The Food of Mozaic

Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomique is a fresh oasis of ingenuity in the world of gastronomy. It is the uniqueness of the experience that has become the hallmark of its reputation, encompassing the quality of the ingredients, the perfect execution, the sheer multitude of flavours and the quality of the service, all to be enjoyed in a lush tropical setting.

Chef Salans’ ever-changing menu consists of à la minute creations which evolve, disappear and return in accordance with market availability. Chef Salans prepares what inspires him in the moment, orchestrating his tasting menus like a symphony, a sequence of marvelous colours and flavours of the season. He has taken his passion for local ingredients to great lengths by foraging all over Bali, sourcing from the sea, as well as seeking out the earth’s bounty and the highlands of Bedugul. Mozaic is a true gustatory adventure, a dining experience as yet unrivalled in Bali. Expect the unexpected!

The Tasting Menus

Spices presentation

Mozaic Restaurant now offers three innovative tasting menus that will provide different levels of experimentation. To begin your gastronomic discovery of seasonal ingredients and the intriguing flavours of Indonesia, we will present you with a plate of key ingredients to be touched, smelled and taste.

Trip Around the World
Available in two versions as either a 6 or 8 course degustation, the menu showcases a unique culinary style that marries the best of native and international ingredients, prepared and presented with a modern approach.
Western culinary decadence in the form of foie gras, Norwegian salmon and succulent Victoria lamb, is seamlessly juxtaposed against locally sourced, seasonal ingredients such as Sundanese ‘Kluwek’, young Balinese jackfruit and Javanese pomelo.

Vegetarian Menu
The menu delivers 6 courses of vegetarian indulgence, combining over 30 different varieties of local organically grown seasonal vegetables, herbs and flowers delicately combined with Indonesian spices to form a beautifully balanced and ethically sourced tasting menu.

Surprize Menu
6 surprise dishes that masterfully combine the most precious and finest seasonal ingredients of the world, such as truffles, lobster, caviar, mushroom, etc with the most unique and interesting flavours to be found from across the Indonesian archipelago. This culinary tour de force is Mozaic’s signature menu and has helped the restaurant earn the various international accolades bestowed upon it.

Regardless of your choice, we are able to respect any dietary restrictions. Simply inform us when you are making your reservation or when choosing your menu.

To complete your epicurean experience at Mozaic, our Chef and Sommelier have worked together to provide the perfect wine pairings from our internationally awarded wine list. There are two options to choose from, regular or premium for those wishing for ultimate decadence.



The Mozaic Lounge offers tasting and tapas menus: The Tapas Menu is available for our guests in the Mozaic Lounge and represents Mozaic’s cuisine served tapas style. This presentation approach is suitable for small as well as big appetites. Our Tapas are presented in trios which can be ordered individually or in combination. The Lounge Menu consists of appetizer portions of Mozaic Restaurant dishes, along with cocktails and wines to re-create the Mozaic experience. Guests can order one or several dishes, to craft a meal.