowned chef

While the atmosphere and service are hugely important characteristics of fine dining restaurants, what’s at the core is always the food. Fine dining level chefs are few and far between. It takes not only natural talent but also dedication and hours upon hours of grueling hard work. Most chefs never make it. This means that when fine dining restaurants are mentioned, also the head chefs are mentioned. They have created their own brand of cuisine that attracts admirers from near and far.

Mozaic’s head chef Chris Salans was classically trained in French Michelin star restaurants before he founded Mozaic where he combines the traditions of French cuisine with fresh Balinese flavours creating something special and new.

Mozaic’s Founder Chef Chris Salans

Top quality wines and cocktails

Food might be the main attraction in a fine dining restaurant, but drinks are a supporting act you don’t want to miss. Restaurants operating on this level have carefully crafted wine lists that create the perfect union with the menu. Even if you’re a non-drinker, the staff can always recommend a pairing to elevate your dining experience to the next level.

You’ll probably want to make a reservation

Fine dining restaurants normally have a limited amount of space, and they don’t want to overwhelm the servers or the kitchen at any point. This means reservations are encouraged and a lot of the times it’s impossible to get a table without one. To take the stress out of the equation, make a booking!

If you’re interested in fine dining Bali  you can make a reservation for Mozaic by emailing us at or calling (0361)975768. We look forward to seeing you!

fine dining in Ubud

For many people, fine dining is all about exotic food, with little details on the plate that really catch the eye. Every appetizer, main course, and dessert on a fine dining restaurant’s menu offers unparalleled sophistication from unique presentations to exceptional flavors and taste of food.

Learn more about the Mozaic dining experience and see what’s on the menu.

That may be all, but when it comes to fine dining in Bali, it is a whole other culinary affair, one that leaves your taste buds thoroughly excited and makes them crave for more.

More than that, a fine dining restaurant in Bali doesn’t only offer the best food but also takes you to culinary heaven through an impeccable fine dining experience.

Click here to reserve your table now with our simple online booking system!

When looking for fine dining in Bali, look no further than Mozaic. It isn’t just one of the best restaurants in Ubud, but it is the epitome of fine dining in Ubud.

This Ubud restaurant will give you an exceptional fine dining experience with the best food like never before.

Why Should You Visit Mozaic for the Best Fine Dining in Bali?

Whether you are on your honeymoon with your partner, a fun trip with your friends, or summer vacation with family and are looking for a fine dining restaurant in Bali, Mozaic will cater to all your requests and strive to its absolute best.

There isn’t one, but many reasons why you should visit Mozaic to have the best fine dining experience of your life.

Michelin Star Level Food at Our Ubud Restaurant  

Bali isn’t home to a Michelin Star restaurant, but Mozaic has managed to achieve similar standards. It is the closest thing to a Michelin Star restaurant that you will find on this gorgeous island. From exclusive menus and wine pairing options to luxury dining settings and an overall amazing culinary experience, Mozaic has always risen to the set standards, or perhaps even beyond that.

The Hub of Culinary Innovation

At Mozaic, we truly believe in creativity and innovation, which is why we give you the best of both worlds on every single plate of food. The food at this restaurant is a spectacular amalgamation of the delicate French cuisine with the flavorful and aromatic Indonesian cuisine.

We combine the intricate French techniques of cooking with some of the best Balinese flavors and ingredients that are native to the island, thereby creating a beautiful marriage between two different culinary worlds on a plate.

A Little Something for Everyone

Every person deserves to have the most exotic fine dine food in Bali, but sometimes, many people are unable to have that experience because they are either vegan or vegetarian. That certainly doesn’t happen at Mozaic because we bring you the most exclusive vegan fine dining and vegetarian fine dining!

Not many restaurants cater to special requests, but we certainly don’t want excited foodies not to be able to taste our delicious food. Whether you are vegan or vegetarian, we have a little something for everyone, which is what makes fine dining at Mozaic so different and unique than other restaurants in Bali.

A Glimpse of Our Special Menu

Vegan fine dining is all about appreciating what Mother Nature has to offer on a plate while being transported to a world where the aroma, fragrance, and the flavor of all those Indonesian herbs and plants make your taste buds tingle and dance with excitement.

