Classes Type

Our standard class for recreational classes is Asian Ingredients in Western Cuisine, but here below you can find a more comprehensive list of subjects that can be chosen when booking exclusive classes.


Asian Ingredients in Western Cuisine (our standard class) :

True to Mozaic Restaurant and it’s cuisine, learn the techniques and methods in which to create subtle balances between the ingredients found all across South East Asia and traditional or modern Western cuisine. Learn how to select product, prepare them and marry them to Western dishes and methods of preparation.


The below themed classes are only on a “Exclusive Class ” basis and will always require a minimum of 4 participants (or the payment for 4 participants)


Using Specialty Ingredients:

Develop complete knowledge of a specific ingredient and all its possible preparations and applications in the kitchen from cold to hot, appetizer to main course and even desserts. Through theoretical understanding and practical applications you will return from this course an expert in Foie Gras, Caviar, Truffles, or any other. Classes are tailor designed based on your request and availability of ingredients.


Gourmet World Cuisine:

Based on your requests and preferences our Chef will compose a carefully designed set menu, with matching appetizer, main course and dessert. Learn how to prepare a new great meal every time.


Spa & Health Cuisine:

Learn new and inventive ways of preparing healthy yet tasty and creative cuisine. By applying to rules of the Tao (Yin & Yang) to the creative cuisine of Mozaic get an insight into a truly healthy yet exquisite cooking specifically designed to your personal needs and body composition.


Cooking Techniques:

Based on your requests and preferences our Chef will teach you basic or in depth understanding of any cooking technique involved in the preparation of all major ingredients such meats, game, fish, shellfish, stocks, sauces, vegetables and fruits. Gain the knowledge needed to master the cooking techniques necessary to produce tasty, moist and tender ingredients and guarantee successful cookery.


Sous-Vide (2 x Full Day Class)

Part of the Cooking Techniques Course, this section introduces the specific Sous-Vide or “vacuum pack” method of cooking and preserving food. This modern cutting edge technology opens new doors for chefs and corporation to provide high quality end product to it’s customers with controlled hygiene and minimized costs.