Voting for The Miele Guide 2012/2013 is now open!

The Miele Guide was created in 2008 in order to better recognise and celebrate Asia’s best chefs and restaurants. This annual publication evaluates restaurants across the region and releases an annual ranking of Asia’s Top 20 restaurants in addition to profiling the best restaurants across Asia. Starting with the 2009/2010 edition, The Miele Guide will also reveal the Top 5 rankings within individual countries.

They are selected after four rounds of judging which have been set in place to ensure that a credible, transparent system is used to showcase establishments that deliver true excellence and exceptional dining. The multiple rounds of judging also ensure that The Miele Guide accurately reflects the opinions of the dining public in Asia as well as the region’s most respected restaurant critics.

When assessing restaurants, all voters and jury members are asked to consider: (1) the quality of the food served; (2) the ambience of the restaurant; and (3) the level of service offered. Most importantly, their votes should reflect the tastes of Asian diners.

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