Similarly, vegetarian fine dining also encapsulates the same experience and feelings with a slight touch of the non-vegan side of food.

If you are a true vegan or vegetarian, take a look at some of our most delectable dishes from the special plant-based menu:

  • Organic Tomato Textures with local organic tomato, tartare, and lemongrass-infused water
  • Kaffir Lime Chocolate Shell with confined belimbing wuluh, kaffir lime gelato, and chocolate espuma 
  • Crispy seared Silken Tofu with recycled Kalamansi Lime, Spiced Pandan, and Coconut Apple

Beyond The Play on Exotic Ingredients

This famous Ubud restaurant is so much more than its award-winning foods, the innovative play on ingredients, and the plethora of wine-pairing options. There’s a reason why Mozaic is one of the best restaurants in Ubud, and it is because we focus on giving you an overall perfect dining experience, rather than putting striking and tempting food in front of you.

Once you are done eating at Mozaic, we want you to leave with a memorable experience where we create a sensory collage for you with all your senses coming together in beautiful harmony.

Get Ready for An Experience Unlike Any Other

Mozaic is all set to provide you with the best fine dining in Ubud, so if you wish to have an experience unlike any other, contact us and reserve a table right now!

Bali restaurant

After spending a fun-filled day and having a memorable experience at Bali’s exotic beaches, you need some delicious, soul-pleasing food that marks the end to a wonderful day spent on the island. 

Learn more about the Mozaic dining experience and see what’s on the menu.

Looking for a place to eat in Bali is certainly not a problem since it is home to a variety of incredible restaurants and cafés.

However, if you want to have that true 5 star restaurant level culinary experience, look no further than Mozaic Restaurant, a top restaurant in Ubud.

Click here to reserve your table now with our simple online booking system!

This famous Bali restaurant will leave you utterly amazed not just with its delectable, aromatic foods, but also with the impeccable service and overall excellent dining experience.

What Makes Mozaic the Best Restaurant in Bali?

Mozaic proudly boasts the title of being the best restaurant in Bali  and for all the right reasons.

This luxury Ubud restaurant deserves a visit from you if you want to experience the greatness and uniqueness that a restaurant can offer to you. But before that, take a look at reasons why it is a top restaurant in Ubud.

A Beautiful Fusion of Flavors 

One of the many factors that make Mozaic stand out from the crowd is that it offers the best of both worlds to its diners on a single plate. It provides a gratifying culinary experience by bringing together a beautiful fusion of flavors from the rich French cuisine coupled with the aroma and taste of the exotic Indonesian cuisine. 

On every plate of food that you order at this Bali restaurant, you will see, feel and taste a spectacular marriage of ingredients that represent the sheer artistry of the French food and the exquisiteness of Indonesian food.

Michelin Star Level Food at This Ubud Restaurant

Many diners have rated Mozaic as a 5 star restaurant that provides Michelin star level food. What’s amazing here is that even though it is not a real 5 star level restaurant, its quality is simply exceptional and out of this world.

What makes it the best restaurant in Bali is the ultimate culinary experience it provides that will take you to culinary heaven. From the food and drinks to the staff’s gorgeous views and the expertise, every single factor at this Ubud restaurant works together beautifully to give you an experience that you will never forget.

Have The Best Lunch and Dinner

Whether you want to have the best lunch of your life after enjoying at the beach or a romantic dinner in Ubud at night with your loved one, Mozaic won’t disappoint you.

Our beautiful garden allows you to enjoy the best lunch under the glowing Bali sun as you sip your wine, eat your food, and absorb the natural beauty all around you during the daytime. Whereas at nighttime, the same garden adopts a faint sheen from the starry skies and adds an element of mystery in the air as you relish a romantic dinner with a special someone.

What Makes Dining at Bali Different from Other Restaurants?

You know how they say, “Behind every successful woman, there is a supporting father”?

Well, similarly, we say that behind every successful restaurant, there is a true mastermind with a plethora of creative ideas and a knack for creating the best-looking and the best-tasting food dishes. 

