Bali: Vegan Friendly Destination Around South East Asia



Bali: Vegan Friendly Destination Around South East Asia

Gone are the days when traveling for vegans felt like a nightmare. As environmental and health concerns grow, more people switch to vegan lifestyles, and many travel destinations adapt to the lifestyle to cater to the tourists making vegan travel a possibility.

Learn more about the Mozaic dining experience and see what’s on the menu.

Indonesia - the Best Vegan Travel Destination

Indonesia, in particular, is an incredible vegan–friendly travel destination, and Bali is one of them. That’s why when you are looking for Ubud vegan restaurants, you will find many options.

The soy-rich meat substitutes, tofu, and tempeh are available here abundantly and are an essential part of their cuisine, which is why plant-based food is abundantly available here.

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In fact, rumor has it that Bali is the most vegan-friendly place in South East Asia. If you are on the lookout for the good plant-based food on the island, then you should venture to Ubud. You will find the best vegetarian restaurants in Ubud.

Mozaic: The Ultimate Vegan Food Experience

The variety of recipes varies from island to island. However, if you truly want an international food experience to remember in Bali, then Mozaic is the restaurant to visit. It is undoubtedly the best vegan restaurant in Ubud.

Mozaic is a Michelin star level restaurant that makes eating as a vegan in Bali an experience to remember. The restaurant follows what is known as ‘Cuisine du Marche,’ which is the marriage of the island’s seasonal ingredients with French cooking techniques.

What Makes Mozaic One of the Best Ubud Vegetarian Restaurants?

Mozaic is the creation of our visionary chef Chris Salans. He is Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef with an abundance of experience from all over the world. In Indonesia is where he let his passion shine, and it shows in the visual presentation and taste of each vegetarian and vegan food that he carefully crafts for his customers.

The picturesque location and mouth-watering vegetarian food are what make Mozaic a must-make stop for all travelers on the island. Mozaic is one of the best Ubud vegetarian restaurants that use seasonal ingredients promoting the island’s culture through food. If you want to learn about Bali, then this is the restaurant to visit for a mind-blowing experience.

Making Special Occasions Even More Special

Bali presents exciting opportunities for you to explore. The island is filled with picturesque sites and scenic beaches that you can enjoy with your loved ones, friends, and significant others. If you want the perfect end to the perfect day, then Mozaic is the one for you.

We can make your special days and enjoyable trips an even more memorable experience by serving you with the best vegetarian food on the island.

An Award-Winning Institution

At Mozaic, we serve the best quality food with the impeccable service to bring you the best fine dining experience. It is our dedication to bringing our customers the best that has earned us worldwide recognition and makes us the best vegan restaurant in Ubud. We are an award-winning restaurant with multiple awards to boast.

Vegan Food Options at Mozaic

Our Ubud vegetarian and vegan food menu change seasonally to incorporate the island’s seasonal ingredients and pay homage to the traditional cuisines. No matter what the season, we offer extensive tasting and sampling menus to our customers so they can enjoy all that we have to offer.

We have the traditional four-course menu as well as a more extensive six to eight-course menu. We also offer various other pairing and wine options so you can customize your menu.

You can complete your vegan in Bali experience at one of our lounges or private rooms. We even offer a romantic gazebo experience so you can celebrate your vegan travel with your special someone. While there may be various restaurants offering plant-based food, Mozaic brings to you an enriching experience for you to remember for a lifetime.

Indonesia – Tempeh’s Home Ground

Soybeans have been a staple in Indonesian food and either tempeh. It is used in a variety of dishes throughout the country. From street food to gourmet dishes, tempeh is a staple ingredient in all. As this vegan-food option gains popularity worldwide, its demand grows in Indonesia as well restaurants expand to include plant-based food items in their menu.

Chris Salans, our incredible chef at Mozaic, which is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Ubud, takes the traditional ingredient and creates a gastronomic experience to remember.

Whether it is the street food “tempeh goreng” or a gourmet dish, Chris incorporates local flavors and western techniques for the best dining experience. Here you can get mouth-watering variations of “Tempeh bacem” and “Kripik Tempeh.”

While various Ubud Vegetarian restaurants include tempeh in their menu, not many can do justice to what is one of the essential parts of Indonesian cuisine. Mozaic, however, strives to do justice to local flavors and brings you the best versions of what is a timeless classic dish.

Complete Your Bali Experience at One of the Best Ubud Vegan Restaurants

You can’t leave the beautiful island without having experienced fine dining experience Mozaic has to offer. Here is where your search for the best Ubud vegan restaurants ends.

The staff and service at Mozaic are impeccable, and the restaurant deserves all the recognition it gets. It is recognized by ‘Les Grandes Tables Du Monde’ (The Grand Tables of the World), which places it in the same league as various world-renowned restaurants.

It is the chef and owner Chris Salans’ dedication and the team’s hard work that makes Mozaic one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Ubud and a quintessential stop on your Bali trip.