Bali Brunch



Bali Brunch

On a Sunday, brunch is the perfect opportunity to relax and connect with friends or family. After a relaxing sleep in and before the heat of midday, a high-class brunch is a perfect way to start the day in style.

The team at Mozaic love brunch as well, which is why Chef Chris Salans and his team have put together the Sunday Brunch Series.

This world-class brunch experience brings the award-winning Mozaic touch to brunch, in the comfort of an air-conditioned dining room Let’s take a look at exactly what you can expect from the Sunday Brunch Series at MozaiAn example of a brunch menu.

High-Quality Cuisine

Mozaic has a reputation as the best fine dining experience on the island and this attention to detail and taste is perfectly translated into the brunch format.

The cuisine on offer on the Mozaic Brunch menu may be served in a slightly different format, but retains the same high quality as regular sittings at the restaurant.

Only the best local and imported ingredients are used by Mozaic’s highly trained chefs, and these are combined in new and interesting ways to create a unique dining experience.

Impressive Selection

The extensive brunch menu has a number of options for each of the five courses, ensuring that there will always be something to your taste or preference available.

Unlike a traditional fine dining format, you will have the chance to sample all of the dishes on offer at your leisure due to the family-style service.

Family Style Service

Family style service is used for the brunch series to bring a cosier, friendlier feel and promote sharing and togetherness with the family or friends you are dining with.

Each course is presented on family-style platters for the table, which you can serve individual portions from. This gives you the flexibility to share your meal in the way you and your fellow diners want.

This more casual serving style perfectly suits the laid back and relaxed Sunday brunch vibes.

The Best Brunch in Bali

The Sunday Brunch Series at Mozaic is by far the best choice for brunch on the island. Combining the high-quality food and service of Mozaic’s fine dining team with the laid back family style service creates a unique atmosphere.

Review the menu for Sunday Brunch on the Mozaic website and make your booking today!