In Mozaic’s case, it is none other than Chris Salans, a top culinary ambassador in Bali whose work is similar to any Michelin star chef in the world.

His ideas, style of cuisine, and cooking techniques are a true embodiment of those of a real Michelin star chef.

It is one of the reasons why dining at Mozaic is completely unlike dining anywhere else in Bali.

A Unique Wine for Every Food

When looking for the best place to eat in Bali, it’s not just about the food, but also what comes with it to complete that ultimate gastronomy affair. When it comes to Mozaic, it is the plethora of wine pairing options that make this restaurant a real paradise for all the wine lovers.

There’s a unique wine for every food at Mozaic that perfectly complements its flavors and features some of the most incredible Indonesian herbs and aromatics. 

When you start a simple dinner in Ubud, it will transform into something truly magical when you dine in at our restaurant.

Let Your Taste Buds Dance with Excitement!

Bali has to be one of the most magical places on earth, and while your eyes feast on the raw beauty of this island, your taste buds also deserve to have their fair share of excitement!

Come to Mozaic and have a real fine dining experience at our restaurant. The chances are that you will be coming back for more because one visit won’t be enough!

Contact us and reserve a table whenever you feel like taking a trip to culinary heaven, and we’ll be right here waiting to serve you and make your day! 

private dining restaurant in Ubud

Most people around the world are in quarantine due to the current lockdown period, which means they can no longer head over to their go-to restaurants and enjoy their favorite meals.

Learn more about the Mozaic dining experience and see what’s on the menu.

However, what if we were to tell you that you can have an exclusive fine dining experience right at home? Or what if you could enjoy private dining in one of Ubud’s top-quality restaurants?

Click here to reserve your table now with our simple online booking system!

That’s right! Mozaic brings fine dining right at home with its new home delivery service, and we are now also open for private dining – both lunch and dinner! 

Mozaic Reopens After COVID-19 for Private Dining Experience 

Our private dining restaurant in Ubud welcomes you with open arms for a special dining experience while following all the required safety rules and hygiene standards. We also have the best dining deals to make your day without leaving a hole in your wallet!

Private Fine Dining in Ubud 

Be it lunch or dinner, you and your guests can enjoy a private event or celebration in our aesthetically-pleasing air-conditioned dining room and have the ultimate fine dining experience. Our dining room overlooks the spice garden and rice fields, a pleasant sight that will truly add to your fine dining in Ubud experience.

Private Cooking Classes

If an aspiring chef is residing inside you, that wishes to learn the culinary art, sign up for our private cooking class, which we designed. The cooking class takes place in The Workshop, which hovers in Mozaic gardens and uses top-notch, modern cooking equipment, and technology.

You will learn how to incorporate fresh, aromatic Balinese ingredients with French Cuisine’s intricate cooking techniques, just how we do it at our restaurant. 

Cheaper Prices Than the Usual

From exotic food to picturesque views, dining at Ubud best restaurant certainly provides you with an all-rounder culinary experience.

But you know what the best part is?

Our prices are lower than normal, which means you can have a fantastic dining experience without worrying about splurging! We offer you a great combination of unique dining deals at affordable prices – doesn’t that warrant a visit to our restaurant for a fine dining experience?

“Chris Salans at Home” – Mozaic’s New Delivery Service 

The genius behind Mozaic, who is at the same level as any Michelin star chef in the world, Chris Salans, truly cares about his customers and wants to bring his culinary creativity right to your doorstep. For this reason, Mozaic brings you “Chris Salans at Home” , our very own and new dine-in delivery service that will help you create great memories with your loved ones at home.

Imagine eating delectable food that is as incredible as prepared by any Michelin star chef across the globe right in the safety of your home!

Our dine-in delivery service is here to give you an exclusive fine-dining culinary experience and enjoy great food whenever you crave for it.

How Does It Work?

The concept behind this delivery service is that you get to choose your order from a special menu that features 20 a-la-carte dishes from appetizers to desserts. We will deliver you the ingredients of the dishes that you choose, all pre-cooked and packaged in a hygienic manner.

All you need to do is receive your order, warm everything up, and then assemble them on your own. We will also provide detailed instructions for you to follow to enjoy Mozaic’s taste at home in the best possible way.

In other words, it is fine dining in Ubud, except at home and not the restaurant!

Why Should You Visit Mozaic for Dining and Cooking Classes?

We understand that the current times are tough and worried you must be about your health and safety. Your safety is our utmost priority, so you have absolutely nothing to worry about. We follow strict safety and hygiene standards to keep everyone safe and at the same time, give you an experience like never before.

Manual Bookings via Email or Whatsapp 

If you are excited to eat exotic food at Ubud best restaurant, drop us an email or a WhatsApp message, and we will respond to you at the earliest. We will handle all bookings manually, but if you are looking for an urgent response, reach out to us on WhatsApp, and we will make sure your booking is done right away!

Food That Sparks Joy and Creates Unforgettable Memories

Our private dining restaurant in Ubud is waiting to serve you with the rich Indonesian cuisine prepared the French way that will truly tantalize your taste buds. 

Contact us now and make your reservations to have a great dining experience with your loved ones and leave unforgettable memories.

fine dining in Ubud

Ever since being vegan or vegetarian became more of a lifestyle than just a food trend, so many restaurants have come forward to show their support to vegans and vegetarians by creating exclusive and filtered menus for them.

Learn more about the Mozaic dining experience and see what’s on the menu.

Mozaic is a restaurant in Ubud, the heart of Bali, which is considered the best restaurant in Bali.

It offers the most amazing vegan fine dining and vegetarian fine dining in Bali, also promises to leave your taste buds craving for more.

Click here to reserve your table now with our simple online booking system!

Mozaic – The Best Option for Vegan & Vegetarian Fine Dining in Bali

From incredible sensory experiences to an exceptional service level, there are many factors that make Mozaic a top restaurant or a 5-star restaurant across the whole island.

Mozaic is the best restaurant for its take on vegan and vegetarian food, where it greatly focuses on native Indonesian ingredients and flavors, which is exotic and heavenly.

Unique Menu at Famous Ubud Restaurant

If you are a true vegan or vegetarian, the unique menu at Mozaic will particularly fascinate you because it has a wide variety of options, and the best food you’ll ever have in your life.

Some of its delicious plant-based food dishes include:

  • Organic Tomato Textures with local organic tomato, tartare, and lemongrass-infused water.
  • Caramelized Bedugul Cauliflower with fresh curry leaf infusion, walnuts, and cepe mushroom.
  • Fresh Pasta Ravioli of Black Truffle with tempeh crumbles and young jackfruit sauce.
  • Kaffir Lime Chocolate Shell with confined belimbing wuluh, kaffir lime gelato, and chocolate espuma from Tabanan regency.

Reasons Why Ubud Is the Most Popular Place to Experience Vegan & Vegetarian Food

Of all places in Bali, Ubud is the most popular city where people experience vegan and vegetarian food. There are many reasons for the most important of which is the use of fresh and local Indonesian produce coming straight from the farmer’s markets.

The highlight about Ubud is that the restaurants in this city pay true and honest tribute to those ingredients that stand out in the variety of food dishes.

And when you have restaurants like Mozaic doing the same, there’s no wonder why one is likely to find the best vegan and vegetarian fine dining in Bali.

Every plate food that you experience at Mozaic sings Indonesian flavors and aromas that fill your palate with an earthy taste. It’s like tasting what the island is all about right in your mouth!

Thanks to Mozaic, vegetarian and vegan fine dining is an actual thing now!

Exceptional Fine Dining Experience at Mozaic Unlike Any Other Restaurant

Mozaic proudly boasts the reputation of being the most popular fine dining restaurant in Ubud with the best food, and for all the right reasons.

It offers unforgettable fine dining in Ubud, which makes it the best restaurant in Bali because it leaves foodies with a kind of experience that they are likely to remember for a very long time.

It Uses 100 % Organic Ingredients  

One of the many reasons why a fine dining experience at this popular Ubud restaurant is unlike any other restaurant is because it only uses 100-percent organic ingredients in its food.

All ingredients are organically grown, are free of chemicals, and are produced in a way that promotes environmental-friendliness.

These ingredients are paired together beautifully that explode in your mouth and burst into delicious flavors.

So, if you happen to be looking for 5-star restaurant quality food in Ubud, Mozaic is the right place to go.

A Unique Blend of Indonesia and France

What makes the ‘Mozaic Experience’ worth having is the fact that it brings together a beautiful, rich blend of Indonesian food with the passion of France.

This famous Ubud restaurant combines its vast knowledge of local Bali ingredients with the delicate French cuisine, presenting you with the kind of foods that you’ll be unable to resist.

So, if you want to experience Bali flavors, but in the French way, come to Mozaic, Ubud’s top restaurant of all times!

See It and Taste It for Yourself

This fine dining restaurant brings you exclusive fine dining in Ubud, but the only way you can experience it is to see it and taste it for yourself. So, what are you waiting for?

Book a table at Mozaic and find yourself in real culinary heaven! The chances are that you’ll probably wish to stay there forever or keep going back for more!

lunch in Ubud

Ubud is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and majestic cities in Bali and is home to some of the most stunning sights on the island. From iconic beaches to breathtaking green spaces, the city will blow you away.

However, the beauty of the city doesn’t just end there.

Learn more about the Mozaic dining experience and see what’s on the menu.

It proudly boasts delicious, finger-licking, and fulfilling food that truly represents the core features of Indonesian cuisine. The food is all about exotic flavors, earthy aroma, and fresh produce straight from the markets.

Click here to reserve your table now with our simple online booking system!

When you begin looking for the best restaurant in Ubud with an exceptional dining experience, you will find a few famous names, one of which is Mozaic, the ultimate restaurant for every foodie out there. Be it a casual lunch in Ubud with friends or a romantic lunch with a special someone, the restaurant has got you covered.

The Best’ Lunch and Chill’ Option with Your Spouse or Best Friends After Quarantine

The current times are tough and depressing, but they are soon going to be replaced with happy, fun, and good times. Once the quarantine period ends, you deserve to treat yourself to the best dining experience!

So, head over to Mozaic, which isn’t only a super popular Ubud restaurant, but it is also a top restaurant on the whole island. It will be open for lunch once the world resumes to normalcy, so keep your taste buds waiting!  

Food, Drinks, and Friends – a Memorable Experience

It is the best option for lunch in Ubud, where you can eat to your heart’s content with your friends and chill with them over a round of delicious drinks. Even if it’s a romantic lunch with your spouse, the elegant private setting in the luxurious garden will provide you with a memorable experience.

Mozaic has an exciting and diverse lunch menu with a variety of dishes featuring numerous options for salads and appetizers, main courses, sidelines, and desserts. On top of that, the restaurant also offers impressive wine pairing options so that you and your friends can wash down every last bite with a sip of a rich, decadent concoction.

The Ultimate Solution to “Where to Eat in Ubud

Where to eat in Ubud?

This question is the most frequently driving foodies crazy because they couldn’t decide where to eat.

After endless online searches and seeking recommendations from others, they would eventually decide where to eat in Ubud.

However, with Mozaic, you no longer have to worry about that. This incredible Ubud restaurant brings you gorgeous views coupled with award-winning food, one-of-a-kind hospitality, and a kind of experience that features a creative blend of scents, sounds, sights, and tastes.

Your Dining Experience in Mozaic Is More Special as Compared to Other Restaurants in Bali

There are not one, but many reasons why Mozaic is considered a top restaurant in Bali. These reasons make this restaurant stand out and help it give you an experience that is more special than other restaurants on the island.

A True Amalgamation of Cuisines at the Best Restaurant in Ubud

Mozaic brings you the ‘best of both worlds’ through its rich combination of the delicate techniques from the French cuisine with exotic flavors and aromas of the hearty Indonesian cuisine.

Every plate that you order at this best restaurant in Ubud offers a marvelous display of food, technique, and an overall incredible look and feel.

With every bite, you will be able to taste the distinctive flavors of Indonesian ingredients that we prepare in the French way, bringing you the ultimate cultural fusion in every dish.

Unique Wine Pairing Options

If you don’t want to indulge in a lavish food affair and feel like having a relaxed time with your friends over a few rounds of drinks, we have some of the most exclusive wine pairing options for you.

Mozaic takes its wines very seriously and has one of the most comprehensive wine lists in the whole of Bali. Whether you are looking for the best lunch in Ubud or going for a ‘chilling’ session with your friends or a drink with a loved one under the starry sky, you can do it all at this restaurant.

The Best Lunch in Ubud Is Waiting for You

We can’t wait to serve hungry and excited foodies once we are open for lunch after this lockdown period ends. It’s like the best lunch in Ubud is waiting for you, so when it’s the right time, make sure to reserve a table and book your spot at the earliest!

romantic dinner in Ubud

A trip to Bali with your loved one sounds more interesting than anything else. From the place of stay and culinary choices to tourist attractions and everything else in between, you would probably want every aspect of the vacation to bring you and your loved one closer together.

Learn more about the Mozaic dining experience and see what’s on the menu.

So, when it comes to planning a romantic dinner for two, don’t settle for anything less than the best private dining experience in a 5-star restaurant.

And what better place for a truly romantic dinner in Ubud, Bali than Mozaic – one of the most excellent restaurants on the island that brings you a range of dining styles and food choices to spend the most memorable night with your beloved.

Click here to reserve your table now with our simple online booking system! 

Award-Winning Romantic Restaurant in Ubud

Run by a trained and experienced Michelin Star level chef, Mozaic is where we strive to serve everyone who shares the same passion for food as us.

In this renowned Ubud restaurant, we treat the visitors with authentic Indonesian flavors along with delectable wines from around the world that make your taste buds dance with pleasure.

However, when you are planning a romantic dinner in Ubud, a 5-star restaurant quality food is just half the affair. 

Excellent food must come with an extraordinary experience. And that is what you get when you plan your special night at Mozaic.

Quality Food and Service, and a Unique Ambiance – What Makes Our Ubud Restaurant Stand Out

With numerous prestigious awards up our belt, Mozaic takes pride in offering visitors the same quality level as Michelin star restaurants. 

You can trust the team of culinary experts at this incredible Ubud restaurant to provide you with an unmatched sensual indulgence as the stunning setting, soothing sounds, and a mix of strong and subtle scents drifting through the air take you two to the epitome of romance. 

The Most Romantic Dinner for Two in Bali

While there are many romantic things to do in Bali, a private outing at a romantic restaurant tops them all every time.

They say that the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, and here at Mozaic, we let you witness why that’s true.

Tantalize Your Taste Buds with the Taste of Indonesia

Mozaic closely works with local producers to source fresh seasonal Balinese ingredients and prepares them using modern French cooking techniques to help you relish the best of both worlds.

The combination of innovative dishes and exciting flavors merged with rich cultural influences is what makes a romantic candlelight dinner at Mozaic so very special.

Choose the Setting to Admire the Beauty

Not every romantic celebration is the same. While some couples visit the island to celebrate their anniversary, some come to celebrate their honeymoon. For others, it’s the place of choice to pop the important question.

As the best restaurant in Ubud, we understand the unique needs for every scenario and hence, offer a range of different dining settings to cherish the time with your special someone. 

Go for the beautiful outdoor garden with the starry sky providing the perfect backdrop for an exotic dinner. Or opt for private dining in a luxurious lounge that sets the mood with candles, rose petals, fairy lights, and more.

Whatever you choose, our reliable staff will help you arrange the most romantic dinner that you will ever have.

Fine Food Featuring Love in Every Bite

While the romantic ambiance is important, fine food remains the highlight of our romantic restaurant in Ubud. But words can do it no justice – you need to see it and taste it to believe the culinary magic that makes dining at Mozaic one of the most romantic things to do on this island. 

Tease your appetite with small Mozaic bites before enjoying the main meal, sip cocktails while relaxing in a gazebo post-dinner, or keep it classic by sticking with a simple yet truly romantic candlelight dinner only. Our chef will delight you with every item that we put forth on your plate.

We pair all our harmonious blends of French cuisine and Balinese flavors with enticing wine options for an incredibly romantic fine dining experience that is unlike any other.

Plan a Romantic Dinner at the Best Restaurant in Ubud

For couples trying to plan a memorable trip together, the mere mention of Bali evokes romantic thoughts. But no visit to this lovers’ paradise is complete without a romantic dinner at the best restaurant in Ubud.

We look forward to welcoming you and your loved one to our romantic restaurant in Ubud and it will surely be the most memorable evening of your life. 

michelin star in Bali

Bali is a sight for sore eyes. It is beautiful and picturesque with its scenic landscapes and beautiful white-sand beaches. It might be the perfect travel destination for those looking for a soothing getaway. What makes the experience even more perfect is food. If you are looking for a Michelin star restaurant, then there is no look further than Mozaic. This restaurant has Michelin star in Indonesia level to experience.

Learn more about the Mozaic dining experience and see what’s on the menu.

Mozaic – Closest Michelin Star in Indonesia

Finding a Michelin star in Bali for the ultimate fine dining experience is not as challenging as it sounds. Mozaic brings you the best dining experience in Ubud so you can live the complete Bali experience.

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What Makes Mozaic the Unofficial Michelin Restaurant in Bali?

At Mozaic, we provide our customers with the ultimate fine dining experience on the Island. We understand that no travel experience is complete without an in-depth exploration of local flavors.  

If you want to experience local culture and flavors like never before, then Mozaic is the place to be. We only use locally sourced ingredients to stay close to the Island’s roots. Our menu changes seasonally to pay homage to local dishes that depict the Island’s culture at its finest.

Multiple Awards to Boast

Tucked away in our belt are multiple awards recognizing our efforts to promote Bali’s culture through innovation in food. Hospitality Asia Platinum awarded Mozaic the #1 Most Innovative Restaurant for adding a unique twist to local dishes. It is also the first Indonesian restaurant with membership in Les Grandes Tables Du Monde.

Other Awards include:

  • Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2013.
  • World Gourmet Summits Top 10 in Asia 2017.
  • Wine Spectator Award of Excellence 2017-2018

Our awards are a testament to our expertise and our dedication and quality of service. These awards back up our claims of being the best restaurant in Ubud with a Michelin restaurant in Bali level.

More than Just Good Food  

What truly makes Mozaic the best restaurant is its dedication to providing the customers with the ultimate Ubud Michelin star-like dining experience. We place great emphasis on creating the right ambiance to go with the food.

What we serve our customers are visual delights that please not only the taste buds but also the sight. To complete your dining experience, we offer a wide range of wine pairing that you can choose. Mozaic is as close as it gets to a Michelin star restaurant in Bali, and it is like a heaven for the wine lovers. Here we offer our customers an incredibly comprehensive option of wine pairing sourced from local and international vineyards.

Michelin Star Chef Level

Our chef Chris Salans uses his prior experience working at Michelin star restaurants to create the same if not a better experience for the clients. We create a gastronomic experience to put Michelin starred restaurants to shame by combining local ingredients and French techniques. Here is where art meets love for food, and you get to experience Indonesia’s rich culture through your palette.

Chris Salans is a Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef who uses his passion for food and his knowledge of the ingredients to create culinary masterpieces. His efforts to add a unique twist to local ingredients earned him global fame as he possesses Michelin star chef-level qualities.

It is his passion, experience, and expertise that make Mozaic can be the Ubud Michelin star level restaurant.  

A Heaven for Food Lovers

Some people play safe when it comes to food and those that go out of their way to try new flavors. Mozaic is a haven for both. Our master chef adds unique twists to local dishes using French cooking techniques. What he presents on the table is a little bit of familiarity, a little bit of adventure, and a whole lot of beauty on a plate.

They say you first feast with your sense of sight, then smell and then taste. Those three things are our dedication to making Mozaic close to Michelin star in Bali. At Mozaic, you will have a wide range of options to choose from, or you can opt for some of the safer options by selecting our favorites menu.

If you want something a little more interactive and want an inside look into the food preparation process, then you can opt for the chef’s table. When it comes to your special day, you can even book a private gazebo and have a romantic candlelight dinner. We also offer private dining, and our restaurant also features a lounge to ensure customers are comfortable as they wait for their table.

Mozaic is just as good as a Michelin star in Indonesia, if not better. If you want the ultimate fine dining experience to complete your trip, it is the place to be. Here you can experience the Island’s rich flavors via culinary masterpieces that are a sight for sore eyes and a delight for the taste buds. If you are looking for a Michelin restaurant in Bali, a visit to Mozaic becomes a must.

fine dining in Bali

They say, “There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” and rightly so.

Food feeds the soul and fills the heart with love.

And we, at Mozaic, strive to achieve the same purpose.

We bring you the best fine dining in Bali that will truly feed your soul and increase all the love that you have for good food.

Learn more about the Mozaic dining experience and see what’s on the menu.

Being the best restaurant in Ubud, we strive to give you the most exclusive culinary experience of your life. To turn that goal into reality, Mozaic offers you an extraordinary blend of Indonesian and Balinese flavors with the intricate French cuisine and cooking techniques.

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This top Bali restaurant is your one-stop-shop for the best food, the most exclusive fine dining experience, and beautiful views as you devour your food. 

Visit Mozaic for the Ultimate Fine Dining in Bali

A fine dining restaurant is more than just about serving the best food. It has so much more to do with having an overall amazing dining and food experience.

Mozaic fits the brief, which is why you must visit this incredible Bali restaurant and enjoy what you can call the best dinner or lunch of your life.  

With award-winning food, gorgeous dining settings, exceptional quality wines from all over the world, Michelin-star level chefs, and diverse food menus, you can look forward to a one-of-a-kind Ubud fine dining experience at the best restaurant in Ubud.

Seasonal Ingredients from Bali Featuring Modern French Cooking Techniques

A common feature shared by all the top restaurants in Bali is that they pay massive respect to the native ingredients and flavors of Bali.

Mozaic follows the lead by bringing you authentic seasonal Bali ingredients that we prepare through modern French cooking techniques. It allows you to experience the ‘best of both worlds’ by bringing you the taste of Indonesia beautifully blended with the passion of France.

Creative Menus at the Best Restaurant in Ubud

There’s a reason why Mozaic boasts the reputation of being one of the top restaurants with exclusive fine dining in Bali.

The reason is that you will find super creative lunch and dinner menus with so many amazing options that will leave you with quite a food dilemma.

Some delicious and unique food dishes on these menus include:

  • Pan-seared French duck foie gras, sweet and sour belimbing wuluh broth
  • King Mackerel confit in coconut oil, kenari nuts, wrinkled carrots, and kemangi
  • Coconut husk smoked tokusen beef short-ribs, Javanese black kluwek, and baby beetroots

These are just a couple of options from the menu to tempt your taste-buds – you can imagine the rest!

Quality, Taste, Ambience, Experience – Check

It all may sound too good to be true, in which case you ought to try it for yourself, but this is an authentic must-have Ubud fine dining experience that will take you to culinary heaven.

Aesthetic to the Eye, Delicious to the Tongue  

One of the most important features of quality, out-of-the-ordinary kinds of food is that it’s not only great to look at, but is even better when in the mouth.

The food at Mozaic will genuinely help you experience all that in one go. The aesthetically-pleasing food will brighten your eyes, and the amalgamation of Balinese flavors done the French way will send happy butterflies in your tummy.

Wine Pairing at Its Best

Home to one of the most comprehensive lists of wines in Bali, Mozaic is the ultimate paradise for every wine lover.

From beginner wine drinkers to the true aficionados who can sense a glass of wine from afar, the wide wine variety and wine pairing options at the best restaurant in Bali will blow you away.

Whether you want to enjoy a glass of wine on its own or complement it with your food dish. From exotic red wines to sweet wines from different parts of the world, every single wine on the menu has been carefully chosen by the experts at the restaurant to best suit your palate and match the flavors of your dish.

Feed Your Soul with Quality Food

In case you are still looking for that outstanding food experience that you remember forever, one that is deeply ingrained in your mind, you ought to pay a visit to Mozaic for the best dinner or lunch experience.

Feed your soul with quality food at the best restaurant in Bali and feel your taste buds tingling and dancing with excitement!

Reserve a table at our fine dining restaurant and experience culinary magic to happen!